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Default Just starting out

Hello, my name is Sandra. I have just signed up for Fit Day and am looking forward to getting started. I have to admit I have let myself go to pot and now I am fat and feel really ugly. I have finally gotten to the point that I want to lose wait and get healthy for me. No one else but me. I have a great support system and am ready to get started. Now how do I do that is the problem. If anyone can give me some advice on how to start exercising without a gym and a diet that I can follow without killing myself, I would be most appreciative.

thank you so much,
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Hi Sandra,
I too don't have the money to go to a gym. So, I just walk everyday. On the day's I don't feel like walking, I repeat what my dietitian told me. "Walking is the best medicine for your body. 30 min. a day is my goal. Don' be afraid to break up your walking times to 3 ten min. walks.
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Hi Sandra

I am by no means a success story but I have managed to lose almost 10 pounds over the past 3 weeks by making simple and manageable changes in my family lifestyle. We no longer drink any soda at all but instead drink cold water with those wonderful flavors (my favorite is the Arizona green tea with pomegranate - 0 calorie packs). We eat 5-6 small meals a day and I don't feel hungry or deprived (eg: granola bar, fruit, half sandwich or small salad, yogurt, small dinner - check portion sizes, sometimes popcorn for a snack). Never skip breakfast - even if it is only a bowl of fruit or granola bar - this kick starts your metabolism and your body does not fear going hungry and so does not hold onto stored fat! I only buy fresh fruit and fresh or frozen vegetables and we eat lots of different salads and smoothies (1% milk, fat free vanilla yogurt, strawberries and bananas with ice in a blender - sweet with no sugar added). We only eat white meat (no fat or skin) and beef pan seared (no oil) along with brown rice,pasta and taco shells. All bread is now whole grain and limited to no more than 2 slices a day. We also only buy greek yogurt (Dannon fit and light has 80 calories and 12 g protein) and watch the cheese/butter as there are loads of calories there. Also watch how much salad dressing you use if not fat free as that can add unwanted calories. I personally keep my calories under 1200 per day and closely watch where the calories are coming from thanks to FitDay calorie tools. I walk whenever possible and have bought a stationary bike off Craigslist for $40 which I use 30-60 minutes per day while watching my favorite shows at night. I an not in the nutrition field and my way may not work for everyone but it seems to be working for me so maybe there is some sense in my ideas. I also work with a women's care specialist who confirmed my changes are right. She also suggested shopping the perimeter of your grocery store for the healthy items. Anyway, sorry for the long reply but hope some of my ideas help get you started on your journey. Most importantly - don't go on a diet,rather make lifestyle changes that you will continue throughout your life and you will fee so much better :-)

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Hi Sandra,
There are many items around the house that can serve as weights for strength training. If you have cans of food look at the weight of each and see what your doctor says would be appropriate. Honestly I am using 1/2 pound (US) cans right now, that may not sound like much, but I can feel the difference in my arm tone. I do not know what Montana is like, but if you have garage sales there you will always find fitness DVDs. My plan is to buy as many as I can so I can have variety. My friend tells me it is better to stick with one for a while until you feel like you are getting good at it, that might work better for you. Be sure to ask a doctor or other health care professional what your fitness level is so you can start out injury free. I did a certain popular fitness exercise DVD recently and really hurt my back...so I couldn't work out...not good.
Good luck.
We are here for you.
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