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adyndravo1 08-11-2013 05:49 AM

Back yet again
hello everyone. I took a bit of time off to see about getting my act together. I hope I am finally there. I just put the food in to the food log for today and it was about 1000 more then I should be eating.
I went to a doctor and had some blood work done and he had good news. I am still insulin resistant not full blowen Type 2. I have looking at my body and I am discusted at how big my belly is. I know I know I need to get this weight off in order for me to conintue doing what I love to do and that is gardening. It is my one passtime I enjoy that gets me off my big butt and moving. My walking partner is doing better this year and so I may startwalking with my dog again. The stuff I get from the Vet is so worth every penny. My 9 yr old big dog is running around like she use to. Only when she gets tired does she limp. I know if I post often then I wiill be more likly to stay on plan. Hope everyone is haveing a good summer. Adyn

adyndravo1 08-11-2013 06:50 PM

It is still just morning here. I am drinking water like crazy and trying to stay away from junk food and too much sugar. I know that this will bring on a headache when I cut the sugar down. Will post again later.Nyda:)

traceymc1985 08-11-2013 10:08 PM

Hiya I'm totally in this with u, my 1st week back and I hate the feeling I get when I cut down on sugar, headaches, tiredness etc but it will pass. Feels good to be focused again, haven't had this determination for a long time!!!

adyndravo1 08-12-2013 02:18 AM

hey all. tracy i am going to be here for the long haul myself. I need to loose a lot of weight and the first thing I find that I have to do is get focused on the truth of what I am doing, and make a change. I will problably not get off ceral all the way but I am going to cut way down. The scale was down a half pound this morning. I have kept my calories under 1700 by 10. that includs a slice of banana bread- later.

adyndravo1 08-12-2013 09:17 PM

went grocery shopping with my sister today. I BOUGHT NO JUNK FOOD!!! I am happy with myself.
I am having a turkey lettuce salad with cucumber and tomto and fat free ranch.
my feet hare not happy so will not do much for a while. then need to get water on the veggies. hope everyone is having a good day. Nyda

traceymc1985 08-13-2013 09:51 PM

Hi Nyda...well done with the grocery shop!!!
I put off mine for a few more days because I knew I didn't want to be surrounded by temptations...I could have once had an emotional breakdown in the store as I just couldn't handle it but I got through it and like you came away with no junk foods. Spent more than needed but was all good foods to keep me going.

My calories are 1200-1400 through week and 1600 on weekends but only as a safety net to help me allow a drink or two of vodka/tonic after a week of work.
I went without social life this weekend though as again I was a bit worried about the scales.

adyndravo1 08-14-2013 04:20 AM

Hello all. Tracy there are days that a cold beer would taste so good , like today. I gave up alchol when my brother was on probation for his second dwi. That way he could have a alchol froo place to hang out. He spent a lot of timie on the tv there for a while. really proud of hime 9 years sober.
I made it through today with my claories well below 1700. I finished cleaning up my bedroom today and them sweeped the kitch and vaccuumed. so I got my exercise in. Talk tomorrow haveagreat night. Nyda;)

adyndravo1 08-15-2013 10:11 PM

I am feeling much better today then yesterday. Migrains can really wipe me out. I finally got the pump to work in the pond.,YEA!.I don't have to spend money on an electrican. The breaker is lose in the breaker box. Tht could be some of the problem, also the plugs are 13 years old.
I have been busy today in the house. After posting I have to go cut the parsley and get it drying. Will report back latter today.:)

adyndravo1 08-16-2013 09:02 PM

Hello, I am feel so so today. I can't seem to wake up and get any thing done this whole week. I did finally cut the parsely and have it drying.
On the motivational thread I read a post that got me thinking about my mother. And I for some reason can't get the tears out of the eyes. I need to go change the water. Talk more later

adyndravo1 08-18-2013 12:36 AM

have a bit of a head ache to day so am not doing much. we are have grilled pork chops and green beans and salad for super to day. that is if I get enough ambiton to go fix the green beans. hope everyone is haveing a good day today.Nyda

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