7 Day Motivational Thread 10/15/12

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  • Tuesday results.
    Calories < 1700: 1524,1413
    3 Workouts: NO, NO
    Protein at least 30%: 28%, 21%
    Hit my Mini-Goal of 220#: Pending

    Nyda; Welcome to the group. Good luck on finding a job!!!

    Tori; I can almost see the twinkle in your eyes and the smile on your face from here. Seems your attitude is much improved with your WHN back.

    Mike; Thanks for the clarification on the calorie goal.

    Everyone else keep at it! If you didn't get the 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow' reference (like me) the link in Mikes previous message is to a Trace Atkins Music Video. Makes me wish I had a barn!
  • Wishful thinking goals
    • Lots of H2O: Y, Y
    • Avoid the left-over cheesecake as much as humanly possible: Y, Almost (DS fork fed me two bites and I couldn't say no to my sweet son)
    • Avoid processed foods as much as possible: Not bad, eh..., already blew it
    • Donít freak out at/about work (insanely busy)Ö: Y, NO (antacids anyone?)
    • Try to get to the gym (lots of roadblocks this week during normal gym time): Planned for Wed
    • Lose the 1 lb I gained last week: ?, ?,

  • Nadi - Ohhh I would love to go to Germany, and try every one of those yummy breads - I can see why you have trouble! DH and I did not keep bread in the house much until DS started school, now we make him sandwiches for his lunch every day... no excuses though for me, I can avoid it - just gotta try harder .

    I watched the chicken/cow video... funny indeed!

    Tori - Ditto Ron's comment - I can feel your smile all the way to CA! Live it up girl!

    Big welcome to Nyda and dmartz!!! Great start with your goals!

  • Quote: Hi everyone, My name is Nyda, and this is the first time I have posted on this thread. I am unemployed at this time,but hope I may have a job soon.
    I have been getting out in my yard and flowers lot this last summer until August and then the smoke was so heavy around here there were warnings not to go out unless have too. I have lost the same 10 pounds over and over. This last month saw me breaking out of those 10 to go lower I am now at 258.5. I want to lose more weight by my birthday in december.

    Goals this week
    1. get a JOB
    2 drink my water
    3 eat more fruits and veggies
    4 get out and walk at least twice

    The wind was blowoing about 30 miles and hour with gust upwards to 40 + with rain , so did not walk today. and my best5 feature is my legs.
    Welcome aboard!

    Quote: my goals:

    keep carbs and protein at least even Mon, Tue
    drink 1.5 to 2l every day Mon, Tue
    go to zumba course on Monday Mon
    go to Drums Alive course in Wednesday (appointment cancelled for me! )
    do the 30 DS on 4 days a week

    buy clothes so I can run when the weather is as it is now.
    keep kitchen tidy Mon: not too bad, Tue
    not to work until 1 at night again because it obviously really messes up my mood and my biorhythm (I have to be careful with that).
    awesome job so far!

    Quote: Current status:
    Quote: 1. water- 64oz a day.M, T
    2. weigh and measure my food and log it!M,T
    3. Order pig meat for the winter.
    4. vacuum the carpet 5 times this week. M,
    5. complete the mountain of ironing.DONE!
    6. sew my darling's waders. Almost done, just the last bit!
    nice set of goals, youre doing great. Keep it up.

    Quote: Ron--They're a set, just like those who listed their eyes as their best feature. It's considered one And I'm glad I could give y'all something to talk about

    Mike--you KNOW you're not as southern as me. I got this southern thing in the bag.

    As for everyone else--if you haven't had a chance to check the Brown Chicken Brown Cow video, give yourself a few minutes to check it out. It's worth the time, for the laugh you'll get.

    As far as my goals.....

    1. Get some good brown chicken, brown cow (no limit on this)--it's a good thing there's not a limit
    2. Laugh until you cry (2 times)--1 down, 1 to go
    3. Sleep in late (at least twice)--not so much yesterday because of the 3:30 breakfast, YES finally...took melatonin to accomplish it, but I got some really good sleep last night
    4. Don't forget about JC--gonna go see her today
    5. Don't forget about Bubba--is there any way TO forget about Bubba?
    Thanks for not forgetting about me. It's nice to know that you finally came up for air.
    1. Keep carbs and protein in check 140/60Mon-yesTues-NOWed-140/57
    2. Eat 4 servings of fruits and veggiesNo--got up to 3 today
    3. Drink 6 glasses of water!!YES all days
    4. Exercise for 30 min 5xMon-yes, Tues-no Wed--yes 40

    Working on cleaning. Took out garbage, replaced button on dress pants and loaded dishwasher. Laundry tomorrow!
  • Okay... I suck. I'm back to the grind tomorrow.
  • *dashes in rather late*


    Okay. Goals. Oh dear.

    1) 45 - 60 minute exercise routine each day.
    2) ...
    3) I suppose I would like to vary my diet a bit more, so finding a new recipe each day, that I can at least shop for/prepare by next week would be good.

    Really that's about it. The rest of life is carrying on as it carries on. :P
  • 1. water- 64oz a day.M, T, W
    2. weigh and measure my food and log it!M,T,W
    3. Order pig meat for the winter.
    4. vacuum the carpet 5 times this week. M,W
    5. complete the mountain of ironing.DONE!
    6. sew my darling's waders. DONE!

    We are all doing pretty good this week! Today is the halfway mark, I don't know about you guys but I am going to push it to Sunday!

    I swam laps yesterday which I haven't done in quite some time and I was a little surprised at my endurance! I didn't think I was going to do as well as I did, so I think I might throw that back in my routine. I got on the scale this morning and a number showed up that I hadn't seen in 19 years. So I don't mind saying there was a bit of a dance going on in the kitchen this morning!
  • My eyes also
  • Wednesdays Results
    Calories < 1700: 1524,1413,1350
    3 Workouts: NO, NO, NO
    Protein at least 30%: 28%, 21%, 16%
    Hit my Mini-Goal of 220#: Pending

    Went home sick from work yesterday at noon. Stomach ache. Slept till 6:30 PM and got up and felt like I had been run over by a truck. But it was a short lived bug and I was able to eat a little supper and felt better by 9:30 when I went to bed again. It would be nice if being sick could help me at least reach my Mini-weight goal.

    Wife wants me to go pick up new dining room chairs after work so the workout for tonight is also in jeopardy.

    Congratulation on hitting the 19 year low!!!

    Defi and JazzyJudi:
    Welcome to the group! Hope to be reading about your successes soon!

    You need to get back on track (just like me). We have people looking at us as an example!