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Lisa'sBody 04-26-2010 05:00 AM

Supersize - Need to lose 180 lbs
Greetings All,
I'm a newbie and just joined. I was looking to connect with others who are supersized...those who need to lose 100 lbs or more. I'm in the Rockford, IL area and would love to chat with others who have a lot of weight to lose.

NessaSonic 04-26-2010 10:41 AM

hello- I need to lose exactly 100 lbs. I've lost 20 already, so now it's closer to 80lbs. I'm concentrating on great nutrition, lower calorie (1400-1800), conditioning exercise combined with walking (when I get around 200, I plan on starting to jog). I'm currently 5'6" and 215 lbs. What are you doing to accomplish your goals?

dbyaya17 05-04-2010 03:45 AM

hi,I also am looking for a buddy.I live in Davenport Iowa.I joined May 2nd and agree with the same things as you said.I need someone who knows the ups and downs we face.I would love to hear from you.Billie

almeeker 05-04-2010 01:47 PM

Good morning, I just wanted to say welcome to the forum and you may want to check out the fabulous 100 club on the Women's only corner. That's where many of the fabulous queens check in on each other, lots of support and cheering on that thread. Fitday has been a really big help to me. I'm now at the point where I have less than 100 pounds to lose, but I'd be happy to buddy up all the same. I'm starting to realize that the last 50-60 pounds are going to be more difficult and take longer than the first 70. Argh!

3butterfly21 05-12-2010 12:28 AM

I just joined today and I have about 140 to lose. I am also looking for motivation and support. I'm sure we can all do this together and help each other out, it is much easier that way. Good luck to you all and Congrats to those who have already lost!

chloe48 05-12-2010 12:40 AM

Hello there I am new to all of this. I need to lose 65 lb. I have been overweight for at
least the past fifteen years. I hope to get to talk to some of you out there. I have actually been trying to lose the weight for about 11 days now, I've lost 4 lb. I really like this website.

3butterfly21 05-12-2010 12:51 AM

welcome chloe!

montanacricket 05-12-2010 03:17 PM

Hi, I'm on the journey too...I started at 280 and am down to 268 after the first 4 and 1/2 weeks...The "over 100 pounds" threads are awesome encouragement and full of advice to try.

Good luck with the weight loss and life change!

dbyaya17 05-14-2010 03:54 AM

Hi,I live in Davenport.I really need a buddy and to be accountable to someone.I will help in anyway I can to motivate u too. Thanks,Billie

SkinnyErinn 05-17-2010 03:39 AM

I usually hang out on the 100 pounds to lose board, but I wanted to chime in here that anything is really possible. I have been working on my body for a few years now, I have lost 164 pounds as of last Thursday... and 116 to do, so by the time I am done I will have lost 280 pounds. You all are amazing and courageous. Keep working towards your goals, if anyone would like a buddy... find me on the 100 pound board! Good luck gals, you are already closer to your goal.

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