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andieligon 08-17-2012 05:43 AM

Thanks all for responding! Sorry I haven't done likewise, I've been attending a Braille Boot Camp the past couple of days. My brain has been thoroughly melted from learning the code and it has NOT been good for staying on a diet. The instructor's motto was: "Your brain needs food. The brain likes glucose. Go eat a candy bar." Really. I tried sticking with the granola bars, but that candy dish was open. Only a couple. :o

Anyways, I really appreciate the responses.

svelasquez- That's actually similar to what I was thinking. With all the endorphins releasing and oxygen rushing in, it's a feel good cure-all if there ever was one. :)

Hadena- That does sound like a lot of fun. And I like that you call it the "exercise itch." That one's going in my vocab phrases. Haha, but it's true, after I started actually using my body, it's like it reawakened, and was saying "Hey, we should really be moving around. I don't like all this sitting you're doing."

Ladymiseryali 09-11-2012 12:49 PM

Saturdays are my day of rest and a "free day", where I can indulge a little bit so I don't feel the need to cheat the rest of the week. I find that if I eat something that I wouldn't normally eat during the week, I feel like I ate a boulder and it's just a bit unpleasant. Other than that, I don't notice much of a change in how I feel emotionally.

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