Motivational starting 4/30/12: Get Ready

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I never got around to reading yesterday's thread. But I'll try to catch up today.

Heading to the car wash and then will go to the gym on the way home.

Big hugs to all.
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Week of April 30th

Drink like a fish – 70oz H2O or more. Y, Y
Log daily. N, Y
1500 cals max. ?, Y
Figure out a way to make it to the gym!!! Not yet, but planned for Thu.
Lose 1lb this week.
Plan/execute/clean-up DS birthday party on Saturday. Venue, menu,

Happy Wednesday! Ama
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[QUOTE=wildbeanerz;80176]I got outside and weeded the flower beds for an hour. Then I cut some lilacs to take along to work tomorrow to brighten up my lobby. They smell so pretty. Don't mind the red vase, it was what I had under the sink Lol I have a clear one at work.QUOTE]

April - Beautifu flowers!!! I think the red really sets off the arrangement - love it! I just added lilacs to my need to buy/plant list. BTW - How do you keep your white carpet soooo clean? Ama
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Health / Fitness Goals ...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yep, T: Yes,
2. Do not exercise until allowed (there is a way that I will know ) M: Yes , T: pulled weeds for an hour - is that exercise?,
3. Have a calorie deficit even without working out M: -937, T: -903, Deficit this week so far: -1840
4. Don't fret over the lbs that my body is holding. They are trying to tell me to relax. M: Yeah, T: Mostly,

Life Goals ...
1. Medicine in Macie's ear M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,
2. Read something M: No, T: Yes,
3. Don't be too busy to listen to my family. M: Yep, T: Yes,

I probably should have stopped at the first flower bed last night but I have a bit of OCD and have to finish what I start. I am more bloated today and gained a half pound (bloat weight I'm sure) since yesterday so I guess I am not ready to be doing that sort of thing just yet. It stinks because I used to be the type who was content to just sit around doing nothing and now that I have made these changes I want to be up and outside doing stuff in the yard or cleaning but I can't. I have this little naggy voice in my head that if I do nothing for a week or so that I am going to have a hard time getting back into it and one day look in the mirror and all the progress I have made will be gone and I will be back where I started. I know that this is not going to happen but it still crosses my mind. I hate feeling insecure when I was feeling so good about me.

Jho ... The black door was painted that way when we moved in. I kind of like it but doubt that when the door is replaced that I will do it again. My hubby is more of a traditional kind of guy.

HKG ... I love blended frozen bananas! ... Nice work with the kitty.

Mike ... You might think that RAK was small but I bet those guys were pretty happy with you.

Cassie ... This has been the best year for my lilacs since we moved here three years ago. We trimmed them pretty harshly the first year so they are recovering. I also have the dark purple ones but didn't get blooms from them this year.

Hope ... Thanks. I love the red vase too! It had valentine roses in it when I got it but I just didnt think it went with my lilacs. ... I hate to sound stupid but what hallway looks great? LOL

Mern ... When you are done washing your car will you come get mine? It's pollen season and my pretty black vehicle is getting all that green gook on it.
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Originally Posted by ama
April - Beautifu flowers!!! I think the red really sets off the arrangement - love it! I just added lilacs to my need to buy/plant list. BTW - How do you keep your white carpet soooo clean? Ama

Thank you! ... That carpet is actually a pink color. It wasn't so clean until about two months ago when I bought a rug scrubber and spent a whole day on that level of the house and another day on the light green carpet in another level of the house. I still need to do the upstairs where the bedrooms are. It is hard with letting the dogs in and out of the house in that door to keep it clean and the younger of the dogs was 15 months old when we got her and not potty trained at all! Thank god for Nature's Miracle in gallon jugs is all I can say.
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nobe: Bit late answering your question, but yes, I always log sleep (I usually just log it as 8 hours regardless of how much I get, unless I have a really sleepless night). I figure it's always better to be more cautious on calories, helps me run a tighter ship, and then it can be a pleasant surprise if I burn more than I think I do!

April: It really is hard to suddenly get thrown out of a routine, especially when it's a routine you like. I hope that everything is better soon. Not sure about boosted self-confidence this week. Having one of those weeks where all my good intentions seem to blow up in my face, but I'm just trying to solider through and take my licks and be really honest about my mistakes. That's part of my promise to myself. It's not easy but I need to do it, because I think I've been basing my confidence on the wrong things sometimes, if that makes sense.

Your lilacs are BEAUTIFUL, I am envious of them! Also, girl, I just looked at the pictures you posted from the end of April and you look GORGEOUS, my dear! You must be so proud of yourself!!!

Tori: Glad you avoided McD's, I knew you would!

Ama: I hope your day off was refreshing and inspring! Making pizza with your three year old sounds like a little slice of heaven

Cassie: Way to go for your son making it to semi's!!! Woohoo, you'll be there to root for him!

Jho: I can't imagine what it must feel like to know she was crying, but I think April is right and she might just need to get used to it a little bit. She'll learn that it's okay! Don't feel bad!!!

Mike: I think your RAK is perfect - nice one Now get logging, drinking and eating those vegetables!!!!!!!!

Food/Exercise/Lifestyle Goals

1) Log everything M: yes, though I did guesstimate on dinner side T: yes
2) Calories under 1400 daily. Post number and average. M: 1,390 T: 1510 (Average: 1,450)
3) Exercise at least 3 hours this week. Post cumulative numbers. M: No T: 18 minutes (pulled ab) (Total: 18 minutes)
4) At least 80 oz. of water daily. More is better. M: 80 T: 80
5) Protein between 25-30% daily intake on average M: 29% T: 30% (Average: 29.5%)
6) In bed by 11:00. No excuses. M: No T: close, but no cigar
7) Limit eating out to 2 lunches and 1 dinner all week M: No eating out T: No eating out
8) Weight M, W, F and post numbers here M: 160.3 W: 158.5
9) Take multivitamin M: yes T: yes

Other Goals

1) Remember the promise I made to myself about work. Follow it. M: yes, even though it pretty much killed me for awhile there T: did okay
2) Send out decision notices to all schools I've interviewed with M: One out, two more to go T: none
3) Call grandmother M: Briefly T: no
4) Tackle all laundry M: None T: got a big chunk!
5) Relax and DO NOTHING for at least 30 minutes every evening M: yes T: yes
6) Write one wonderful thing that happens every day. M: I got through a drama-filled day at work feeling peaceful and not stressed out at the end of it. T: Soldiered through a good-intentioned but apparently ill-conceived embarrassing situation

Bit of an "oops" on the calories yesterday - too much snacking (darnit, popcorn!!! You siren you!!!). Just a matter of getting disciplined again. It could have been MUCH worse though, so I'm glad it was only a minor oops.

Did some Zumba yesterday - intended it to be a 45 minute workout, but about 1/3 of the way through I got a very sudden pull in one of my upper abdominal muscles. I stopped and stretched it out as best I could. Felt better, but as soon as I started up the Zumba again it cramped right up, so I quit for the evening, didn't want to injure myself. I kept some heat on it and kept stretching out last night. It feels better today, but I also haven't done anything rigorous, so we'll see. It might be a night where I just go for a walk either outside (if it's not too hot - been in the 90s here) or on the treadmill at the gym for awhile. I don't want to stop doing activity entirely because I feel the pull is minor, and also my body just might have protested to doing a really vigorous exercise after a month off. Not going to use it as an excuse!!

Happy about my protein so far this week and about the quick 2-lb. drop. Lets me know that at least some of the weight I put on during traveling was water weight! 158 was where I got good and stuck for about 3 months, though, so I hope that doesn't happen again, lol!

Co-worker's birthday is today so I've planned a light lunch just in case there is a sliver of cake involved. Also, guys, did you know that Stonyfield Farms/Oikos organic greek yogurt makes a CHOCOLATE flavor? Found it on the shelf Monday night (and wouldn't you know, it was on special) so I picked some up and tried it this morning. 100 calories for 4 oz. of the yogurt (chocolate-on-the-bottom) was part of my breakfast. It was actually pretty good - it almost had a baker's chocolate type of taste, not milk chocolate. Mixed up with the plain yogurt it was pleasant, so I'm glad I took a chance on it. Felt extremely indulgent!!!

Alright, off to work for me. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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Health & Wellness
1. Walk everyday - M:Y, T:N
2. Bed by 11pm - M:Y, T:N
3. Log activities daily to get true lifestyle calories burned - M:Y (2,133 cal burned, 1,501 cal in, 632 deficit), T:Y (2110 cal burn, 937 cal in, 1173 deficit)
4. Water / Tea 120 oz daily - M:112, T: 128
5. Lose 3 pounds this week - M to T:-.4, T to W: -1.6 (wtd -2.0)

Life Goals
1. Set up fabric shelf (old to do)
2. Old project out
3. Signature blocks out and mailed by May 1
4. Put in 5 hours towards 2010 taxes
5. Get lumber from storage (prep work to build shelves in garage)

April - love the lilacs. Can't wait for mine to bloom - one of my favorite flowers.

This week is flying by.... and another busy day - will post more this evening.
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I think we have the flu.... Makenna is in bed and usually doesn't sleep till around 1, Braydon has not eaten today, my whole body hurts and Jeff is home in bed..... GREAT!

I may or may not be under calories today....don't feel like eating.... but fear that if/when I do eat it will be comfort food aka KD! Pushing thru though my firends, as there is no time to be sick - Stager is coming tomorrow and Sh$^ has to get done.... currently moving boxes from the second floor to the basement storage - I'm sweating but I'm not sure if its the workout or the fever...

Mike - that was a really nice RAK!

April - your strength is incredible! Looks like rain here so I'll wait to weed the garden but that also needs to be done - fresh air might be good for me. Supposed to be 29 tomorrow so I hope to get out there later today.

Hope - Lets get going girly! Its wednesday - times-a-tickin! Tks for the kind words about DD!

Ama - great to see you checking in!!
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Terri, I do believe that you are missing a very important goal. I'm assuming that you forgot about it becuase it comes naturally?

Thanks everyone for the confirmation on the RAK.
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Wednesday weigh in 181 (-1 from Monday )
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