7-Day Motivational Thread 11.12.12~~A Week To Not Be Weak

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Jumping in a little late, but here!

Goals for the week:
Finish sewing my friends birthday present.
Keep the kitchen table cleared off.
Iron the mountain of ironing.
Go to water class this week!!
No pistachios!
Log food.

I've found I am doing a fantastic job at maintaining my current weight, but I really want to lose about 2-5 more pounds. My goal is 2 more pounds. So, I have learned that somethings gotta give, I either have to move more, eat less or eat differently. I just have to make that choice. So This week and for the next couple of weeks I am going to stop eating my snack nuts, pistachios, and see if that makes an impact.
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Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome! So cool to hear about everyone's goals and progress! You guys rock!

Here are my stats for yesterday:

1. NO REFINED SUGAR (eating foods containing natural sugar, such as fruit, is OK)
2. Go to the gym for an hour at least once a day (but preferably go twice)

Goal #1 - Monday: YES (yay!)

Goal #2 - Monday:YES

I know I am slacking a bit by keeping it so simple, but I am just DETERMINED to get refined sugar out of my diet forever. I gave up caffeine and aspartame on a whim about three years ago and it took until just a few months ago for me to give them up for good (I would sometimes go through "Diet Pepsi Relapse", lol!). Now the thought of drinking one just doesn't interest me. I am hoping the same will happen for sugar someday!

Also yesterday I technically went to the gym of the outdoors, lol -- it was SO nice outside, that I ended up going on an impromptu five-mile walk, which I am counting as my gym time. Today it is cold and rainy, so back inside for me lol!

Good luck this week everyone on your goals!
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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Today was a pretty good day overall. I'm trying to remind myself of all the things that used to motivate me and help keep me on track. I'm also trying to not feel like I won't have accomplished anything until I lose the 12 lbs I gained back. It's an accomplishment from today - doesn't matter where I'm starting from.
Joanna -- I am in the same boat as you! I have gained about six pounds in the past year, and I am in that same mentality that I won't feel accomplished until that six is gone, which then discourages me. But we can do it!! And you're right, every accomplishment is a wonderful thing, and a huge step in the right direction!! We can do it!!
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Lots of Water: Y,
Focus on Whole Foods: Mostly,
Vitamin Daily: N,
Exercise Daily: Stretching,

Lifestyle Goals:
Quit stressing: Sorta
Quit making excuses not to exercise: N,
Start getting up earlier: N, Y (set the coffee maker to go off at 6 so the beeping is my new alarm clock),
Decorate something: N,
Daily Theme: M- Mild Mannered Monday (aka no freaking out!), Tu - Order a Turkey Day,

Happy Tuesday - Ama
5'6", 40yo
Maintaining with a Vengeance
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Ama - interestingly enough, I actually got a minor in Classical civilizations as an undergrad, so my first reference was the Greek mythology! But I googled it figured it out - very nice!
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Default Mondays Results

Calories: Less than 1700/day: 1596
Workouts: 3 workouts this week. MON

Back at the gym after 2 weeks off. Just need 2 more times this week. Lost another pound. Now at 218.8!!!!!!

Glad to see everyone is doing well to start off the week. I am impressed that so many are already preparing for healthy alternatives for Thanksgiving.
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Cassie, you mentioned a website that you thought I might like...if you could please give me the link that would be great.

Frenchhen, way to go on maintaining so far! Sometimes just a little tweak here or there is all that's needed to get a little further. You can do it on those last couple lbs!

Meachan, imo starting out simple is the only way to go. If you start off in the deep end you drown easily and give up. Making 1 or 2 changes at a time is the best way, I think, to be able to maintain those changes.
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Sorry, Lisa, just now got home to where it was saved on the other computer. Here it is:

Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes and Cooking Tips | Eating Well

Eating Well and Cooking Light websites are great for good, relatively healthy ideas, btw.
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Default Heard this thread could use another guy

I'll post a 4 day motivational thread tomorrow, since its already Tuesday. Thank you for inviting me to join the party here; I'm anxious to see the weight numbers go down, as well as to give and get support as we all work on our goals.

OK first time 7-day motivational thread poster, bear with me.

Join gym--Yes
Work out x4 M,W (twice), R DONE!! (am planning on making more trips this week)
Count calories x2 W (1479), R (ok 2 days is enough for that sport)
Lose 2 pounds to 289 (feeling it, but no peeking!)

I think my mini-plateau has been caused by too few calories and my body going into survival mode. Time to eat up and keep snacking!

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Goals for the week:
Finish sewing my friends birthday present.DONE!
Keep the kitchen table cleared off. M, T
Iron the mountain of ironing.
Go to water class this week!!
No pistachios!
Log food. T
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