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Anastaciaxx 05-11-2012 10:52 PM

New to Fitday
Hi my name is Anastacia and i am new to fitday i joined today to help me monitor what i am eating and attempt to lose weight for several years i have had an issue with food comfort eating mostly although i am not obese i am over weight and its getting to the point that if i do not take charge i will end up that way i am very unhappy with my body shape especially my hips (love handles) they are huge nearly every item of clothing i wear does not conceal them i must make a change if you have any tips or advice to share with me i would be very grateful thank you for reading.

cjohnson728 05-12-2012 12:19 AM

Hi there, welcome. All of our best tips collected over the years are right here in this thread:

Feel free to jump into any thread and start chatting. Looking forward to getting to know you.

traceymc1985 05-12-2012 03:54 PM

Welcome Anastacia- youre in the right place here- you will find lots of support from everyone.
I know all about comfort eating and its viscious circle- being on fitday stops me from feeling alone at times and i fill my time by reading the threads and posting any advice i can.
Dont feel bad about your current body shape- just embrace it because from now on you can start saying bye bye to the love handles now youre on your weight loss journey and start loving the new shape that will appear.
I still have body hang-ups and probably will even when i reach goal. I just tell myself though that even though its far from perfect im proud of what ive achieved so far.
Looking forward to seeing you on the threads x

Ecoutdoors 05-18-2012 04:39 PM

Morning to all and you as well Anastacia, I am new also, I am 42 and since I can remember I have always had a weight issue, bulimia and anorexia have always been an issue. I once reached 280# and felt horrible, knees hurt to this day! Currently I weigh 141# @5' 3", need to lose as I cannot fit into any of my summer clothes from a year ago:(, recently started working at a nursing home in activities, (food & snacks ugh!).....Been there done that, great with advice lol please help??

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