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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I agree! And even so, isn't the average woman about 5'4"? Why do they make stuff to be long on even that height (sorry, April )?

I wish I could sew. That is one thing I never did get the hang of. In junior high, for home ec, I used to sneak my stuff home and have my grandmother fix it after I botched it in class. That being said, I have hemmed and sewn on buttons. With the little ability I have with that, I wouldn't hem dress pants, but if the material is such that my stitches wouldn't be too visible, I'll do it myself. I think they also make a double-sided fabric tape that you can use to just fold up the excess inside the pant leg and have it stay...check Walmart, Target, Joann's.

If you find a pair that fits you well, you can try to find the same kind via catalog on the internet...much better selection and no snooty salespeople. And no dressing room lighting and mirrors . My rule is to only order stuff if there's free shipping.
I've ended up having to order a lot of things online. The problem is with my size shifting over the past year I haven't been able to buy very much at one time without wasting money (I bought some pants I never wore because I shrank out of them). Plus one style's "petite" could be to my ankles and another style's "petite" could still come down over the top of my shoes, so it's difficult.

One of the things that made me laugh was that the sales lady who I was talking to had her pants coming down way over her shoes and she told me she was average length. I guess if she wants to trip and fall down flat on her face then that's fine but I don't particularly want to do that.
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Hemming is easy and can be done by hand. It's easiest with a friend to pin the pants where you want them, but you can do it yourself too. I put the pants on inside out, and then button them, (crazy I know) then I roll the bottoms up where I want them... then stick some pins in.. wear them around the house see if it will do... then carefully take them off and sew them. (You can find videos online on how to make a blind hem by hand or machine) You can even duct tape jeans if you need them short really quick!
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I buy things that Mostly fit then take them to the tailor and have them hemmed and taken in...that way I get custom clothing and I look great all the time. Just take your shoes with you, they will chalk the garment while you wear it and it will come out perfectly!
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