Who is your biggest saboteur

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Originally Posted by Pixie5477 View Post
I agree with desertmountain... toolarge totally misinterpreted what Almeeker said. Almeeker likely doesn't have a clue who I am, but I have read tons of her posts since June and I know she wasn't blaming her daughter.
I know who you are Pixie, I love your screen name by the way. A big thanks to the ladies that stood up for me on this topic. You've got it straight, I'm not blaming my daughter because I'm overweight. I was overweight loooonnng before I ever got pregnant with any of our children, so I can't even blame any leftover baby weight on them. My saboteur DD is a middle child, I can't say what drives her to constantly bring me treats and such, but lately when she has I've used it as an opportunity to discuss nutrition and to talk about the calories and run through the math with her. Then we decide if it's a good idea for me to eat it. Most of the time it's a no go, but every now and then I can afford the calories. So hopefully I'm making the best of a sometimes difficult situation. This motherhood thing is not for the weak of heart or the easily walked all over is it?
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Almeeker, I love how far you've come and how successful!

My saboteur is myself, and all the treats at work every day. Myself b/c I'm in charge of the cooking and shopping and packing lunches. I pack healthy stuff for myself but I can't resist all the treats at work everyday.

My other saboteur is myself, and all the anorexic-looking girls in women's magazines, even magazines supposedly touting health and fitness. Does anyone else notice how ridiculously skinny they are? In contrast, I feel like the women in workout DVDs are not as anorexic looking and look more healthy b/c they have to actually have muscle and body mass in order to do all those challenging exercises (I always suspect the ones in magazines are just pretending to do the exercises for the photoshoot but really couldn't run a mile if they tried!)

I have terrible body self-image and think I should, but never can look like them. I think if I focused on good nutrition and health I'd be better in general but the magazines make me a bit obsessive about my body image.

I really should throw them away so my daughter doesn't grow up with all the bad images about herself as well (although it's too late since she's seen them around the house).
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My saboteur is myself as well. No one forced me to eat a bunch of crap or not work out. Then you look at the scale and the only one to blame is yourself. I think that's the biggest challenge for anyone losing weight. You have to make the decision for yourself to stick with it and it's hard to point the finger back at you when things don't go as planned. But you have to keep trying, keep reaffirming to yourself that you can't give up and know that slowly but surely, you will meet your goal.
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