Frustrated!! Perimenopause and trying to lose weight!

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Default This diet works for me.

Weight was never really a problem for me until I hit 50. Over the years my weight fluctuated somewhat but I was always able to drop the extra pounds easily, even after giving birth to three children. Needless to say I was pretty frustrated when those extra pounds refused to budge with what I thought was a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. A friend had mentioned the Paleo diet to me about a year ago but I thought it sounded too radical. I ran into her again about 6 months ago. She looked amazing and told me she was feeling great. So I decided to give it a try. At first the diet seemed a little limited but after I started using this Paleo cookbook I became easy and fun. The pounds dropped away easily and my energy levels shot up. I also felt like the mental fogginess that had come with menopause had lifted, If you're interested here's a link

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Let me address something to Topspally who stated earlier that she's been trying to lose weight and sticking to 1200 calories a day. I weighed my heaviest eating 1200 calories a day and could not lose weight. Arriving here and seeing what "they" thought I should be eating, I upped my calories to 1800-2000 calories a day, eliminated processed food, moved more (mostly walking) and lost 50 pounds,albeit, slowly but consistantly and have kept it off for 2 years. Eat the "real deal" no diet food, no lite dairy, or lowfat anything. The real food is less processed and the body can draw energy from real food. You get less of it but it feels and actually TASTES like something.

Blood work is now "perfect" while before I was getting high Glucose, high cholesterol and feeling lousy.
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Unhappy Perimenopausal & totally frustrated

Im 48 and ive just been told im perimenopausal and am going through a nightmare. Prior to being diagnosed I joined slimming world to lose one stone however in the last 6 wks I have put on just over a stone in fact I put on 1 stone despite following slimming world to the letter (I put on 14lb in 4 wks and a further 5 lbs in the following 2 weeks as you can imagine im devastated). So now I have just over 2 stones to lose and despite eating healthily my weight is not budging in fact I am gaining rapidly! on top of this my joints are killing me and my bladder has gone crazy im urinating up to 7-8times a night and the same during the day.
Please ladies advise im at the end of my tether. Ive gone from a sz 10 to a sz 14 in about 6 wks im getting no sleep due to having to get up to wee all night long and my joint pain is sometimes unbearable I feel so totally stressed
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Have you talked to your doctor? Sounds like he or she might have some insights. All that discomfort could be some medical issue other than perimenopause.
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Default Hormones help with weight loss

I am 51 and have been on diets forever. detoxed, raw food and exercise. Your hormones will either work for or against you.
I just wrote an article on re setting hormones, because when I understood this it helped me a lot.
Ive taken a different view on food, diets and losing weight. I am filling myself with positive aspects and nourishing myself on every level I can and then so many of my old cravings just don't work anymore.

Im not preaching or trying to prove anything just saying, if it had not worked then there is another way.

XX Fiona

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hi guys i hear all of your complaints caue i am there too i am 55 and in menapos and fighting the same battle ! plus under a whole lot of stress ! and have fibromyalgia too so it slowsm down but every day i do the fight cause we are all going to beat this! whose with -ME-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! is offline  

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