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TankerWife77 03-30-2010 11:28 PM

Gastric bypass Ladies
Hi my ame is Brandie and I am having my gastric bypass on April 19th, 2010. In 2001 i was at the higest I had ever been at 320. At the beginning of my gastric pathway I was 220. Now i am 20 days from my surgery and I am at 209. I have thyroid disorder and high lipids which has been contributed to a genetic predisposition to it. My goal weight is 110-115. I got on thsi site as a way to keep record of my journey pre-/post- op. Then I saw there were forums. I have made lots of friends in the WLS community on youtube but you can never have to many friends whos journeys are similar you that of yourself. I hope to meet you all and talk soon.

desertmountain 03-31-2010 04:58 PM

Welcome to Fitday. I wish you every success with the surgery and your new lifestyle. It seems like you've got a great plan! Fitday helps many of us to stay on track and I think it'll help you, too. It's really helped me to make gradual lifestyle changes that are effective & that I can maintain. I've been 100 pounds over weight for a decade and overweight for 3 decades...losing & gaining, losing & gaining :rolleyes: throughout. Now I'm taking control by learning what works long term as a lifestyle that can be maintained from now on. The weight is slowly coming off & I'm gradually feeling stronger & more fit. I have about 70 more pounds to go now. I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful results! We have a thread for those of us with 100 pounds or more to loose where you'll find understanding & support, too.

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