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ellagaby05 06-13-2013 08:22 PM

hy everyone,
I am new on this forum but in loosing weight i can say i am a little old.i tried a lot of products from the market like magic pills till the all of kinds of tea to loose weight and ....not so many results as i expected.So, for the girls that want to loose weight with`magic` pills i say very honest,FORGET IT,cos it doesnt work.many people dont know how our body work and that`s why we dont know how we take in weight,considerate in the same time that we have a healthy life style.let me say something,in a lot of cases even if we eat healthy we make mistakes that bring with that something else,and we gain weight instead to loose weight.let me explaine:if we make a salate and we dont put cheese and crutons and some yogurt dressing is not healthy,but if u eat the salate with a little olive oil and just a little salt it is healthy.other important thing are the SUPLIMENTS (and here i talk for very good supliment) THAT HELP UR BODY TO LOOSE WEIGHT like:omega 3-6-9,L-carnitin,AND.....COFEIN.But after 1 hour in gym if u stop to the corner and u eat a hamburger,even this supliments will not work.why?because u block ur body,giving an huge amount of calories(the hamburger) and ur body will produce so much energy and will block,let me say in biologic therms,after gym ur igG(the glicemy level) will go down bcos of the effort and ur body start to burn from his reserve,so as resault u will sweat and u will start to loose weight(water from ur body or even fat).in the moment u eat that hamburger ur pancreas will produce so much insuline and ur body will not be able to transport all the energie in the cells so he will not know what to do with that and he will send them in the adipos strat as reserve of energy(for starving,war,or even hunger),so u will block the process of burning fat.they are so many things to say about our body that we dont know and we should know.i am not nutrician,i am not famous dr.oz or someone else,i am just a girl that tried to help also other girls with the same problem that i have,to loose weight and to become who we wish to be and to look advice for everyone is better u look more to know about yourself and then to find that way or that line to lead u the way u want to be.if u are not prepare,dont do it,but a amazing man said one time: ,,U NEVER FAIL UNTIL U STOP TRYING-Albert Einstein,,.i hope my advise is helpfull and for all other questions i am free to answer u anytime.take care of yourself.

topspally 08-05-2013 11:52 PM

Thank you for this great post. I hope it helps lots of people. Junk food is something many people are "allergic" to. There are far too many fat and calories and refined flour for many people like you and me can process. We make fat out if it instead because we cannot process any nutrition from junk foods. Some people can, but many people cannot. I am with you, I cannot find any magical way to lose weight. One thing I think about is how I am using up food that other people need. There are people starving in our own United States and here I am obese. I try to remember that when I want to eat too much of something. I think of the faces of hungry people. What I did is I added up my food bills for each month for the past months and then when I am at the doctor recommended weight I will donate the extra money from my new reduced food bill to the food bank. Old food bill subtract the new lower food bill, give the difference to the food bank. I hope that it is a lot of money to help hungry people become fatter and fitter.

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