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  • I will absolutely let you all know. On a side note, I am getting my "monthly friend" any day now... could this be a factor, as well? I was doing a little reading and it seems as though it could. >grasping at straws< lol

  • I'd like to achieve a 50 pound weight loss. Just getting started, again.
  • Good luck, Midwestgal! I'm right there with ya!
  • Morning,

    I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I just have been really busy with work and life. Trying to catch up on things. Glad to see there are others here to share the journey with. Makes me feel better knowing there is support when I snivel about slow losses.

    FINALLY after a couple of months being flat on my weight loss I have dropped 2 more pounds. Woo Hoo. So 6 1/2 month 12 pounds down. Sheese I feel like a snail. Hoping to be able to start exercising soon. Waiting to heal first.

    Definitely going to look into that ziz zag diet. It looks like it might work well for me too as there are days I really have to force myself to eat more then 900 calories. Some days I am starved. Lets shake up this metabolism.

    A friend sent me some really jazzy music and I have been playing it while doing chores and it helps me to want to be more springy in my actions. I am actually looking forward to being able to shag around to the music. Soon Soon.

    Hang in there you all. I get discouraged with my weight loss being so slow but I look at it as 2 pounds lost is really 4 pounds because I could have gained that two pounds. Heheheh Weird I know but it works for me.

  • Hey guys. I am trying to stick to a 1200 calories diet, but I find it so hard because I am 1. bored or 2. hungry a bit and end up going to 1300 or even higher :/
    How do you guys stick to 1200? I'm not good at "timing" the exact time I eat my meals, and writing stuff down...I go to school, and when I get home I feel like devouring everything in the house, and I can't really snack on healthy foods during school, mostly like chips and things are offered and are plausible to bring with you to class. Idk how to do this at all...and I'm feeling so...defeated, but defeated by myself. It's like I am fighting myself in all this and this part of me is so weak, and the ravenous part of me just wins all the time. I figured this place would be good to get inspiration and support. But you see..I fear, sitting in front of the computer all day reading about weight loss, and not actually doing it..but I honestly have nothing to do on the weekends, I'm bored and then I eat. I am currently 5'7 and 170. I would love to be 140, my original goal was by April starting in November..a little too late now huh? I'm doing the Couch to 5K regime, I'll be starting my 5th week soon, do you guys think this is good? What else should I do? I liked the Couch to 5K because I didn't feel overwhelmed with an exhausting amount of excercise (which I would punish myself with, but in the end never stuck to it). Am I doing well so far as excercising? Also...one more pregunta, what about stretch marks? How to get rid of them... my goodness, I'm still a teenager, and I can't even look like one.

    Help me guys. Thanks, danke schon.
  • Hi DeathArrow,

    I think you may be shooting yourself in the foot with the 1200 calories. Most definitely it does NOT sound like something you can sustain for a while.

    I plugged your info into this calculator Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

    It says that even for EXTREME fat loss, you should be eating around 1360 cals a day. For regularly paced fat loss, you're in the 1700s. I wouldn't go too much below 1400 or your body will adapt to that and your metabolism will slow, making it easier for you to hold onto your weight. If you don't lose, too few calories is probably why.

    Couch to 5K is a good program, good for cardio. I'm doing it myself. However, the best exercise is the one you'll stick with, whatever that is. Maybe also try some strength training to balance it out and build your muscles.

    Good luck!
  • Death Arrow. I found just a few peanuts helps to curb my hunger. Would be pretty easy to take a few with you in a baggie to school. I find even 15 peanuts does the trick for me. Just eat them slowly one at a time and enjoy it. Then you will not be so hungry when you get home.

  • Thanks Cassie and MissMaggie. I think I will do the 1360 calories. Thanks for your advice. I'm sorry for spilling out all my gloom in a post on here, but it felt good though hehe. But yeah, I'm all good.

    I hope everyone else does well on their goals!
  • Quote: When I began my weight loss journey I knew I had over 150 lbs to loose. It seemed overwhelming and impossible. Ofter over the years I would say what's the use I'll never get there. My stinkin-thinkin was focusing on the "there". It changed for me when I started looking at what healthy choices could I make for today, just today. Today is manageable, today is a small enough goal that I don't get overwhelmed and when I string together all my today's they equal health and wellness. Its been over 3 years and I've lost 155lbs with 24 more to go, and today looks pretty good!
    yea u know what today is even hard i have a problem with sweets and i cant eat something i dont like and the problem is once i get a taste i cant stop it sets me on a roll.... a tsp cinnamon powder is suppossed to help but it tastes nasty!!!!!!!!!!! despite this lets at least make our kids eat healthey so we dont set them up for bad food programming from a young age
  • Quote: I will absolutely let you all know. On a side note, I am getting my "monthly friend" any day now... could this be a factor, as well? I was doing a little reading and it seems as though it could. >grasping at straws< lol

    By the way; I BROKE THE PLATEAU! YEA! I've gone down 5 lbs since I last wrote. :-> Thanks for your help!