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lexxy1991 07-17-2013 05:16 AM

um... new to all this.
so, I'm Lexxy, I'm 21, I have a 2 year old daughter, and i've been bitching about my body for the past... lifetime. nyays, I've never really done anyhing bout it, nd i guess my boyfriend's gotten tired of it, So... He issued a challenge, since i take most challenges i'm given. Anyways, I've got until oct 7 to lose 2 lbs, per his challenge, however, since i dislike being oneupped, i made myself a seperte challenge. Lose 40 lbs by than. My incentive: a 3ds and all the pokemons from gen 5 and up. He's even getting me a scale tomorrow. IK'm super excited to one up him, nd i know i will, because im the mfing lexxy. I have to do it healthily too, which worrys me, since ill be gining muscle, and that weighs more than fat.... but m gonna talk to him, and see if that can be twaeked, and tweak my own goal accordingly. I'm not intending on gaining bulk muscle, mainly just tone muscle. anyways, off to go run, or... work out, or postpone until tomorrow, since i like starting these things early, so i dont inadvertantly f myself over for the day, lol. So, any advice, support, motivation, rallying calls, whatever, i'd appreciate them all.

topspally 08-05-2013 11:08 PM

Good for you for deciding to get fit and for asking for help. Please ask a doctor to evaluate your goals. My concern...losing 2 pounds in 4 months seems like an excellent goal. 1/2 a pound per month would be manageable. Instead you are suggesting that you want to lose 10 pounds per month? Yikes. Did you plug that into FitDay to have the program calculate how much calories per day you would eat? You don't post a starting weight, but 10 pounds a month seems like a very difficult goal. To clarify the idea that you will bulk up if you exercise. Muscle weighs more than fat, and because of this it burns more fat than fat. Meaning as you gain muscle you gain an army of natural fat burners. You will be surprised at how the fat flies off of you as you gain muscle. Yes there is a transition period where you may not lose, but it will probably not be too long before the weight starts coming off when you exercise regularly.
My advice is to force yourself to follow your plan, eat right and exercise as your doctor suggests. If you can keep it up for 28 days have a habit! Yay! Then you will look forward to it every day and you will crave it. A habit will keep you on track. Also keep in contact with your FitDay friends, we will keep you going.
Best wishes

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