Hey Ladies, a new week is here! You know what time it is!

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1: drink more water--no actual ounces, just more--could have done better
2: no mindless eating--not horribly
3: reign in the excitement of only 28 MORE DAYS TILL WHN COMES HOME!!!!--YES!

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
reign in the excitement of only 28 MORE DAYS TILL WHN COMES HOME!!!! (Tori) yes (even though she called me a db)
Ladies, trust me on this one, it was completely justified. He's just mad that I called it like I saw it and that I was right. That's how it goes wif family, doesn't matter how mad (or hurt, upset, or feeling left out) we may get, everything is said out of love. Even calling someone a giant DB....cause technically I called him a Giant DB.
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Hey, as long as the string of initials doesn't reach ten letters, I think it's nothing to take offense at, coming from Tori .

And speaking of initials, congrats on Who's Hot Now almost being Who's Home Now!!!!

Ann, nice job! I'm glad yesterday went well; I was thinking about you.

Belinda, welcome; glad to have you along!

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Mixed day yesterday:

1. Calorie limit 1200. 1193
2. Exercise 6 hours total.
3. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. 7.5
4. Log everything. Everything. Yes
5. Say one good thing that happened each day. Son got an invitation to NHS & application is being turned in today
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Numbers: Calories: 1,066 (oh well) Fats: 62.2 Carbs: 90.5 Proteins: 44.3

Cantaloupe and ice cream cake put me over the top for carbs, but failed to keep the total over 1200...

Journaled, moved more furniture in the living room, packed more of S2BX's stuff, kept the drama to a minimum (even when he was here), and actually slept through the night ! (Over the weekend, got all of 6 hours in a 48 hour period)

Want to try to bring more attitude of gratitude in my daily dealings with people. For instance, this group right here - thank you all for being a solid presence, every day, bringing me to a better place just by signing in. You all provide support on this path we share, and a good chuckle daily (Mike? Tori? ).

Well, got more tomatoes to cook and can (got a pot of barbeque sauce on the stove, waiting to be put into jars), so lemme get back at it. Catcha later!
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Save by the PB&J sammich. I ate one before bed and it brought my fiber up above 25g.

Ann, hey girl! Are you going to be doing the race with Tori, mh, Pam and myself?
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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Goals for the week...here goes...
1. Log everythingyes
2. Eat 4 servings fruit/vegetables4.5
3. Keep carb/protein within limit 120carb/60g protein140/55
4. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a daybarely but yes
5. Exercise(same goal)--didn't get enough last week so here's hoping for this week

Personal goals
1. WRITE. There is workshop at local library in 2 weeks and I want to have some stuff donedoes it count if it's still in my head?
2. Finish cleaning out spare room (I can at least see the top of the bed again )
3. Pull out weeds in driveway and front lawn...a job I hate
raining but I plan to cut front lawn and pull weeds tomorrow.Mike you can kick my butt if I don't
Had to take books back to library and got Jillian Michaels book on metabolism. There is a thread where someone mentioned it. I also got another cookbook for Diabetics.
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I'm here--crazy busy day already. Headed to the gym for elliptical and stationary bike, maybe some ab and back reps in the weight room.
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Hey Mike. I would love to do the race but not sure I can get down there at that time since we might be having our huge sales conference around then. I'll let you know when it gets closer since I can just jump on a flight then and meet you guys there. Can you give me the dates again so I put it on the calendar?
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I have been lurking here for several weeks and last week I promised myself I would join in and post my own goals. This way Mike won't be the only one getting all the ladies attention or their wrath, lol. Work was crazy yesterday so I didn't even log into Fitday until today so I am already a day behind but here I go.
Join the 7 Day thread: Done
Calories < 1700: Monday 2235!,
Workout 3 days: NO,
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Welcome, Ron! High time we had some more testosterone around this place . Looking forward to seeing more of you!
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