7 Day Motivational Starting 5/7/12

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Nobe, congrats on the banana. I wanna earn a banana. D!*n that wonton eggdrop soup last night!!! And the pizza...did I mention the pizza...
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Happy Burfday to my dawg Pimp Daddy!!! Peace out man.
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Thanks, guys! I'm feeling more determined this month than I did in April, and seeing results certainly helps. But I credit this thread with keeping me on track, especially when I'm not feeling motivated. I've still got another 40 pounds to go, but today feels good
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Just talking aloud--nothing anyone can do about it. I'll just have to find out from my doc at my next appointment where to go from here. Like many of you, I'm having a hard time dropping my weight, too. Each visit, even though I'm on no meds, Doc puts instructions on my record. Last visit it said: "lose weight." I have lost only 4 pounds in the past 3 months (and that's 4 lbs. of a 14 lb. regain over 6 months before that)--and except for a few days badly off the wagon, I've been pretty darned good. Although my blood test showed my protein level is just fine and showed no kidney distress, my doc said she doesn't think I need the 120g protein per day I'd been eating. But calories come from only three sources: protein, carbs, and fat. I need to ask doc if she's remembering that the way I've kept my blood sugar normal since last August without meds is by keeping my net carbs at 25g or less per day. I can't increase my calories from carbs so lowering my protein and keeping carbs the same causes more calories to come from fat. When I lower my calories, a higher percentage of those calories come from saturated fat. I switched to lower fat dairy products and it doesn't seem to be helping at all, plus I get less to eat because low fat dairy has more carbs. I feel like I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. Doc may have to accept my promise to keep exercising five days a week and eating balanced healthful meals to keep my heart healthy and not put weight loss at the top of my list of goals.

Hope, congrats on your water, calories, writing, and being present and mindful yesterday. Remember to give yourself credit for each and every small accomplishment.

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Does your doctor have any suggestions for what you can do besides saying "lose weight"? It seems like you're doing all the right things, so it doesn't really make sense, and if anyone should be able to help, it's your doctor. Your goals are logical, your reports are always full of green; maybe there's something else going on that's slowing down your weight loss. Maybe you should print out your reports for your next appointment to show her that you're being good and it's not happening, and maybe she'll have some ideas.

Truly, Mern, what you're doing isn't keeping the weight from coming off. You're doing an amazing job.

Also, don't discount the fact that you've lost 30 POUNDS. It may not have come off as fast as you would like, but it's still a great accomplishment.
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quote=Mern;75156]Monday Report

. Good news is that I'm down 4.5 lbs. since my restart last Wednesday AND that I've bumped up my exercise for now from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Mern: I'm lurking again lol. I remembered reading that you had found something that seem to work for you regarding weight loss. The above quote was in early Feb. Thought you might be able to look back at your menu's from that time and see what was working so well. Good luck with whatever you and your Doctor decide on. The first time I posted this I somehow got it in the wrong week lol.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIKER DUDE. . Many long hours of happy biking and as they here " keep her between the hedges"

AMY. I think that low has been spreading across the Atlantic. Don't know if it's the weather,
or just a general funk but i have a bad case of the lethargies. Need a swift kick i think.

Not doing too bad on the food front, not so good on the drinking water, I just keep forgetting to drink it.
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Mern – I don’t know of anybody else but you who puts more thought and dedication into managing your nutritional intake. Congrats on keeping your blood levels in check! That is a huge accomplishment in itself, AND you have been losing over a lb a month for several months, which is fantastic! I know that it is frustrating that the weight is not coming off faster, but keep up the great work and you will continue to head in the right direction. Just always remember how awesome you are and be sure to celebrate each and every accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem because you have earned it!

Just a few thoughts to take or leave … have you considered looking for a Registered Dietician to review your charts and see if there is anything else you could be doing on the nutritional balancing-act front? You could probably talk circles around an RD, with your knowledge base, but there may be something there you have not thought of. On the exercise front, if not already, lifting hand weights could be a great addition to your routine. My hubby tells me it is time to “shake-it-up” when I stick with the same routine for several months, and my weight loss stalls out… and I usually have a good response with some changes. Anyway, those are just a few ideas… Keep up the great work!!!
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Well my birthday isn't going so well. I make it a point to take off for my birthday. The other day someone accidentally called on my brothers line while I was on my line. He scheduled an appointment for me to meet with him TODAY at 2:00. I wasn't too happy. I went for a long walk today and had to rush back home to get a shower and get changed so I could make it in time for my appt. In doing so I got a speeding ticket (in my car). Got ready and get to the office at 1:45. 2:30 comes and he's still not there! So right about now I'm a little pissed. I worked stuff around this appointment that I WOULD HAVE NEVER SCHEDULED ON MY BIRTHDAY just to get stood up. The only thing I have to show for it is a speeding ticket! My brother just calls me to tell me that he must have written it down wrong because he called the guy and they guy told him that the appointment is for TOMORROW! This is why I don't like for people to try to set my appointments!
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calories intake max 1200 - m/1300, t/1100, w/N 1,965
exercise my routine every day - m/y, t/y, w/y
drink neem - m/y, t/y, w/y
take walks - m-n, t/y, w/y
don't eat junk food - m/y, t/y, w/n
don't drink alcohol - m/y, t/y, w/y
drink lots of water - m/n, t/n, w/n

I had bad day!
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