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newmommy2004 10-24-2013 04:02 AM

Losing inches off waist but no where else?
Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experience with this.

I am 8 weeks pp from my second pregnancy and c-section. Started pregnancy at 135. Delivered at 170. Total gain of 35 pounds.

My first weight stall came at about 150 pounds. Measurements were 37-31-38 with 23" thighs.

Now I'm teetering around 142 with 37-27-38. My body is losing fat in my tummy but nowhere else?!? When will it figure out that there are other parts to take it from too!!!

I've heard somewhere bodies draw fat stores first from the last place they put them on. Since I never gain weight in my tummy it was probably the last to go on - so first to come off - is there truth to this?

I'm doing 30 minutes of intense cardio daily plus following a very clean diet around 1500 cal a day (not breastfeeding)

When is my big butt going to go away!!!?? (LOL!)

Kathy13118 11-03-2013 04:49 PM

You're eating less and moving more - sounds like a plan. If you continue, it WILL come off in other places that you notice; it just takes time. If you want to firm up safely, make sure exercises are OK for your body post c-section. It's only been 8 weeks!

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