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tttdd 05-27-2013 03:37 PM

anyone tried IF
I'm new here. Has anyone had good with results with Intermittent Fasting. I tried it last week and did well. I fasted for 16 hours and then ate in an 8 hour window like 1-9. It seems like for me once i start eating in the morning i tend to want to be a grazer throughout the day which can lead to just wanted to snack all day. So just wondering has anyone had any good results?

Kwest85blue 05-27-2013 05:54 PM

Hi, the reason you get the urge to keep snacking once you eat is for this reason; when you ingest carbs, protein, or fat, your body releases the enzymes to break them down, once those enzymes are present they want to continue to do their job, so you feel like snacking more... its an ongoing cycle lol. The best way i've found to deal with this is to eat high fiber, low glycemic foods, which get digested slowly, and so continually feeds those enzymes for a longer period. Does that make sense?

oglalagirl 05-31-2013 03:23 AM

doing JUDDD
I also find myself grazing if I don't do low carb but I just restarted JUDDD/LC which is up day- down day not total fast.
For me it is 400 calories down day/ 2000 up day. Then you can have a maintenance day/ 1000 calories.
I did this for two weeks and the DD got easier to do each time. I wasn't hungry at all .
Low carb for me is 25-30 carbs most days and rarely over 100 carbs any day, which also keeps me from being hungry.
I lost 7# then I went traveling and messed my body up with to many carbs and salt. So I started over again Monday lost 4# by Thursday morning.
You can eat what you want just have to stay in those calorie ranges. It sounds hard but you really are only dieting one day
then you can have what you want and if you exercise you are allowed to eat the calories you burned or not.
It is hard the first couple of down days but it gets easier as you continue.
Please keep posting how the fast is working for you and I will keep you posted on JUDDD. I want to find what works for me as a life plan. This may be it.
be blessed.

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