7-Day Motivational Thread 8/20/12: Happy New Week!

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  • Quote: Mike, you should have scrubbed your feet with bleach and a deck brush after having to walk in that mud!
    Brilliant idea.

    Well it looks like the soon to be hurricane may come my way. I brought my work computer home and decided to check my expiration date on my flood insurance... it expired yesterday. Well for new policies there is a 30 day wait, but on existing policies, there is a 30 day grace period, so I paid for annual premium today.

    Not that this is happening but can you imagine the perfect storm...

    My bike gets trashed by an uninsured driver, I make the claim on my insurance. The lien holder screws up and applies my insurance money to my loan. I'm now paying thousands of dollars out of my account as I wait on them to correct their screw up. In the meantime PowersportsPlus screws up and double changes me on my parts, putting a bigger dent in my bank account.

    Lets say my bank account would have been low because of all the screw ups and I didn't have enough money in the bank to pay my annual flood insurance premium. The storm comes through and my house floods and I'm stuck with no coverage and a destroyed home.

    People don't realize how a simple screw up CAN be devastating to others.
  • Mike, I hope the storm passes you by! Good catch on your flood insurance!

    You are right that some people have no idea that their inefficiency can be truly devastating. So sorry things are so screwed up for you right now. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.

    Big hug to ya!
  • Ama and Mike: Stay safe!
  • Quote: Went to review some other blood test results and found my A1C average blood sugar test result was posted to my online medical record. I was amazed it was NORMAL--5.9% despite my summertime carb cheats and binges. Normal is 4-6%. I guess my cheats were more seldom or more controlled over the summer than I recalled. I'm certainly not going to challenge the test! LOL
    Mern that's great! Congratulations on the A1C scores!
  • Quote: nobe--I hear ya. I bought 3 outfits at Mom to Mom sale at local public school for $12 for my niece. One is the cutest little yellow sundress from babyGap. They only wear it once why would you buy new?

    Darlene--are all here to help. Been slacking off logging too but i sort of keep track in my head.

    Question about sugar spikes. I ate cereal and toast yesterday and had small bun and veggies and hummus for lunch and at 4:30pm when I checked my glucose level was 19. I drank lots of water yesterday and exercised for about 40mins. Dietician told me it can spike if I'm too hungry. Why does it spike?
    Something i have found that works really well for me, is to balance my protein with my carbs each time i eat. I definitely feel better doing this and it seems to stabilize my highs and lows with my sugar.
  • weekly report: I think i will stick with the same set of goals this week and add to watch my sodium intake. I tend to retain water these days and i can tell from my logs on fitday that i do not monitor my sodium very well. I never worried about it because i do not add it in my cooking, or add it to my food . . .good thing because its in places i never realized!!

    #1 - maintain daily carbs within range YES!
    #2 - exercise daily for at least an hour CLOSE!
    #3 - sleep at least 6-7 hours a night CLOSE!
    #4 - drink 32 oz water each dayCLOSE!
    ~Little by little, this to can be done

    ~If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got!
  • Saturday was an emotional disaster - guess I'll share what's been going on, since it looks like it is not a temporary situation. My husband left us over a week ago, and is living at a friend's place. He is continuing to support us financially, and will continue to do the projects here at the house, but has removed himself from the day to day issues. He indicated that he will not be coming home, thus the emotional trainwreck.

    So - I availed myself to a group of friends, and a bottle of red wine (I had help), so the day's numbers are a bit skewed (guess red wine is low in carbs!). But, I know I have a great support system here and at home, and it is a source of comfort. No, I don't normally drink alcohol regularly, and don't use it to self medicate. I think my 5Ks will help in the stress relief, as well as journalling and meditation, along with as much outdoor time as I can get.

    Ok, so onto the numbers:

    Saturday: Calories: 1,227 Fats: 44.6 Carbs: 34.9 Protein: 60.2

    Sunday: Calories: 1,301 Fats: 66.7 Carbs: 47.8 Protein: 127.2

    Tomorrow is a new week, and I'll be out there walking.
  • Judi, so sorry .

    What a sucker punch that must be. I know words are inadequate, but I'm sorry you have to go through that. As they say on the airlines, put your oxygen mask on first, then assist others sitting beside you. Take care of yourself; if nothing else, the experience will make you find strength you may not have known you had before.
  • Oh wow Judi. I hope things get worked out. Was there any sign or were you blindsided?
  • Here is the week wrap up, I have been mostly just flying in and posting numbers this week as I have been pretty busy.
    Final numbers
    Calories ave 1350- 1399,1094, 1231,1657, 1655, 1768, 1143
    Average weeks calories - 1421 not too bad all up Im happy with that.
    Eat vegies 3-5 serves yes, yes, yes, yes,no, no, yes

    Eat fruit 1 -2 serves- yes, yes if you count cranberry juice?, yes in juice form again,no,yes,no, yes

    At least 7 hours of sleep a night more like 6, not even close maybe 5 I keep waking up for some reason. YES! Finally. yes, yes, yes,yes

    Mern- Its great to hear that the changes you are making are improving your health, by the end of all this you will such an expert you will be able to run classes!
    Mike- wow, life is certainly hitting you hard at the moment, I hope the hurricane passes you by safely.
    Darlene- I love a few glasses of wine on a weekend, the calories do add up though, congrats on keeping it under 2000 even with a few drinks.
    Judi- I am so sorry. There is probably not much that can be said to make you feel better right now but sending big virtual hugs.