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Default Menstration vs Weight Loss

I tend to lose less weight around my period especially when it's late. Is there anything I can do to combat it?

I always drink plenty of water and stay away from the chocolate! Well... usually...
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Old 08-27-2012, 04:07 AM
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Try and keep in mind that some of the weight gain around your period is fluid. I find a good way to know the difference is if it drops off quickly within a few days after my period is finished then it is probably water weight. Last month I gained almost a kilo for 3 days and then it just dropped off.
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good luck
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But menstruation weight is not the same so I tend not to stress myself too much about it. Your hormones make you retain more water and that's why you can't measure results. It happens to me that I can't button my pants on those days and two days later everything is fine.
You shouldn't worry too much.
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Old 02-28-2019, 04:06 PM
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I'm having the same issue. Do you gain the water weight when your period starts and lose it when it is finished? Or does it come on before your period (i.e. PMS) and you lose it once your period begins?
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When I started my period in 6th grade, my mother- who was quite keen on nutritional supplements before it was cool- used to give me B6 vitamins a week before it would start. It helped reduce the water retention and bloating tremendously. I'm over 50 now, and I still take it. While things have changed tremendously with my cycles, (not for the better, I might add), the supplemental vitamins help alleviate a lot of the PMS drama.
My doctor, who seems to be a later generation version of my mother, put me on Iron Complex from NOW. It contains all the B's, plus iron, and I cannot sing the praises of this stuff enough! Not only does the bloating go away, but the tiredness and crankiness disappears as well.

Its normal to have the bloating and a little weight gain when Aunt Flo is coming to visit, so don't worry about it. But if you want to mitigate the bloating B-6 is great. I also cut out breads/cereal and grains, because those tasty treats are just avenues for absorbing more fluid and retaining it. (which is why everyone pees a lot upon starting Atkins or Keto.)
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