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lcriswell0421 04-27-2012 07:53 PM

i am on day 2 of my free week at curves. does anyone else here go to curves? i haven't exercised in MANY years, and i forced myself to go today...glad i did. felt pretty good when i was done. i'm just wondering if the 1/2 hour of circuits really helps tone and build muscle? also wondering if it will begin to feel too easy too quickly. debating on whether i should get a membership or not. i know i want to join a club, and i like that it's just for women. i also like how everything is laid out and there's no guess work. what are your experiences with curves? thanks for any input.

Meggietye 06-02-2012 06:41 PM

Hi Lisa,

I was at Curves but " out grew " it after 10 mths and still had to pay my membership until it ran out. It does really work! It depends on how out of shape you are, how often you go per week and how much you honestly put into it. If you just go thru the motions you won't outgrow it quickly if you are not in very good shape. I used ton pay attention to the women and a lot of them had poor form as they spent their time chatting! Ha

I would be interested in your choice and how you are getting on, Lisa.
Good luck!


lcriswell0421 06-02-2012 07:26 PM

nancy, i ended up not going with curves. there was a gym recommended to me by a friend that is right down the street from me and only 1/2 the cost of curves. plus, curves doesn't take cards, only cash or check, and that wasn't convenient for me. the gym i chose gave me a trainer for a free session to get me started on a program. right now we're focusing mainly on my arms because i don't want to get the weight-loss bat wings, a little on the legs and some crunches and flutter kicks. due to some things that happen in life i haven't started going regularly yet, but i am going to do that come monday. i'm looking forward to getting into a routine and seeing if i get some results.

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