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Hey everyone. Well had some crazy stomach thing the last two days and it kicked my ass. So needless to say, running was not in the cards for me. But will be getting out there tomorrow night for another 2-3 miles hopefully. I really need to get my gym membership back so I can start lifting as well. Getting back into a steady routine is key. Since I will be back to work in a month, getting things started now before the craziness of work happens has to be a priority.

I've been trying to find a babysitter for the two kids at home three days a week since both our mom's will be watching them the other days. We had my daughter in daycare but they only take kids 15 months and older. Plus I really do not like the idea of a newborn in daycare. My almost 3 year old always gets sick but at least she can handle it. Anyone decent we have talked to already accepted another position or can't do it the days we need. So just getting worried about not finding anyone in time.

Oh well...can't stress over that too much. Time to get to bed before I am up again to feed the little guy. Have a good night everyone!
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Mike is unable to post his goal update because he is still computerless (haHA I made a new word). So he asked me to do it for him. I'll be nice and actually post the real numbers


1--log everything and make public, post start weight 01gt4.6 - free online diet and fitness journal 184.4# No (didn't log anything), yes, no (didn't log)
2--100 oz water daily 101.4oz, 118.3oz, 135.2oz
3--all vitamins daily Nope, (assuming on these, correct me if I'm wrong) no, no
4--walk at least 8 miles (weather permitting) 0, 0, 5.13

Mike Specific:
1--finish laying tile, and grout Yes
2--check in and post when you can Yes, Yes, Yes
3--no eating after bedtime Didn't eat, Yes, TBA
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Kayla, great job on getting on the bike anyway. I hope you can find time to enjoy your exercise even with John being home. Do you not like for John to see you work out? I used to be self-conscious about it, but not anymore. I hope you get in your run Thursday. Great job today! Keep up the good work. Aw, that's great-I figured it was probably your own wedding you were planning. What have you got planned (besides June) for your wedding? I did not know that breaking up the exercise is good to keep the metabolism up all day. Makes sense, but I don't think I'd have the willpower--already have to force myself to exercise at all. So cute about Norah and the potty.

Tori, drink up tomorrow! Oops--I forgot my supplements all day! Thanks for the reminder--I'll take my evening ones as soon as I'm done here. LOL on keeping Mike in line--but he seems to keep YOU in line, too. Aw, you're really sweet to post Mikes numbers for him. Must be hard to resist the temptation to exaggerate some numbers since he's computerless. LOL

Mike, nice job on the water and walking!

Hunny, I take it you're feeling a bit better now. Kudos on your plans to get back to the gym. Aw, I hope you get your babysitting worked out. I hope you get some good rest before that first night feeding and special alone-time bonding.
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calories <1600 - 1487, 1530, 1937
water >64oz - 64oz+, 64oz+, 64oz
protein >20% - 28%, 25%, 19%
take vitamins - yes, yes, yes
move - bit of cleaning and gardening, long walk/finished powerwashing the outside of the house and windows, not much of anything

SOOOO hot today. It's 9pm and it's still 90 degrees in the house. That's really unusual for here; usually in the summer it's in the 70's. Could barely move all day; I didn't even water my plants (which is probably the worst day to not water them, I know). I was doing ok for food until I stopped in the grocery store for a BBQ chicken to have a cold supper. Pasta salad from the deli was on sale. Chocolate chip cookies were calling my name. I managed to only buy a single cookie and then I ate a huge pile of pasta salad with my chicken breast (and had some more directly out of the container a few minutes ago). Then we had to stop at my mom's and I was offered a beer. I haven't had alcohol in a few years, but I was so hot and miserable that I drank it. And it hit the spot, but ugh. And there's no sign of the heat going away. I am NOT exercising in this, no way no how. My kind of summer is when it gets warm enough that I start thinking about taking off my cardigan.
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Nobe, must have been awful for your husband witnessing that car crash. I hope you finally got some ME time after doing all that housework, going to your Mom's and getting kiddo in bed. Great reports for Monday and Tuesday! Way to go!
Thanks! (although today's not so good). Hubby was shaken, but the kiddo seems the most upset - he saw the police doing chest compressions and heard everyone talking about what was going on. He got a new Sesame Street bus yesterday and ever since has been talking about how the bus is going to crash just like the man crashed. Yikes. We keep trying to tell him that the man is ok, but he's confused.

A lady stopped us in the store tonight and said "weren't you on the news? Everyone's talking about it; you saved his life!" so that made hubby pretty happy.
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Mern, I am quite self conscious about working out when he is here. I haven't decided if it is because I was in much better shape when we met (I played softball and ran track and was a size 5), and I'm embarrassed at my drop in stamina. Or if it is because I have seen myself after a workout (sweaty and messy hair and make-up and whatnot) and I know that it isn't very attractive. Either way, I will have to get over it at some point. My general plan is to keep working to build up my stamina and eventually I won't have anything to be embarrassed about anymore. We have actually planned several things for the wedding. I am going with my Mom to look at our venue on Friday, hopefully the last one we have to tour. We have a general color and theme laid out. I don't think theme is the right word, it is not a "theme" wedding. But our decorations will be lace and mason jars and twinkle lights, and our colors are cream, tan, and rose dust. That might be more of a mood. I'm not sure. We have a baker and a photographer picked out. Right now our big conundrum is the dinner, so if any already married people have any advice about a relatively easy, relatively inexpensive dinner for about 100 people, that would be greatly appreciated.
Also, as far as the willpower thing I have gotten into the habit of giving myself teeny rewards every time I work out. For example, tonight's workout (which ended up being 30 minute bike ride and 20 minutes of ab work) earned me 20 guilt free minutes on Pinterest, and the right to turn off my alarm clock for tomorrow morning.

Hunny, I know just what you mean about babysitting. My Norah went into daycare when she was about 8 months old and it broke my heart. Before that she had only been cared for by John's grandmother. I hope you find a way to work it out. I am still in search of a "grandmotherly" figure to keep my baby, but I am terrified of private babysitters.
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Nobe, I'm sorry for your miserably hot day! 90 degrees in the house would make me literally ill--I can't take heat. I don't blame you at all for not exercising. Looks to me like you did well with eating the BBQ chicken, pasta salad, cookies and beer and holding it down to just 1937 calories. I think you should give yourself credit for a controlled cheat--especially for ordering just one cookie. How old did you say kiddo is? Three? I'll bet with your reassurance when he brings it up the accident, he'll soon move on to other ways of playing with his bus. Level-headed quick thinkers do saves lives. DH's being on the news may inspire others to act quickly and save a life someday--you know--like "don't just be a spectator--act to help!" Kudos to your DH.

Kayla, I totally understand where you're coming from on not wanting him to see you exercising. DH and I have been married for 41 years so it's easier for me to not be self conscious even though I have sweat dripping off my hair and face when I'm done, but I must say I WAS embarrassed in January of 2011 to have a walking stamina of only 5 minutes--now it's 30-40 with a bad back and huge belly. Great idea to reward yourself for your exercise--especially simple, non-food rewards. I love your colors for the wedding. I can't help you on the dinner, but I'm sure you'll get plenty suggestions here.
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Hi Everyone!

Just popping in quickly to say, "hello!" Life has been extremely chaotic and crazy and it may not let up a whole lot until after Labor Day. I had written a long post, but it was "eaten" by the Fitday gremlin.

In short, I haven't been logging and I'm sure that I will pay the price on the scale when life calms down. But, that's ok; I know what to do. I can't wait until after Labor Day when my life will be calmer and more structured. Doing a lot of stress eating, fast-food eating and cooking high-calorie "treats" with the bounty of fruits and veggies. Did you know that fresh, wholesome, nutrient-filled zucchini can be made into a 500 calorie/piece cobbler?? lol

I've had experience with doing receptions and I have a few ideas. The first one that comes to mind when you have a relatively small guest list, is an evening candlelight wedding, say 7 pm, followed by an elegant champagne/hors d'oeuvres reception. If done right, it blows normal weddings out of the water for class, elegance, and romance. The most beautiful ones that I have attended were in the fall or winter when it gets dark relatively early, but it would work any time of the year. (Lots of candlelight, white lights, fountains etc.) You'll get high marks for class, elegance and creativity while saving big $$$ by not falling over a meal time. People get tired of going to the "same old wedding" time after time and enjoy something different and unique. If done right, there will be tons of food at half the cost.

Hope your son is doing better. No matter how big our kids get, they are still our "babies", right?

Hi Mern!
Will your GD be living with you while attending college? If so, that's an awesome way to cut down on costs. She's a lucky girl!

I love the tile... are you available for hire?? Just come during the winter when I can get you up on snow shoes or down hill skis! lol Hope you didn't over do it with your back.

Congrats on reclaiming your home and your life! I hope to do the same soon as well... lol. You have more patience than I, that's for sure. Now you have me hungry for deli chicken! lol

I hear you on "just not feeling it". I'm right there with you. I'm going to just try to eat clean and avoid calorie counting until it passes. You've been doing great... don't worry. You'll get your motivation back.

Well, off to the shower then to do errands... check in with y'all later!

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Will continue to post numbers for the days, but life threw me a major curveball yesterday, and not sure I'm up for the more social side of this thread. Don't know what's gonna happen next, but I will keep on tracking the #s and getting in my walks. I will be lurking, and want you all to know I will be cheering right along with you, or providing virtual kleenex when needed, even though I may not post. When things settle down, I'll be back regularly.

Yesterday's #s

Calories: 1,465 Fats: 86.3 carbs: 72.4 Proteins: 101.8

The curveball was marital.

My youngest son got the word back that there was no blockage in the salivary gland, but likely has an infection. He's doing well on antibiotics.
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Health / Fitness Goals...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,
2. Walk on lunch 3 times M: 2miles, T: went shopping instead, W: 1-1/2 miles, Th: Going to Dr Appt
3. Exercise 3 times minimum (nights work too April!) M: No, T: No, W: No, Th: No,
4. 5 Fruits / Veggies daily M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes (I will with what I have planned),
5. Weigh and post it M: 230.8lbs, T: 229.8lbs, W: 229.0lbs, Th: 229.8lbs,

Life Goals ...
1. Keep paperwork caught up M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,
2. Get ready for camp M: worked on the list, T: shopped twice, W: Washed outside of camper & did some laundry,
3. Don't stress about what I can't control M: Yes, T: Doing my best, W: Yep

This really sucks! I have giant hives all over the back of my legs (up where they meet my ass). They are starting on my elbows and one on my middle finger (left hand). I have had them like this one other time and it was also for no explainable reason. I haven't eaten or changed anything recently. They itch so much. I have taken 50mg of benadryl at 6:30pm, 10:30pm & 7:30am so far. When 11:30 gets here I'll take it again. I made an appointment to see my doctor at 1:15 on my lunch break. I don't care if he has to give me a shot of something. I need them gone! How can I go enjoy camping when I'm itching to death?
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