SEVEN DAY thread, not 5 days... a full 7 starting 6/18/12

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1) 1,600 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,600) - 1406
2) do 2 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/gardening/Richard Simmons/stationary bike) - lots of walking
3) 20% protein minimum - 25%
4) 64oz water minimum - not enough
5) calorie deficit 700+ - 863
6) take vitamins - yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before - no
8) no food after 8pm the night before - yes
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Tori vs. Mike Goals

1) highest % of weight lost (post beginning weight) 177??
2) most ounces of water per day 135.2
3) most servings of fruits/veggies (fresh, frozen, V8, doesn't matter) 5
4) least amount of bread 0
5) most miles walked 0

Mike specific
1) write 3 policies 2
2) no Blasts none
3) 2 RAK 0
4) post an update every day! yes
5) make a comment about Tori's food log (good or bad) you should not be eating at a place called FATZ!
6) don't wreck the bike on Wednesday (if I go to the race track)

01gt4.6 - free online diet and fitness journal
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1. 1300 or fewer calories daily. 1267
2. Exercise 6 hours this week.
3. Log everything and check in daily. Yes

4. Proof 6 reports by end of Wednesday. 2 down
5. Write one report by end of Wednesday. 1/3 done
6. Follow up on volunteer opportunities with the boy (Tuesday).

7. Make a decision on carpet this weekend.
8. Replace photos on stairway and in family room this weekend.

Did my civic duty and polished off the last of the weekend's goodies, thus saving my family from their untoward effects. I'm nice like that .
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Did my civic duty and polished off the last of the weekend's goodies, thus saving my family from their untoward effects. I'm nice like that .
I like your style, Cassie.
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So, today marks my one-year anniversary on FitDay! Whew! When I started, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I remember a friend (a casual user of the site) had mentioned it to me, and I thought, "Oh, I'll see what that's all about." I had no real intention of starting a 'weight-loss program' or anything, I just thought I'd put some food in the log and see what it said. Here I am, a year later and minus almost 37 lbs (although probably more like over 40 lbs, if you count from my highest weight recorded a couple months before FitDay.) Anyway, on one hand, I wish I had gotten farther in this year, and probably 'should' have been able to, but I realized what worked for me was not setting goals that are very strict, because I had a tendency to fall off the wagon at the first sign of failure. I think I've gotten over that maybe a little. Additionally, sometimes life gets in the way and you have to take a break - I got my insulin pump in the middle of March, and basically didn't lose a pound between then and the beginning of June, so I could focus on that. Anyway, just wanted to mark the date, and say a HUGE thank you to you guys - I really mean it when I say that without you all, I wouldn't have lost 5 lbs.
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Yesterday was a total, disastrous fail for me. I absolutely cannot have buffet-type foods in the house. I don't think that I've eaten a single, healthy thing since Friday. Sent 4 boxes of food to my husbands bank yesterday for their lunch, daughter took 2 platters of sweets to work yesterday (a restaurant, which is kind of funny...) and I still have some left.

Today, I promise to do better. Now that I have room in the fridge, I have to restock on fresh fruits and veggies.

Lots of errands to run that can't wait and we are having really severe thunderstorms today. (Wind gusts between 50-70 mph are predicted.) Should be interesting! (Live dangerously... run with scissors, I always say! )

Have a wonderful day and I hope it's sunny and dry wherever you are!

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Default Hi everybody!

I think its safe to say that I fell off the wagon. crap.

Oh well its time to suck it up. I did well yesterday and went to bed starving. It will take a few days to get my body back into routine after going away to Halifax for a few days. All we did was eat out at restaurants - it was nice to get away though. I will try to think more positively for the remainder of the week but feeling pretty poopy right now.

Hope everyone is well!
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welcome back Jho. Did you put your goals in white? I didn't see them...
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awwww.. can I do 6 days starting today?

Here are my goals:
1) no more than 1650 calories
2) 8 glasses of water
3) stretch daily
4) walk or gym 2 days this week
5) try to remember you're the adult

Hi everyone.
Quinn, so glad the party went so well. I hear ya about the leftover foods tho; that always gets me.

Kudos for the weight loss, Tracey! Can we get a dancing banana for this woman?

April, love the nails.

I have only been able to browse the responses. I hope to be able to read and respond to more posts. To say that things have been stressful and crazy does not even begin to decribe things here. But I took what I hope are some positive steps (see goal 5) and I am hoping, praying for the best.

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Goals week of June 18th

H2O 70oz min: Y
1500 cals or less: 1450
Focus on whole foods: M: egg, green beans, quinoa, apple, grapes, is wine a whole food? Chips, chocolate square, bread, cheese slice...
Exercise 1/2 hr or more: 15
10 push-ups: Y
Work on being positive: YES!

Home goals (getting ready for weekend guests)

Scrub bathroom(s): Not yet
Get a few pix on the walls: Not yet
Stash kids toys so guests don't trip: Futile effort until this weekend
Meal plans: Not yet
Secure backyard for small dog: Not yet

Mike – Don’t think I’ve ever finished a whole 7 in a row either… you’re definitely not alone! Be careful out there tomorrow!

April – Sexy nails lady! Love em! I can walk to the dr also from work… just need to make myself do it! What meds did you get for DH? My DH has tried many meds for allergies, with varying success… just wish I could get him to get tested, so stubborn!

Lathav – Those are some lofty goals! You go girl!

Jho – Welcome back!!! Ah restaurant food… they know every trick in the book to get customers to buy/eat more.

Quinn – Yikes, 50-70 gusts? Hope you don’t need to pick-up balloons today! Time to start fresh and turn it around!

Joanna – YAY! 1 year, Congratulations for sticking to it! I just passed 6 months logging and posting on FD and I am down 10lbs from when I started. I agree it really does work!

Cassie – Wow, busy weekend indeed! Oh those yummy, deadly, weekend goodies… I am sure the fam appreciated your sacrifice ;-)

Tracey – 3lbs down… Congratulations!!! I like your goals!

Mern – Good luck this week Lady!


39, 5’6”
Started FD Jan 2012; weight 134
Current weight week of 6/18: 125, 123.6
Goal: 123
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