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Rens1987 12-20-2013 08:54 AM

Anyone using "Lose Weight Logically/LWL" method?
My wife used LoseWeightLogically(LWL) method for 5 weeks now and lost 11 lbs. That being said she wasn't that serious at start so the first week 'only' gave one lbs. In the meanwhile she got completely fanatic and daydreams a lot daily about her LWL-graph going down haha.

Anyway, her enthusiasm (and nagging haha) had me convinced so I started myself too about two weeks ago. So far I got rid of 5 lbs.

We both hardly have time to do exercises and since LWL sticks nicely to their claims that no exercises are needed, it worked out greatly for us having our hectic professional lives.

Unfortunately LWL doesn't have a forum of their own so we started looking around on the internet to come into contact with other LWL users, anyone here maybe? Give us a shout ;-)

Prospect84 12-20-2013 01:23 PM

I'm not using a "method" that is specifically called LWL but from everything I've read it, and the lifestyle change I made based off what I've learned, it seems like a logical thing. I've learned a LOT about how to eat "clean" of the last week or so, and I've been trying to share it with everyone I can!

Here are some things I found very interesting: - Living With Obesity At 700 Calories Per Day!
^^ This was an eye opener to me on why I shouldn't try to cut too many calories too fast, but more change WHAT I'm eating and balance my diet while still taking in a healthy amount of calories.

Honestly I never realized how "easy" losing weight could be, basically just eat enough of the right food to keep your metobolism "warm" or "hot" and as the energy levels rise, start sprinkling in activity to shred fat and build lean muscle. It finally makes sense why, when I would see people lose weight and say "what is your secret!?" and they would reply "there really is no secret" it makes perfect sense now. It's not that it was a "secret" but just that I did not understand how my unhealthy calories were different from healthy calories, and that the key isn't to generically "eat less" but to actually "eat more" intelligently... The best dieting tip that has helped me, was to read, and read, and read, and finally understand how my body actually works. That I didn't just "have a slow metabolism" and that's why I was overweight, but that it was my eating habits that slowed my metabolism and how to kick it in the butt and get it moving. The sense of relief and realization that I actually had to take control of my metabolism and had the power/option to make my metabolism higher, just by the food I'm eating. The body is truely amazing in that it doesn't give a damn about how you want to see yourself in the mirror, it has one goal in mind and that is survival. And if you fool your body into thinking that the right nutrients aren't available, it'll react by adding body fat even if you aren't taking in a ton of calories.... simply amazing!

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