Need Book Suggestions

  • Has anyone read any good motivational/instructional books on healthy eating that are not diet-type specific? (i.e. not specifically on atkins or south beach or whatever.) Thanks...
  • In Defense of Food (Michael Pollan)
    What to Eat (Marion Nestle)

    I am not sure these could be considered instructional or how-to books, but they are very informative and fascinating in terms of how we eat, what we eat, and how we fall prey to marketing, food addictions, etc. In that vein, I found them very motivational:

    The End of Overeating (David Kessler)
    Mindless Eating (Brian Wansink)
  • Thank you, Cassie. I will start looking into those. I also found an e-book on for just $1.00 by Geoff Neupert that so far is pretty good, in case anyone else is interested.
  • I have to take back my recommendation of the book I've been reading, The Permanent Weight Loss Solution. The first half of the book is decent. It is motivational and talks about retraining your brain for positive outcomes. But I just got to the 2nd half. It spells out a specific diet plan that to me is ludicris (sp?) and says NOT to count calories (?!?!?!?!). That did it for me...done with this book!
  • Need Book suggestions
    Hi Lisa,

    I have gleaned some good information from these books. Some are "diet" style of book, but some of their concepts are interesting. I think they are worth a look. I've just started tracking my food, starting January 1st and I'm down 8 pounds already, without exercising. (can't at the moment due to an injury)

    1) The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet by Barbara Rolls, (2012)
    2) The G.I. Diet by Rick Gallop (talks about how the glycemic index of foods affects your blood sugar and what foods you should eat to keep it level)
    3) Tosca Reno - series of Clean Eating diet guide and recipe books
    4) The Looney Spoons Collection - Janet & Greta Podleski. This is a low fat cookbook with lots of great recipes and nutrition tips and facts galore. Check out their website Home - Janet and Greta Podleski for examples of their recipes and sign up for their newletter. They will send out e-mails of new recipes that they develop for you to try. They have sold over 2 million cook books in Canada and their newest book is a compilation of their first three cook books with updated nutritional information. They are now selling it in the US.

    Worth a look if you can find them. Hope you find something useful there. I did.
  • Book suggestion
    Hello, just browsing around this website & saw the ask for books.
    I have Body for Life for Women. It's not recipes but addresses the physical & mental strategies needed for success. I'm not done reading it yet but really like what I'm learning from it. Author - Pamela Peeke with foreword by Cindy Crawford. It's based on a 12 week 'program'. Worth a look in my humble opinion
  • If you are looking for a read about a women who lost alot of weight and her journey, you can also read "Half-Assed". She literally lost half of her body weight (like 140 pounds) and she writes about her journey along the way. She doesnt advocate any specific diet, because none of them ever worked for her.
  • Thanks for the suggestions Jezzie and Chris...I will check them out!