7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 7.9.12 Who's In?

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Wednesday report:
Calorie limit 1500 YES, UNDER, 1205
Saturated fat average 11% MAYBE A LITTLE OVER, MAYBE A LITTLE OVER, 9%
Cholesterol average 250mg WELL UNDER, WELL UNDER, 267mg but I'm positive my average is green
Protein 120g minimum OK, SHORT, 143g
Carbs less fiber 25g UNDER, NOT OVER, 21.4%
Fiber average 25g FINE, FINE, 24g
Exercise 5 days YES, YES, YES
Water 64 oz. YES, YES, NO
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Quinn, I totally identify with the post stress deal. Whenever someone in my family had an severe illness or "take 'em to the hospital" injury and I was the one in charge, I was fine making decisions and doing what needed to be done, but when I got home I'd be sick to my stomach and shaking like crazy. With all you've been through lately with your Mom's illness and the stress of the graduation, party hosting and college stuff, it makes perfect sense that you'd be "post-stress bitching." Also some pre-empty-nest stress going on? You have to trust that you have done the best job possible all around and take some comfort from that when you feel bitchy. And yeah, call that friend and go out on the town.

I have a free day today--scheduled day off exercise, no pressing housework, no grandkids to supervise today, DH (retired since 1999) going to see some former work and high school buddies. I think I'll go shopping for some small household needs and then treat myself to an on-plan take out lunch on the way home.
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Got on the scale today and I'm down about 1.5 lbs.! FINALLY! I thought my scale was stuck!! Time to get out for a walk before it climbs over 90* again!
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Couldn't get on the computer at all yesterday. Hubby let his daughter buy time for her stupid penguin game with some money she was given, and now she's on here 12 hours a day.

Hubby's talking about sending the kids home because he can't control them and they're so disrespectful. I don't think it'll happen; I just think he's overwhelmed.

I've been kinda sick. I think it's just stress. My stomach's been upset (like food poisoning upset) and Aunt Flo is almost a week late (it's not that; hubby's fixed. My cycle's been all over the place for months, and stress doesn't help - happens all the time). My PMS is getting worse every day, including feeling tired and crampy on top of wanting to cry at every little thing. Ugh.

Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with the thread. I've been skimming on my phone but now that I'm here I forget what I read; I guess reading tiny print is harder to absorb. I will try to catch up later but y'all wrote about 6 pages since the last time I was on the computer!

1) 1600 calories or less - 1398, 1420, 2108
2) move - lots of walking/playing at the playground, took the kid out for a walk to pick wildflowers, cleaning and gardening and walking
3) 64oz water + - 64oz, ?, 64oz
4) 20% protein - 19%, 21%, 16%
5) vitamins - no, yes, yes

6) post one good thing that happened every day - had yummy salad with dinner that included greens and peas from the garden, hubby took all three kids out for a couple hours and I had siiiilllleeeence, caught snails with the kiddo and made a little home for them in a jar like kids are supposed to do
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Good job on your goals! Did your sister's nervous breakdown have anything to do with the weight loss?
It didn't really. She was anxious and depressed so she decided to lost weight which made her feel better (like she had something to do, a goal to strive for). When she got to goal, all the same problems were still there and BOOM! Nervous breakdown.

I am losing weight that I gained while I was having some health problems. I just want to get back to where I was before I got sick. In fact, now that the primary health stuff is solved, I felt great from a mood standpoint even before I started on my weight loss journey!

Also, I won't comment back to everyone (since there have been so many posts since I left) but it is so nice to be 'talking' to other people in the same boat as I am! Even just reading is making me feel like I am not alone and I can DO THIS!

1. Do my weight training 3 times Y, Y
2. Eat an average of less than 1400 calories. Y, Y, Y (yesterday was over but on average I am still under)
3. Get at least 80 grams of protein a day from real food. Y, Y, Y

Non-health related goals:
1. Find my house. We were very busy on the weekend and the laundry is undone and there appears to be stuff everywhere. Now it's getting better but we're not there yet...
2. Convince my mother that I am okay. (My sister lost a bunch of weight and then had a nervous breakdown. Now my mom is phoning me every day to make sure that I am not losing my mind. Seriously, I feel great!)After today's conversation with my mom, I think we can call this resolved. Apparently, her extended family is so screwed up that she is just happy that I am relatively normal!

Yesterday was bad news. I was in a rush and didn't have time to eat. I then did some pretty hard core weight training. Then I didn't drink enough. For the record, DON'T EVER DO THIS! My blood sugar went through the floor. I got dehydrated. I then nearly fell asleep driving. I then got dizzy. So, I ate something, drank a lot of water and still had to go to sleep for a while while my body reoriented itself.

Feeling okay now but, man, that was stupid.
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So I was watching one of those unrealistic/reality TV shows last week, where a girl gets a life coach and loses a ton of weight in 1 year. So when I was at the gym Tuesday I started thinking about her and was pretty inspired by the amount of exercise she did every day. If she can burn over 2,000 cals a day working out I can burn at least 200? I kicked butt at the gym and had a great workout; broke a sweat, got up to a run on the treadmill, and my legs really hurt yesterday (in a good way). Today I am going to try and make it to a Tai’chi class at 2pm, then follow up with cardio and weights. If not then maybe I can make the Butt and Guts class at 5 – painful but worth it!

Sorry to those I missed below… such a busy thread the last few days!

Mike – LMAO about the down… South comments… now write us some good food porn and be sure to white it out! And about the traffic ticket… geez – sounds like my experiences with medical records.

Tori – Do you have a passport? Germany is just a plane ride away… I love reading the smile in your words… Congratulations!

Mern – Lots of green, nice work so far this week! Have fun shopping!

Quinn – Yay – the scale is down, congrats!! Least stressed than in years?!! That sounds so nice. LMAO about needing a good old fashioned drunk… last time I did that was my bachelorette party 5 yrs ago… I’d send a pix of the cupcakes my girlfriend made but it might get censored.

Hope – I love the holding onto anger quotes… I need to send those to my DH (after I post them in my cube with my other quotes). I think what bugs me the most about 40 is that I really wanted to have 2 kids in my 30’s, and now that time has passed. I have a beautiful son, but at this point I think he will be an only child. Otherwise I am looking forward to all the fun stuff coming my way in my 40’s!

April – I have been wanting to try Zumba at the Y, but I am a horrible dancer, and my DH makes fun of me when I try (I can’t blame him either, think Elaine from Seinfeld)). I tried the Crunch Cardio Dance Blast workout once on Netflix and it was great! But I was home alone... I’ll look for Zumba on Netflix or YT and try it out!

Nobe – Wow, sounds like it might be time to give the kids an ultimatum, shape-up or go home. Maybe they need a break from each other as well, one could stay and send the other home?

Cate – Down another pound!?! Congratulations!

Perfect – Wow! Lots of green! Great job on your goals so far this week! Yikes so scary about the dehydration, so glad you are feeling better now.

Judi – So sorry to hear about your Whiskey… if you had kept her in the house she would have been miserable, so you did the right thing letting her be herself and have her freedom. She was a lucky cat that your son found her in that park.

Happy Thursday everyone! Ama
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Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
Mike – LMAO about the down… South comments… now write us some good food porn and be sure to white it out! And about the traffic ticket… geez – sounds like my experiences with medical records.
I had sent Tori some food porn but I think she thought I took it too far and it weirded (if that's a word) her out.

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Judi, I am so sorry about Whiskey. Sounds like a unique cat with what my DD used to call "mad skills."
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Nobe, hope you feel better, my dear. It sounds like stress. I hope DH does send the trolls home. Oh...who said that?

Ama, a friend of mine once said that the main reason we dread certain birthdays is because we feel we haven't accomplished what we wanted to by then. I always thought I would have more than one child but here she is and she is the work and stress of the 3 I thought I would have.
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I had sent Tori some food porn but I think she thought I took it too far and it weirded (if that's a word) her out.
I did a lil...I won't deny it
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