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kimisthin 02-01-2013 04:12 PM

Nursing mom time to take off baby weight
Hey, I just started on here and my goal is to lose 30lbs back to pre-preg weight.
My baby is 4mos old now, and I am nursing him.
I am pretty well the exact weight I was when I got home from the hospital after delivery. Im glad I havnt gained, especially over xmas, but was hoping to lose abt. 1lb/wk which would bring me losing 16lbs already (hasnt happened)
I know I have to keep my food quality high, and I know that I need to eat fats while nursing.
Just looking for some advice from other succesful nursing moms on losing gradual safe weight. Thanks

captainelle 02-17-2013 06:03 AM

Hi there, I am also trying to loose weight while breastfeeding. I have done a bunch of research and it all says not to go less than 1800 cal per day. I started logging and trying to stay within 1800 - 2100 per day while taking in at least 65 g of protein and have lost about 7 pounds in the last three weeks. Just hoping I can keep motivated and continue logging my foods and keeping within my calorie goals. Good luck. What have you been eating as far as calories per day? I hope some other successful moms can post replies with what has worked for them.

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