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Originally Posted by ToriD1012
Bull Durham is one of my all time favorite movies. Of course, for the obvious reasons (Kevin and baseball), and for reasons that only a handful of my very closest friends know Have you seen For Love of the Game? Also a Kevin Costner baseball movie. It's based on a book (of the same name) and while the movie is VERY predictable, I can't resist watching it any time it's on.
I haven't seen that one. New one for Netflix or Roku...awright...

My favorite love scenes in movies BTW are in Bull Durham and The Big Easy...yup... funny, human and sexy
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Monday Report:

Thought I could achieve my water goal but didn't concentrate on it enough. Good start otherwise.

Calorie limit 1500 1374
Carbs less fiber limit 25g 18.1g
Fiber average minimum 25g 29g
Saturated fat average 12% of total calories 11%
Protein average minimum 120g 126g
Cholesterol average limit 250mg 172mg
Water average 64 oz. NO
Exercise 5 days YES
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Originally Posted by Jho82
HAHA Tracey! You'll never escape me now muhahahaha! Glad you have some motivation (the wedding) - you can do it!!

Mike - congrats on the policies!

Hope and Tori - Kevin C = The bodyguard - tks for getting Whitney H stuck in my head for the upcoming workout! Congrats on the 2lb loss Tori!

Mern - tks for checking in! Rock it out girl!! and drink it up! hehe

My day is going great - I see green for tomorrows morning check-in!! WOOHOO!! And did I mention BACHELORETTE STARTS TONIGHT!!!!! OH MAN - I'm really glad I don't have a life so that I can stay home and watch it every Monday LOL

And I...eeee...I..... wiiiiiiillllll... always love yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu .....

Many, she had some voice in her time, didn't she? One of a kind.
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You're doing great , Mern!!! You're an inspiration!!!

And HCKG...resist..the..marshmallows...resist....
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Check in:

1. Calories below 1300. 1150
2. Exercise 6 hours. 30 min
3. 2 big sports bottles water. Yes
4. Sleep 7 hours. 6.5
5. Eat clean. Yes
6. Log everything; post it daily. Yes
7. Name an excuse I've used, and shoot it down. 1. "It's a special occasion." This time of year, there is always a 'special occasion'. If I let things lax for every one of them, I'll never be on plan. I can celebrate the occasion without eating junk.

Jho, Mern, you ladies had great days today! I hope everyone else did as well .

Tonight was fun...our first HS sports banquet. So proud of my guy...he lettered in his sport. And I think I did pretty good with the Mexican food .

Now, if I could just stop thinking about Oreos...wonder where that came from?

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1) 1,600 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,600) - 1331
2) do 2 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons/stationary bike) - 2hrs gardening (I'm counting it!)/1hr+ walking
3) 20% protein minimum - 26%
4) 64oz water minimum - 64oz+
5) calorie deficit 700+ - 1167
6) take vitamins - yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice) - no
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I'm here (well almost). Still abroad, can't weigh in but don't feel tooooo porky.
My goals for this week are
1 stay away from the croissants at the breakfast buffet, eat the fruit.
2 no starter or pudding in the evenings.
3 keep the alcohol to a minimum, have lots of water at the table.
4 get out and about walking each day.

So I'm off to shower and head out on No 4. Catch you later, have a good day.
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1. Drink min 80oz of WATER! Y
2. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri(at least)!! Y:22m
3. Min 60 crunches/day! Y
4. 5 Pushups (straight leg)/ 10 pushups (knees)! Y
5. Calories below 1300/day! Y:1265,
6. Check in min 2x/day! Y
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! WEEKEND WARRIORS UNITE!!!

Such a nice feeling seeing green here! Love it!

Lots of green for Mern, Nobe and Cassie too!! Awesome job gals!

How did you do Hope!? Love the Whitney - we should have a Karaoke night here on the forum LOL

Cassie - I've used that excuse - awesome goal to shoot them down - I could learn a thing or two from this!

Mern - you ok hun? You seem a little bit quiet. You kicked butt yesterday!

I can't believe its only 810am...Its gonna be a long day!
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Tori - how are the staples holding out? I hope you used a staple gun instead of a regular stapler! Let me know if you need some help stapling the backside!! Also I have double sided tape and Duct tape too - just say the words!
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So, yesterday went well. I thought I had broken my sugar goal because of ice cream until I remembered I had boughten sugar free. yumm. I'm a little sad because camping might be cancelled due to cold weather. But it's only Tuesday right? Hopefully the weather will change its mind by Friday.

There doesn't seem to be as much jibber jabber here as usual. Where did everybodys talkativeness go?

Yesterday's goals

1 hour of exercise each day Y
Under 1200 calories Think so
8 glasses of water a day Nope. Like Mern, I didn't focus on it till it was too late
1 sugary snack a day Y
Be positive Very
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