New here, Looking for Support

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Smile New here, Looking for Support

Good morning: I am new to FitDay and am looking for friends and support.
I am 50 yrs old , 5'4 and started last week on a Dr recommended Diet. My blood work showed hi Cholesterol,High triglycerides and high LDL, my BP was a little elevated and I weighed 185 lbs

I started on Wednesday of last week and decided that Mondays would be my weigh in day. On Monday I weighed in at 181. I have been good at watching what I eat, avoiding fats and added salt to my diet.
I have no support at home, husband can eat anything and never gains weight, he is unhappy with my weight but I think he has just given up on me as I have been on every diet in the book without much success as far as sticking to it and keeping the weight off
I am not happy with my self or my body, nothing fits, I have one pair of jeans and usually wear oversized T shirts to hide the roll of fat the comes over the waistline of pants.

Please I am looking for online support buddies so that I can stick to it this time. I have 3 months before I go back to the Dr for more blood work and my goal would be 140 lbs and see how I look and feel then..So 41 lbs to go.

Thnaks and I hope to meet some friends on here for mutual support
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Default Welcome Luly

Congratulations on taking the first step. There is a lot of support here so it's wonderful that you asked.

You are not about to start another "diet" but a whole new healthy way of this is not something that will succeed or fail, but a change that will happen, or won't. The beauty of it is that it is completely up to you. The drawback is that it is completely up to you. Double-edged sword, eh?

Be patient with yourself, feel powerful that you have the choice to change, and take small steps...don't try to change everything at once. I would also recommend looking into one of the subgroups the 30-pound club thread. We can't force folks at home to support us, but we can find support elsewhere. Thanks for putting your story out there. Best of luck!
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Default You are in the right place Luly

All of us have been where you are... not feeling too good about ourselves, disappointed at past efforts, mixed signals from the home front, and a little anxious on how to start. At 5'4" and 185 you are in a great place to lose the weight and turn all of those negative health factors around. Persistance is the key as you will read over and over again on these boards.

CJ is exactly right, you are starting a new way of living. In order to make it stick start with changing just a few things at a time. I don't know if you like to exercise, but from my experience, and the experiences noted here, that seems to be one of the best things you can start ASAP. And since spring is just starting what a great way to start a new you.

I tried for years to lose the 30 or so pounds. I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, but just couldn't keep up with the calories I was eating until I found FitDay. (I'm going to sound like an infomercial here) Being able to record what I ate and get immediate feedback on not only calories, but protien-fats-carbs and nutienet value was the missing link. Not that I am perfect all the time, but I know right away when I have gone over my calorie target and what exactly it was that put me over that limit. I admit to being a data-geek, and all those charts and graphs give me something of an intellectual boost, but it is working!

Check out the 30lb club, since that seems to be your target. Even though, techincally, I could join the 5 to 15 club now, I just love all the girls checking in on that thread! We range in age from 20 to at least 53 (that would be me) and it is such fun and inspirational to read what everyone is thinking and experiencing.

Keep on keep,n on!

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Luly, Welcome to the "club"! You have definitely gotten some good advice from the last two ladies, so I will only add that you can absolutely improve your health and drop the excess fat. If you're not already, walking is a great form of exercise for the beginner and now that the snow has melted (hopefully where you live), spring is a wonderful time to get out there.

Don't worry too much about your husband. Once he sees you making progress and that you really are serious, he'll probably come around and be your biggest cheerleader. But, if not, we will.
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