Am I Crazy?

  • Went to kohls tonite because I need some shorts and blouses for work. Last summer, I bought size 14s.

    Tonite, I walked out with 4 pairs of Size 10s. Should be excited, right?

    Instead, I have this fear that by summers end, they won't fit me anymore. Why am I feeling so insecure? I am always everyone's biggest cheerleader, why not for myself this time? I've only got 8 pounds to goal, and I see the finish line. I know I can do this. I'm a calorie counter and have figured out what my body needs, and what it can do without. I don't crave sugars and carbs like I once did. My blood sugars are in good control. I am so frustrated at myself for not just screaming to the rooftops because really I've worked hard and deserve to enjoy this!!

    Maybe tomorrow, eh? At least I'm not going to grab a Sundae. That's what the old me would Have done when feeling this way. Instead, I'm going to enjoy some almonds and some watermelon and jump on my exercise bike.

    Thanks for listening, I feel better already!