• My fasting blood sugar has been the same for the last 20 years, and I was always considered healthy. Now that I'm older, my MD has decided I am prediabetic. He advised to go on a 1200-1600 calorie diabetic diet to avoid progressing to Type 2 Diabetes. Does anyone have any advice for me or know a good site to get some diabetic diet menues/recipes?
  • I was in the same boat about 4 years ago and my Doc told me to keep my daily calories at 1200 I was drinking that much beer on a daily basis back then. So obviously I cut out all alcohol, started to follow a Meditteranean diet and clean eating when it comes to "snacks" and joined a gym.
    At that time I was being tested every 3 months, once my numbers started to drop, I was tested every 6mos. This lasted for about 2 yrs and since then, I've become accustomed to my new style of eating and also get plenty of exercise.

    My last test was last May (2012) and I was still in the clear, but I'm due to be tested again, but I should still be good.
  • Your doctor said that. Your question was where to find menus, etc., with that in mind. I'd go with what your doctor says, and here's a source of good information:
    American Diabetes Association Home Page - American Diabetes Association

    But: let me suggest that a quick trip to's book section will give you plenty of cookbooks (which may have menus) and books just for the ADA balanced diet.

    Very good stuff. american diabetes association cookbook: Books
  • type 1 diabetic here
    Hi, I became a type 1 diabetic when I was 6 years old.... 22 years later and I'm feeling good

    Low glycemic is the way to go to prevent blood sugar spikes and prevent type 2 diabetes. If you like snacking, skip potato or corn chips and go for Beanitos, they are certified low glycemic, and have 5 grams of fiber per serving. They are really good too. Also, Pinto or Black Beans, Blueberries, and Cinnamon are good things to add to lower blood sugars naturally.
    If you have anymore questions or would just like to talk about diabetes, dont be afraid to ask.
  • Yehudi, Many of the recipes you'll find at the ADA site are HIGH-carb, low-fat, or include artificial sweeteners. Every T2 person is different, but I haven't met a single one (I'm T2 for 10+ years) whose blood sugar benefits from that combination.

    Try testing your blood sugar after eating specific foods. It will let you see what you react to. For most people, it's going to be grains, starches, and processed food.

    Search the web for recipes with whole foods. The less-processed, the better. The closer to its natural state, the better. One of my favorite sites is (note: it's more veggie than Atkins-style).

    Test. It's the only way you'll see what you can safely eat.