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canary52 11-19-2012 12:12 PM

7 Day Motivational 11/19-11/25: Thanksgiving Week; Gratitude, Not Just Food
Welcome fellow motivational-ers! Are we ready to face the challenges this week brings?

1) Except for Thursday, try going easier on the carbs
2) exercise in any form 2x
3) water, 6 glasses min
4) cals, 1600 max (except Thursday)
5) Plan meals
6) Stick to plan
7) Meditation
8) remember to be grateful every day
9) stretch

lcriswell0421 11-19-2012 12:59 PM

1. Target is 1600 cals or less/day.
2. Need to plan ahead.
3. Do my best to stick to it.
4. Log everything.
5. Exercise.
6. Remember to take meds 2x/day.
7. Get enough rest.
8. Remember all the things I am thankful for.
9. Be kind to myself.

It's a long list, but I think most of them are pretty easily attainable. It will be a tough week food-wise. Because Thursday took so much of my budget we will be having "cheap and easy dinners" (a.k.a. not as healthy) for most of the rest of the week. Not that they're all bad necessarily, but for example, on spaghetti night I don't eat it, so I'll have to somehow find myself something else to eat. Another night is Ramen egg drop soup. Definitely not having that. I may have to beg some extra money from hubby to buy a few items for myself to help stay on track.

I have been really bad about taking my meds this past week, and all weekend I didn't log a single thing. Those are things I really need to focus on.

Taking care of goal #6, right now I am really thankful for the fact that I no longer weigh 275 lbs. I sometime get discouraged at how far I have to go, but then I look back and see how far I have come already. I can do this!!!

Everyone, have a beautiful day and a successful week!

canary52 11-19-2012 01:39 PM

Good goals, Lisa! The meds are especially important. And yes it is good to see how far you have come and to take it a step at a time. I hope you can find some good meals within your budget, maybe fish or chicken?

It's going to be hard to plan meals today because my stomach has been really bothering me for days but I am going to try.

egg whites and ham
grilled salmon
spinach in garlic and oil

lcriswell0421 11-19-2012 01:59 PM

Chicken is always a good one, Hope. I love chicken. We are having it 2x (BBQ in the crock pot and chicken/broccoli pie, which I can only have a little of because of the dough.) Those are the two "good" nights. lol. I also do have some canned chicken in the cupboard that I forgot about and I can make a chicken salad sandwich one night. I don't like most fish, but your suggestion reminded me that Tuna is another good idea. I may get a Healthy Choice dinner one night. Those aren't my favorites, but they will do in a pinch and are definitely better than the pancakes and bacon I am making one night. I'm just going to have to be very careful about planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute because that's how I get in trouble.

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better quickly!

cjohnson728 11-19-2012 03:22 PM

Morning, folks, and happy Thanksgiving week :).

Keeping it simple!

1. Don't go stupid with food (Is this Tori's wording? Gotta love it).
2. Get exercise.
3. Get enough sleep.
4. Drink enough.
5. Stay active on FitDay.
6. Be thankful.

Lisa, good luck with the food this week. A little planning and forethought go a long, long way, so I think you will be successful.

Hope, sorry your stomach is bothering you :(. Take care of yourself. You've strung a couple good weeks together; keep up the good work.

jjrudd 11-19-2012 04:22 PM

Morning everyone.

Finally feeling more like myself. BP is still high (checked at local pharmacy). Weighed yesterday and thankfully I haven't gained--drinking lots of water.

Goals for the week, keeping it simple
1. Eat more fruits and veggies
2. cut down on carbs
3. Drink water
4. Exercise 3x
5. Write

Miss you Mern!


canary52 11-19-2012 04:38 PM

Lisa, Cassie, thank you for your concern about my tummy but I'll be OK. It's prolly a fibro thing, possibly fixable with diet. This too shall pass.

Cassie, I like the "dont' go stupid with food." LOL.

Lisa, it sounds like you've got together some good strategies. Chicken is great in that it is so versatile. When I make my family pancakes for dinner, I have eggs or one or two whole wheat pancakes. I don't know if you like eggs or egg whites but they are also great with veggies, cheese, etc.

Jenn, so glad you are feeling more yourself but sorry about your bp. Drinking lots of water is good. I have high bp and find when I lose even a couple of pounds, it helps my bp go down. Do you have any relaxation techniques?

I too miss Mern. Mern where are you?

For me, the good news is that I got my Biggest Loser scale in the mail today and it seems easier to use than my old one. (I broke my old one; apparently you're not supposed to drop them from great heights. Who knew? LOL.) I did an exercise class, first one other than yoga I have done in ages. It seemed pretty good; we'll see how I feel in a couple of days. I told the instructor (who I know) I had issues and I'd do what I could and she was so encouraging. "See?" she keep saying, "you did more than you thought you could." Which was true tho I was careful.

I signed up for a weight maintenance contest my gym holds every year through the holidays and I weighed in at .6 lb less than at home. But in both cases I lost about a pound of the weight I had gained back. I am determined to lose these last 7-10 pounds.

So glad I came back to my old gym. I think I will go to it more. I'm psyched.

01gt4.6 11-19-2012 04:50 PM

Good morning to all my lovly ladies that have already joined up this morning.

I haven't even begun to think of goals yet, I'm just hoping to mitigate the damage that Thanksgiving dinner (supper Tori, supper) will bring.

Once again, this year I am thankful to have y'all as my extended, dysfunctional family!

quinnesec 11-19-2012 05:12 PM

I'm back in... hoping that by logging, I will shame myself into not going overboard over Thanksgiving...

1. Log everything... even on Thanksgiving!
2. Calories under 1100 (...except for Thanksgiving)
3. Take all vitamins and supplements.
4. Make the best food choices with the options that I'm given. Fill up on whole, healthy foods; no excuses.

dmartz 11-19-2012 05:25 PM

Hope, Thanks for the shout out last week, and for starting up this thread.

Trying to be mindful of what I can accomplish this week, and what would really be beneficial for me, this is what I came up with for the week:
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Say 'Thank you' to at least one person every day.
  • Develop three long term goals by week end, and post them here.
I didn't do too well on my weekly goals last week. The only one I met was Protein over 50g/day; I managed over 50 every day, 61g/day average. As for the the rest of the goals, I did well in the first half of the week, but went overboard toward the weekend. Ended up with a daily cal average of 1651, not under 1600. Well, it's a new week. I'm now going to try to focus on what I've done well, and what I've been 'good' at.
  • I log everything I eat into fitday. Since the first of the year I've logged all my food every day, with the exception of the vacation in Sept. For the vacation (only) I created a custom entry, called 'Food,' and logged 2000 cals/day of 'Food,' & 400 cals alcohol. Figured that was probably an actual average for that vacation. I went on a bunch of day hikes, and ate pretty well, but was totally extravagant with the alcohol. And chocolate. And nuts. Way too much fat.
  • I've been doing really well on maintenance. Gained a few pounds on vacation, but dropped them right off. I've also gone down a few lbs. under my goal, but I'm definitely not underweight, and I've been starting to get some 'definition' in my abs. My skin just isn't that elastic at this age, I guess.
  • I'm feeling healthy. My blood pressure was checked twice last week, and was pretty much perfect: 118/70, 115/65. Waiting on the blood work to come back and see how the cholesterol is doing however...
  • I've lost a lot of stress. I just don't carry that around with me the way I used to. I'm a lot more accepting of things, less argumentative, and I don't get depressed by the things that used to bother me.
  • I could go on .... but I don't want to sound like a braggart. I have a bi-polar problem with my self worth at times, so I'd like to find that middle ground where I can talk about the good without getting obnoxious about it. I think I may have hit that median with this list. (Had to erase 'I hope' from that last line. ;-)
What I need to do going forward is create some long term goals for myself. I always have a problem in that area, and now I find myself a bit aimless. Hope to work on that this week, and perhaps gain a new perspective.

- Donna

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