Frustrated!! Perimenopause and trying to lose weight!

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  • Track your food religiously and keep a journal so that you can see the relationship between food and how you feel. You'd probably be surprised. I was...things I used to be able to eat without any problem now cause indigestion and painful inflammation. I wouldn't have know what was causing problems if I hadn't been tracking food and energy/pain levels."[/U]

    I am 100% on board with volley ball granny's comments here, I only began experiencing abdominal paid from inflammatory foods at 60. I had not been eating processed foods much, but any time I had gluten I would suffer. And overuse of nsaids for the pain was creating a viscious cycle. Lose the wheat And don't sub in rice and tapioca products, they are as bad if not worse. Anything in the store that touts gluten free is likely a very processed food. Eat low glycemic real fruits and veggies and clean lean protein. I start every day with a protein smoothie, and
    then a healthy lean lunch and dinner. Serious workouts included resistance and muscle building, overdoing cardio is not the answer either. Balance it out, get sore, get two cents
  • It took you four months to lose 10 pounds, and you have cheat days? Wow! In another four months, it would be 20 pounds you will have lost. Not shabby. I'd say, just keep it up. You're living with a plan that works for you now. It seems your only complaint is that you would like it to work faster.

    I'd say you're doing fine.
  • One thing that I have found when I try to carefully track my calories eaten and burned: the estimator for the calories burned seemed to estimate high. I started using a heartrate monitor, and that helped a lot to get a better picture of what I was really burning.

    And... 10 lbs in 12 weeks. That's GREAT!! How long did it take you to gain those 10 lbs in the first place? A lot longer, right? As long as the scale is moving downward, slowly but surely, you will get there.
  • Hello Everyone,
    I am new to FitDay. I have been told I am going through a hormone change and am just confounded by my inability to lose weight. Doctors have been no help. I have always been the type to take control and lost that weight. This time I was unable to exercise or eat right for two years all the while thinking "when this is over I will quickly lose the weight" WRONG. Since May I have been logging food eaten, exercise logging, pedometer logging, eating fresh, no wheat no dairy no potato no beef low sugar and the list goes on. Yes, I eat oatmeal by 9 AM everyday and do not eat after 9 PM. So far I have lost a whopping .3 pounds. A friend told me about FitDay which says I should be eating a whopping 2100 calories per day...I have been sticking to 1200. Have you been sticking to the suggested calorie count?
    Glad to be here.
  • You sound just like me. Pausing, bad knees, etc. Get your thyroid checked if you haven't already; perimenopause and menopause are times when women's thyroids tend to quit on them. If your thyroid isn't working you can't lose weight no matter what you do, until you get medication for it. I know this from experience. And even then it's harder than for a person without those issues. Pausing is a great big pain in the butt. I take very small estrogen supplements to keep the hot flashes away... the smallest pill and I cut it in half. I tried natural progesterone supplements but didn't get results so after 3 months I stopped. It does wonders for some women though. It just depends what your body needs.
  • Thank you all for the great advice and encouragement. I joined this program 2 months ago. I have gained 80 pounds steadily in the past 20 years. I am now 52. I know it is going to take a long time of lifestyle changes to reach my long-term goal. I know I have to up my level of activity and do all the right things this program advises. Need all the help I can find.
    Start weight: 253 lb 10/21/2013
    current weight: 238 lb 12/22/2013:
    short term goal: 190 lb 06/01/2014; long term goal 150 lb 06/01/2015.
  • You've lost 10!!!!!!!!!!!! That's great. It may be slow but you're doing something right.

    I started gaining in my 30s, more in my 40s, now at my heaviest in my early 50s. It's really sad and really unhealthy for me. I'm afraid I'll end up diabetic. I have reflux although I'm getting a handle on that. Thyroid is an issue for me as well. I'm starting to count calories again. I've been LC for a long time. I don't know what else to do
  • I've only lost 7 lbs since I started Jan 15th, so you've got me beat with your 10. I'm 42 and have been working out at the gym 5-6x week and eating about 1500 calories per day with lots of water. I too used to find it soooo much easier to lose weight. I suppose it's the metabolism slowing down. I don't honestly know. As far as I know, I'm not premenopausal. The only symptom I've had is the urinary issues. No hot flashes, etc...
  • How many of you are peri or in full menopause and are taking HRT?

    I was having a hard time with peri: insomnia, feeling "foggy" and out of it, plus a few other things.

    I tried "bioidenticals" but they didn't work for me (long story). Dr. suggested BC pills (hey, they are estrogen and progesten, so why not). It seemed to help all issues - EXCEPT my appetite grew uncontrollable and I gained weight (not to mention they made me extremely moody!)

    I want to stay on HRT, but I am having trouble finding the right "regimen."

    If you are on HRT - what has "worked" for you as far as both estrogen and progestern replacement?
  • Perimenopause
    Hi, I am back on Fitday, having the same issues! I am on a low dose of progesterin (mini pill) and gained 10 pds that I want to take off since I started progesterin.....(overall 20 pds -goal weight...frustrating indeed and it's a lot harder with perimenopause..44 yrs old and need encouragement ......Any help/suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!