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amylee32 04-24-2010 04:33 PM

What would you do?
Hey ladies! I am looking for some input. Does anyone here have a "cheat day"? I am supposed to go out to dinner tonight to an awesome Italian restaurant. I looked online at the menu, not a whole lot of healthy choices. I'm sick of salad. So, I was thinking since I am down 33 pounds, maybe I deserve a treat? Or am I just justifying my poor judgement?

So tell me what you guys think...would you do a cheat night? Or would you suck it up and eat the salad?

mtlgirl 04-24-2010 05:03 PM

Personally I think you should order what you really want (within reason of course.) Since this is a lifestyle change, you shouldn't deprive yourself of everything all the time or you just won't be able to stick to something so stringent. You could treat yourself to the main course that you really want but forego on bread, wine and dessert. I would try to avoid anything deep fried like the calamari myself and it's a great idea to choose your dish before you go to the restaurant, log it in your daily food so you avoid making unhealthy snap decisions. And try to eat a light low carb breakfast and lunch. Then tomorrow you could do an extra workout or even better before you go to the restaurant. That's just my opinion and it's worked for me!

Buon appetito!

fletch8502 04-24-2010 05:22 PM

I think you're better off giving yourself one meal to enjoy than a cheat day or night. If I was in your shoes and gave myself a cheat night, I would eat everything in sight and undo a lot of hard work! =)

I would probably eat healthy the rest of the day (no starving yourself - that will make you more likely to make poor decisions later!), put in a little more time working out today and tomorrow, and enjoy your dinner tonight.

Remember, it takes about 3,500 extra calories to gain a pound, so one meal shouldn't make too much of a difference.

Congrats on your success and hard work so far, and I hope you have a great time tonight! =)

Lizzycritter 04-24-2010 06:24 PM

I don't have a set rule that "saturday is my cheat day", but I do allow myself a day off every now and then. (Too many lately, but I'm getting back on track.) I agree, a high protein lower calorie breakfast and lunch (egg white omelette and salad greens with some chicken or tuna maybe?) and enjoy the evening. You aren't on a "diet" after all, you're changing the way you live. Life should be fun. Hit the gym tomorrow, it'll be fine.

I agree, decide what you're going to order before you go. Another helpful trick: ask for a box to come WITH the meal, put half your entree in the box, set it under the table, and treat yourself to a really nice meal again tomorrow. Or ask the waiter if you can get a "lunch portion" or order off the lunch menu? Some restaruants will do that if you want a smaller portion to start with.

cjohnson728 04-24-2010 07:29 PM

Lots of good advice so can't go wrong with these suggestions. My two cents...if it were me, I would go with something moderate. Some Italian foods are better than others. I would probably pass on just having salad and have something that is sort of a treat, but not go as far as the oozy-cheese lasagne with extra meatballs on the side, you know what I mean? Everything in moderation, and balance things out the rest of the day/week is the approach I usually use. You'll do fine...enjoy your dinner!

desertmountain 04-26-2010 12:26 AM

When I first started I was too afraid to give myself any cheat days or cheat meals or a cheat treat. Too fearful of it opening up the floodgates. Now that I'm further along I'd probably be more comfortable with it, but so far haven't done it where it blows my weekly calorie goal.
One thing I've just started doing is have 2 days a week where I bump up my calories then have a couple of days of lower calories so it all evens out to the same as my daily target calorie goals. It's called ZigZag. Maybe you could do something like that.
The advice given here sounds reasonable & good. I also think everyone is different, so follow your own intuition about it. For sure you don't want to feel guilty when you do it & by taking the advice of those who've posted you shouldn't.

Wylie7 04-26-2010 02:57 PM

I give myself a cheat day once a week (including no exercise if I don't feel like it). I find if I don't have one, I get all kinds of cravings and I get really tired of working on losing weight. It's been really successful for me. If I go out for dinner on a day that isn't a cheat day, I plan it in and save up my calories.

I've found, over the last few months, my cheat days aren't as bad as they once were. I can't physically eat as much and I don't feel very good when I eat all that crap.

I say go for dinner, enjoy it (without guilt) and go back to what you normally do the next day! You will feel better and I bet your cravings will subside a little.

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