Blew it tonight!

  • I totally blew it tonight. Like really bad. Chicken fried chicken, loaded bake potato, salad with cheese and ranch and wine! I know! BLEW IT!!! Ive been so good for the past 2 weeks! Im the type that blows it and then just "forget it! i already blew it!" and stops everything usually. I know im going to need help staying on track after tonite. i love this site. it feels so good to get stuff out and get you guys feedback!
  • Hi Natty,

    I used to be that type, too. Then I read the quote that's in my signature. That pretty well stopped it for me; can't argue with the logic.

    Did you log in everything? Sometime seeing it in black and white is a good way to be accountable, too.

    Get up, get back on the horse, and when you open up your account tomorrow, there will be a blank day. It is completely up to you what to do with it.

    And that emotion, whatever it is, that made you type BLEW IT in all caps? Well, take that energy and put it into making tomorrow better!
  • Hi Natty,
    One meal won't do you in. It wasn't one meal that ever made you fat, it was continuing those bad habits. You can just have that one out of control moment and then get right back on plan. Don't worry about that one meal, just focus on the future. Plus, remember it's okay to indulge once in a while!
  • Thanks! you know whats funny? I posted earlier this morning trying to talk somebody else up that was having trouble staying on track! Whats that saying? Beware he who thinks hes standing that he may not fall! thats so my life! Thank you guys for the encouraging words. I will be reading them tomorrow morning for sure to stay on track!!
  • Cassie, that quote is brilliant! And so true! Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm going to make it my mantra.

    We all know how you feel, Natty. You are certainly not alone by any means. I hope that today you can look back on your splurge and forgive yourself. Beating yourself up about it won't do you any good. In fact you will only be more likely to eat unhealthy foods again.

    As overweight people we tend to think of "cheating" as a terrible crime followed by a barrage of self-deprecation and punishment but if you were a regular ol' thin person and you had a big meal, you would have enjoyed it, laughed about how "bad" it is for you and then gone back to your normal eating the next day. Don't give that fried chicken so much power! Today is a new day and you can make healthy choices for yourself. You deserve it! Go Natty!
  • I hope you enjoyed the meal! Don't let the guilt you're feeling right now get in the way of that.

    That said, make sure you record every bite in your food log, and move on to a new day! One meal may feel awful, but in comparison with all the good you've been doing for yourself, it's a drop in the bucket!

    Keep your chin up. Make today a great day!
  • MTL,
    What a great perspective - you are soooo right!

    And blackrhino - you are right on target! One meal isn't why we are at the weights we are now.

    Natty, in the education world we say that you never really know a subject until you have to teach it. Nothing wrong with teaching from experience!

    Be well, all
  • Natty,

    So, how did you do today? Not looking to judge, just to support.
  • yesterday i did pretty good. I had a beer but i was still under 1600 calories and it wasnt late at night so thats a plus! Today all Ive had is eggwhite omelet w/salsa so far. Its only 11:37am where I am. Im going to Texas Motor Speedway tomorrow for nascar races so I may cheat a little tomorrow. They have the BEST corndogs EVER! but other than a corndog I plan on being pretty good.
  • That's great that you're giving yourself the ability to "cheat" because that way you won't feel like this is a chore. Keep us posted on your progress.