7-Day Motivational Thread 8/20/12: Happy New Week!

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Well thanks for joining us but let me get this straight. Soooooo you're not going to be too chatty for the next 50-some-odd days because WHN won't be back until then? So does this mean that when he finally gets there you'll be spending more time on FD chatting it up with us than you are now?
Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
lol, I had the same thought, but wasn't gonna tease a girl while she's down .
Actually, what I meant was, once he's home I'll be a little more focused and not so scattered.
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Hello again everyone.

I'm still feeling unwell, I am cancelling my exercise class today because there is no way I can do it, after a quick trip to the shops and an hour at work I feel like I need to lie down for a week. I have done half the dishes and I still havn't cleaned the bathroom, that might have to wait another day. I didn't feel very hungry yesterday so my numbers are lower than usual. I did make a healthy version of chicken parma using skinless breast chicken, extra light cheese, low sodium parma sauce and reduced fat shaved salami. My oven is broken at the moment which means I have had to get a bit creative. I did the chicken in a heavy based pan with a lid on the stove top, then added the toppings and put them under the grill for a few minutes. They were pretty good.

Calories ave 1350- 13991094
Eat vegies 3-5 serves Ė yes, yes
Eat fruit 1 -2 serves- yes, yes if you count cranberry juice?
At least 7 hours of sleep a night Ė more like 6, not even close maybe 5 I keep waking up for some reason.

April- sounds like a great weekend outdoors, I love camping with my family. I am glad to hear the hives have cleared up.

Iím not up on my internet speak, what is a WHN? Any way, donít be a stranger for too long.

Tracey- making yourself accountable can help. I find I am more likely to want to do what I say I will in this thread because I donít want to have to say I didnít!

Cassie- I have a couple of Ďfood pusherí friendsÖ they seem to think they are doing me a favour and saving me from my diet or something? It is so annoying. You did well to resist.
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i can see that this is a difficult week for me to try and work in exerise; i'm tired already. Plus I gained back the 3 pounds i lost the week before and its frustrating! Its hard to keep at it when its' 2 steps forward and 3 back. ~sigh
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Originally Posted by nichaleh View Post
Tori- Iím not up on my internet speak, what is a WHN? Any way, donít be a stranger for too long.
WHN is is what Mike dubbed my boyfriend. It stands for What's His Name. Just a way to protect his anonymity. I'll be around, just not as chatty as I was when I first hit the forums. As those who were here then will tell you, Mike and I could hijack a thread in a heartbeat
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I just figured that once WHN got home that you would be tired of him quickly and come back to chatting with us ... It is easier to be chatty when you are at ease with life though. I know what you mean.
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calories <1600 - 1539, 1601 (I'm counting it)
water >64oz - 64oz, 64oz
protein >20% - 22%, 19%
take vitamins - yes, yes
move - walking/playing with the kiddo, worked 8 hrs/walked to and from work

First day at the thrift shop was good, though slightly overwhelming. I was mostly on cash, which was easy, but was learning a bit too about where everything went. It was seniors day so it was busy all day, and the donation truck was about 5 hours late so I spent the afternoon frantically pricing and putting out books (because the truck's coming with more donations tomorrow morning). I like it when work is busy, so it's fun, but I was TIRED by the end of my shift. By about 3pm my eyes were having a hard time focusing. The most frustrating part was feeling like I was shopping all day except i couldn't buy anything (and then had to watch other people buying the stuff I had my eye on). But I'm going to have to control myself anyway or my house will end up like a Hoarders house. Early to bed tonight; I've got another 8 hours tomorrow!
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Hey everyone. Just checking in. Was able to go to the gym and work out for a bit last night and today went for a nice long walk with the kids. Taking a workout break tomorrow night but will be going for a run Thursday and over the weekend. Weight has been steadily going down since I have been really good with my diet. Just trying to get this body back into shape before I go back to work. Hope everyone has a better day tomorrow!
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Hello all! I had a pretty good day today, carbs were a bit high (again, I cannot seem to get a handle on them) but calories were low, and I didn't get any formal exercise, but I spent 3 hours shopping with my sister and that had to burn a ton of calories.

1) Stay within calorie limits. Yes, 642.
2) Get 4 workouts done. M-Y. T-N.
3) Keep carbs @or under 33%. 42%
4) Get to bed by 10:30. Yes.
5) Drink more water! Yes.

1) Stick with budget, and STOP OVERSPENDING! Yes.
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Quinniepoo, enjoy your coffee! Did you ever make the rum cake?

Tori, so you need help focusing? Maybe you should look into that. Sounds to me like ADD.

Ladies, I finally made it to the gym today. I think I've been once in the past 3 weeks. I didn't log all my food because quite frankly, I had Chinese food for lunch and was too lazy to try and figure it out. I'll update tomorrow, or at least give it an attempt. I'm gonna try to knock out some miles before work but then I'll have to get busy. I'm still at ZERO for policies and I'm in danger of missing my next bonus if I don't buckle down.

I haven't had a chance to rant lately and I'm on my phone so I'll make it brief. Last week I had been dealing with a moron at GE Capital Retail Bank (the lienholder for the bike) that told me that if I did the work on the bike myself, they would only release a check for the price of the parts... so my labor would be free. She then stated that the balance would be applied to the loan, which is BS, but lienholders do crazy shhhh. Anyway I asked (not so nicely) to speak to her supervisor and was told it would be 3-5 business days before she would call me back. Really? 3-5 days for a supervisor to return a call from an upset customer, how's that for customer service? Well I eventually was transferred to someone in claims. Got her voicemail and left her a message. Still no call from anyone. I've already started ordering parts with my money and want some answers but the moron couldn't even confirm that they got the $2645 check that I sent them over a week ago. So I call again, today I got someone different and she transferred me, once again, to claims, where once agian I got the voicemail. I left a 2nd message, stating that that was my 2nd message and I've yet to hear back. She called me back later and was very helpful. She looked into it and someone down the line screwed up royally and applied my insurance check to the loan on the bike. WTF?!?! How do they expect me to fix it when they apply the money that's dedicated to fix it to the loan, which BTW is a 0% apr loan and I'm in no rush to pay off a 0% loan. So she says that she's going to get to the bottom of it and get it fixed. She'll have to pull the money back out from the loan and will have to cut me a check. She just asked me to send receipts for parts that I started buying so she can be sure that it's getting fix. I've already faxed that to her and Friday I'll be going on another shopping spree for the bike so she should have all the proof she needs. I just hope it doesn't take too long to get this corrected.

When all is said and done, the bike will be back to new, with some tasteful upgrades. This is been a headache that is about to end. The main thing that I'm grateful for is while she's been in pieces in the garage, the weather has been crappy.

Well I don't guess that was brief enough, oh well, I tried.

Good night ladies.
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Default Quick check-in

1. Calories below 1300. 1233, 1290
2. Balance pie chart and follow my rules. Yes, Pretty Good
3. 72 oz. fluid daily. 80, 72
4. Log everything and post daily. Yes, Yes
5. Eat clean. Yes, Mostly
6. 3-4 fruits and veggies per day (I'm stealing ). 3, 3
7. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes Yes
8. Sleep 7 hours, at least, per night. 7, 7
9. Exercise 6 hours total this week. 2 hrs., 15 min.; 30 min.
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