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suejennings45 07-08-2012 05:52 PM

When will the pounds start coming off?
I have been having an issue with my weight. Talking with my doctor yet again, she suggested I keep a food diary and my son suggested Fitday. So I record EVERYTHING that passes my lips. It says a 3500 calorie deficit or close to should result in a 1 pound weight loss. Well, I started Wednesday and so far am down 5000 calories. But the scale hasn't moved. I walk usually about 3-5 miles at 3-3.5 miles per hour. But I have always done that. Not like I just started and can use the "you are gaining muscle" argument. I am post menopausal and my thyroid tests come back in the normal range. I do take a drug to block my body from making estrogen because of two bouts of BC. (Thought it might be that. So I stopped for a few months. NO change. But tumor markers rose, so I am back on them again.)
Any thoughts about what I am doing wrong? My calorie intake in less than 1200 calories usually. And I am not hungry. What can be keeping the scale from dropping? Thank you, everyone!

Kathy13118 07-08-2012 06:16 PM

Try eating only things that have the nutritional information on the box, can or bag. Don't try to guess. If you're concerned about nutrition, have an Advantage shake for breakfast, or Muscle Milk, or any other liquid supplemental meal. They're all very similar. Have a frozen meal for lunch. Have one for dinner. Keep track of the sodium and try not to go over your daily requirement (reported as a percentage on the box or can). Be mindful of servings reported on the can/box. Drink plenty of liquids - water, preferably, because it has no calories. Then, after a few days of careful tallying of THOSE prepared meals, see what your weight loss is. If you're losing weight, then tracking and measuring is too tedious and that's where mistakes are coming from. The pre-measured meals are safe.

Also, check to see what your target caloric intake should be, for your height, weight, and age (fitday has a tool for this). Weight does not come off in a linear fashion. Hormones play a part and water-retention, for example. But if you stick to it, the weight will come off.

suejennings45 07-08-2012 06:25 PM

Thanks, Kathy. I have been using the Fitday calorie counter and have been measuring the food, but I will start using the package information more. Sometimes I think those can't be true: I had a fiber bar and it was so good! Tasted like it had more than 100 calories per bar (what the package said a serving was.) I guess I need more time to see results: your hormone and water retention post helped me see that. Thank you so much for your feedback!

JulieGentry 10-01-2012 07:53 AM

You're not eating enough. For most people, if you get under 1400 calories, your body jumps into starvation mode and conserves energy (burning fewer calories). Try adding some high-quality fat to your diet, such as a tablespoon of coconut oil or an avocado each day.

Starving yourself creates a horrible circuit -- your body needs fewer calories to survive, so you have to eat less, which makes your body conserve more, so you need less, etc.

Go back as close to nature as possible. As many veggies as you can stand, good quality (not processed) meats. As few processed items as possible. You might also, for a time, cut out dairy and wheat to see if you're reacting to them.

Good luck!

Lyndy27 10-12-2012 05:26 PM

I am menopausal/low thyroid, and used to do low carb, but it doesn't work for me anymore, so now I do not count calories, but eat a small amount of meat, low glycemic veggies, and fruit. Suggestion: for breakfast eat one fruit, lunch eat one fruit and 4 oz meat or cottage cheese (fat free), supper eat 4 oz lean grilled meat and green veggies. Eat all of the green, low carb veggies you want. Drink plenty of water, tea, coffee (no sugar).........try to walk and/or work out 3 times or more a week. :)

JaimeMWS 10-12-2012 07:37 PM

Also, weight doesn't follow the exact math. Or at least I find that the scale doesn't budge for a week or more, and then will drop two pounds. It varies with water retention, elimination schedules, etc. To avoid being teased or frustrated by daily fluctuations, I weigh every day and record it and then take a week's average and use that as my FitDay weight log for the week. Good luck!

frenchhen3 10-15-2012 02:52 PM

I am in full agreement with everyone who has posted here!

I never lost at the 1-2 pounds a week rate. I am almost 3 years into this and I have almost reached a goal of 50 pounds!

I just have what works for me. Eat as few processed foods as you can. Eat REAL FOOD. Eat at home, restaurants are scary places! I limited my sodium intake to less than 2000 mg per day and tried for a fiber intake of 30 grams per day or more.

I didn't over exercise, it discouraged me if I didn't see results. I didn't have a medical reason to lose the weight fast, so I just tried to lose it at the rate that works for me, that has been about 1-2 pounds a month when I was heavier, and about a half pound a month now that i have only 3 pounds to go. I also have to remember that the body's weight fluctuates throughout the day/week/month. Because of this, I weigh and record my weight daily. And I pay no mind to the "up's" unless they stay up. So my chart is a zig zag between about 3-3.5 pounds that steadily goes downward.

You are going to do just fine. :)

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