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mommywitch 04-27-2012 02:28 AM

Mommy needs help!
I am a mother of two young children, the youngest being about 7 months old. After my first child, I had only gained 20lbs (went from 125 to 145); after my second, I gained a whopping 50 lbs (145 to 195), and I was wondering if anyone has advice for working out with 2 kids in the home. I am a stay at home mom, and cannot seem to find the motivation, or time, to spend on making myself more healthy. We have a gym on grounds, but no child care while in the gym. I have pilates and yoga and belly dancing that I keep telling myself that I need to do, but I can never seem to find the energy or time to do it. So, ladies, what are your thoughts? :)

casseym08 04-27-2012 03:47 AM

I typically try to get workout videos whose workouts are 20 mins- a half hour but higher intensity. That way I literally have no excuse not to do it. For the first two and a half weeks of diligently working out, I struggled with motivation, tried to find excuses for not having enough time, but I also saw it as a personal challenge and I did not want to fail. After three weeks, I began noticing that everything they say about exercise is actually true. Especially that part about getting a kind of high off the endorphins. Now I don't dread the exercise as much because I look forward to the happy endorphins that course through me after.

It also helps to have a fitness buddy to keep on your case and nag you. :-p

Jho82 04-27-2012 01:52 PM

I'm totally with you! I also struggled with motivation - I joined the 7-day motivational thread and went from there! Started out very small and as I was accomplishing small goals my motivation sky-rocketed(if thats a word). I am also a stay-at-home mom of two (3 and 16mo) and its hard! They are busy busy busy so for me I plan my workouts when they go to bed.... I catch up on some TV and do some home workouts in my basement. Thats what works for me!

I started out with water and multivitamins - you will notice a huge difference in your energy levels! The more water the better! Next I focused on accomplishing some small goals: do 30 crunches a day or 10 min on the Elliptical. (not sure if you have a treadmill or elliptical...). Honestly, once you start you will easily be able to do more - for example I started with 30 crunches and noticed when I was finished I would just do a couple more floor exercises while I was on the floor!! Every little bit helps! After 2 months I'm up to doing about 40 min with "floor exercises" and 32-42 min on the elliptical 3 times per week (at least).

In summary - Just do it! You might be dreading it and have to drag yourself to bellydancing (I do Zumba once a week) but once you do it, you will feel soooo much better and thats the motivation! Good luck and check out the 7-day thread!!

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