7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 03/26/12

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Ruby, best wishes on your eating on spring break. I know it's hard--just go for CONTROLLED cheats. And congrats on burning off the brownie by walking a long way with a heavy backpack.

Tori, congrats on doing well with your other goals. Glad to see you giving yourself credit for all the goals you achieved.

I didn't log my food yesterday, but I know I did OK on calories and ate clean. Sat fat and cholesterol would be OK. Fiber and protein probably a little shy. No exercise.
What I ate:

Breakfast: mushroom omelet with 2 tablespoons roasted red pepper alfredo sauce

Lunch: 4 oz. turkey and a wad of fresh spinach on half a low carb tortilla with about a teaspoon of horseradish sauce

Snack: 1 1/2 oz. unsalted almonds

Dinner: two low sat fat and low cholesterol turkey patties. That was all.

Snack 2 sugar free Hershey Special Dark chocolates and one sugar free hard candy. I couldn't find my bag of chocolates, so was going to have the hard candy instead, I would have considered OK in my clean eating pact. But later when I found my chocolates, I absent-mindedly ate two pieces instead of the one I should have allowed myself.hocolate that I do allow in my pact. Well, that was a long explanation. I know I don't have to defend myself to you pals, I was just working it out in my head to be sure I was being honest with myself that it was an accident--and it was.

Kudos to all doing well, and big hugs to those who are struggling with diet or other issues.
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Another busy day yesterday... Keeping up 2 homes, both needing spring chores, is a lot of work! Then, came home, made dinner and did paperwork until 10 pm. Looks like the next 2 days will be much the same. Have to remember to throw a granola bar and a piece of fruit in my purse, just in case I can't make it home over the lunch hour like yesterday. Otherwise, I'm always tempted to just go through a drive-through, which is where these 5 pounds have come from.

On my way out the door... have a great day, all!


1. One hour of "Me Time" every afternoon. Yes, Kind of..., No
2. Calories at or below 1200. 1191, 1067, 709 (worked through lunch)
3. Weigh daily. No, kind of afraid to. Yes, Yes
4. Water bottle with at all times. Yes, Yes, Yes
5. No bread, cheese or butter, etc. None, None, None
6. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes, Yes, Yes
7. NO MORE FAST FOOD!!! None, None, None
8. Hike or walk 3 times this week. 0 (weather not cooperating), weather still sucks... No luck... rain, wind, sleet and snow all week.
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Personally, Mike, I'm fond of the blue. But they're both pretty badass.


1) Keep under 1300 calories, but stay above 1000 -1,162
2) Cardio at least 3 days, calisthenics at least 2 -Yes
3) Begin logging ALL foods again (no skipping shameful binges!) -Yes, but I'm not happy about it.
4) Park farther away and take longer routes across campus -Yes

1) Clean bedroom/organize desk
2) Finish at least half of online math homework and at least 2 lectures - This may never happen
3) Keep calm while introducing boyfriend to parents

Well. I've been doing pretty well. But I hit a wall. The boyfriend-parent introductions went well. My boyfriend was charming, funny, outgoing and my parents loved him. But my mom (who is Italian, thus cooks SO MUCH) made this delicious lasagna. It's relatively healthy and I did well, but... There are so much left overs that I went a little overboard this morning. Once I started eating, I couldn't stop. It's 10:30am and I've already hit 1,930 calories. I guess it's time for a hardcore workout.
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Crazigerl, about my "high gas bill" in surfing the Internet I did find articles about depletion of enzymes required for breaking down carbohydrates, BUT the cause I found was NOT the low carb diet, but rather that as we AGE our bodies produce less of those enzymes. That makes sense to me: I'm 65 and probably hadn't had high carbohydrate baked beans in ten years or more. There are supplements one can take with physician approval, but I don't need that. All I have to do is avoid full carb baked beans and eat the delicious ones I do make from 1 net carb per half cup black soy beans and have no digestive/painful gas problem at all when I eat them. Live and learn!
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Health / Fitness ...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,
2. Shred 5 days this week (weekend will probably be off) M: Yes, T: No, W: Yes, Th: Yes,
3. No Diet Coke (lent) M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,
4. No salt added to my plate M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,
5. Walk on lunch - 10miles again this week would be awesome M: 36min - 2miles, T: 36min - 2.25miles, W: only .5 mile didn't log it but spent my usual walking time standing and catching up with friends so won't mark it red,
6. Carbs under 50% M: 50%, T: 51%, W: 43%,
7. DONEWatch Level 3 of 30 Day Shred so I know what I'm in for. M: No, T: half of it, W: the other half
8. 5000 calorie deficit this week M: -1511, T: -809, W: 1464, Deficit this week so far: -3784
9. Weigh and post it daily M: 263.4lbs, T: 262.2lbs, W: 259.0lbs, Th: 259.6lbs, Weight change so far this week: -3.8lbs

Life Goals ...
1. Read something for 1/2 hr a day not on the internet (I am going to get this!) M: Yes (finally!), T: Yes (an hour!), W: No,
2. Take dogs for a walk at least once (gotta get them ready for camping this summer and Chloe is a tornado on a leash) M: No, T: No, W: No,
3. Scrub the insides of the camper canvases M: DONE!!
4. Put curtains back up in camper M: DONE!!
5. Rug scrubber family room (weekend)
6. Laundry every day M: No, T: Yes, W: Yes,
7. If I am tired, go to sleep instead of bobbing my head while trying to stay awakeM: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,

I came to work so tired this morning that I was in a fog for about the first hour after I got here. I ended up making a hot tea to get some caffeine since I don't normally have any caffeine anymore. It perked me up a little bit. I haven't been sleeping as much as my body requires. Not because I can't but because we don't get to bed until @11pm and get up at 4am.

Other than that, last evening was great. Spent a little more time in the camper. I had forgotten to run the sweeper over the cushions and wipe down the vinyl backing on the bed cushions so I did that last night. Then my youngest & I went for a walk around the yard checking to see what of the flowers & plants were coming up. Just chatting about nothing in particular. I never used to get time with him like that. He was always bored by spending time like that and wanting to do something bigger & better. He would do something that would make me not want to be around him so that he could go play his video games or get online. Last night though we spent at least 30-45 mins just moseying around the yard. It was very nice.

On a side note....does being very angry burn calories? I would seriously like to strangle my dock worker today. He is the most ignorant POS that I have worked with in a while. Thank God my regular idiot will be back tomorrow. At least me & him understand each other even though he is admittedly an ass.

Hopefully I will get to read through all the posts and reply. It will distract me from killing a coworker today anyway LOL

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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz
Hopefully I will get to read through all the posts and reply. It will distract me from killing a coworker today anyway LOL
I think we've already established that murder isn't a good weight loss technique
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6
Luv, I saw your post before you edited it. You have to be out of your mind if you think I'd like some other guy drive my bike.
Ha! Ha! Just can't get anything by you, can I?! When I happened to read that statement through a second time, I thought it didn't sound too nice so I removed it.

I like your picture of the Count along with your bike. Just don't let him ride off on it! My dh used to have a bike, and before we moved to another state he sold it. He could tell you more about what he had.

Before I knew him, he & some of his buddies biked (his 1st bike) from Indiana up to Alaska. He'd love to do it again. He had a little accident & landed in a brier bush, but had to be lifted to the hospital. That was toward the end of their trip. After that he bought a 2nd bike. I think his Mother was quite worried about him & his bikes. I loved this about him when I met him. I'd love for him to be able to buy him another one. I believe bikes are safe - it's the other drivers that are a concern.

OK - I was taking a short break. Just finished my "Boosted Walking" DVD. And now back to teaching my youngest. (This year we home educate or homeschool as some people say). And it's time to do my Kitchen & Cleaning goals.

I'll be back to read more posts. . . . sometime soon I hope.

Keeping RED away today.

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Originally Posted by nobe
I think we've already established that murder isn't a good weight loss technique
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nobe: 15 pounds!!! Wooohooo, awesome job! I am dancing in my chair for you!

stressa: Great to know more about you I'm a big animal lover too and I sincerely miss not having a dog (or three) in my life since there was always one or two when I was growing up. LOVE greyhound rescue, good on you!

Cassie: I think the good thing about Zumba from what I gather is that no one cares if you look a little weird as long as you're having fun. I've actually never been to a live class and I do the DVDs, and boy, do I shake my thang cause I know no one's looking I wonder if I'd be the same in a class, hard to tell, there aren't any around me. Love the expression "chill bumps," haha. I'll need to use that! You'll pick yourself right up after your off day. You know what you gotta do!

ama: Thanks! BF is a total sweetie. And telling him what I want exactly is always a work in progress. One of my worst "girl things" as he calls them is that I expect him to read my mind a lot. He's TERRIBLE at it, (it goes with the lack of spontaneity) so I've been forced to re-learn a lot of communication and outlining my wants exactly. Thanks, though! It forces me to re-evaluate what really matters to me and what doesn't.

Tori: I like watching Jho rag on Mike too - you two have different styles of getting to him, lol. Also good to see the energy in your posts, and I bet you smell FABULOUS right now!

quinn: LOL, they do sound alike. BF is bad at keeping secrets and I think it's because he doesn't like surprises in general, and since he doesn't like them, it's not in his nature to GIVE surprises, if that makes sense. Every once in awhile he'll do something surprising, but it's more like a change he's considered for a while and then he just does it cause it makes sense to him, and making me happy is an afterthought, lol. Men! And hey, I've totally thought of going over to use his computer (he has the printer hooked up to his so me using it is a regular occurance) and just HAPPENING to leave up a webpage with a ring I like >.> Though if he wants me to just sit down with him and spell it out, I'll do that too.

My instincts tell me that, knowing him, he's likely to pick out something extremely traditional - my money would be on a round or princess-cut solitare with no flanking stones on a white-gold or platinum band. That's just very him, and it's hard to go wrong with a simple style.

Mike: I'm fully expecting to see a pic of you on your new bike Saturday, JSYK, haha! I personally like the blue one!

ruby: Your break sounds like a blast if nothing else! Four hours with a backpack is probably burning MORE than one brownie, girl!

Mern: I actually went and googled the whole low-carb-bean-thing for you (I love your sense of humor, you always have me rolling, price of gas, lol!!!) and I did find a few links that said that if you don't eat beans regularly, the particular enzyme that helps to break them down gets really low in your stomach and the bacteria go crazy munching on them, and it can create a lot of extra gas. It's kind of a use-it-or-lose-it enzyme. So I think you're likely right-on in your assessment. And don't feel sorry. I always imagine that I probably was sensitive as a little girl, and I also tend to cry when I feel any emotion. Happy? Cry. Angry? Cry. Sad? Tears and snot. I wish it didn't happen, because all anyone ever processes is the tears and not the words I'm using to express myself, you know? At least it seems that way. I was also born with a broken thigh and had a couple of other health issues when I was a kid (that have since resolved). I think the whole package has made my parents and family really protective of me because they may view me as fragile. I will just keep letting them know that I can handle things and also am trying not to lean on them so much for advice for every little thing in my adult life (I'm close with my family, so I tend to tell them everything) so that they see me as more independent and capable. Might help!

Luv: Let me know if you figure out a routine that works best for you with chores! Always seems like I'm just chasing my own tail and never get anything clean, and I don't even have kids or pets, oy!

crazi: Happy to hear your dog is feeling better, and your exercise schedule makes me envious! You're awesome!! Sorry for giving you a wince with my ankle; it's no fun, but I've learned to live with it.

Tunnrida: Glad to read you're feeling better, I hope you did AWESOME on your workout with Jillian. I have a love/hate relationship with her, lol.

Freshman: Pasta can be dangerous!!! I like your plan of just going for a workout. Eat sensibly the rest of the day and hopefully it'll be less than a blip on the weight radar. Hey, sometimes bodies even respond well to a random high-cal day (mine certainly seems to, anywho). Good luck to you!

April: I love your get-out-of-bed animation!!! So cute! Your walk with your son sounds great, totally precious times. Maybe just think of how you felt then when you're feeling like a murderous rampage is a necessity of life??

Weekly Goals

Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals
1) Calories under 1500 every day. Log and post average. M: 1,408 T: 1,233 W: 1,423 (Average: 1,354.66)
2) Exercise M, W, F, Sat for at least 45 minutes per session. Extra is awesome M: 52 minutes, Zumba W: 45 minutes Zumba (Strength & Tone)
3) Calorie deficit of at least 3,500 M: -1,094 T: -564 W: -902 (Total: -2,560)
4) 80+ oz. of water per day M: 80 T: 68? W: 88
5) Multivitamin Daily M: forgot T: forgot again W: yes!
6) In bed by 11:30 every night. There are no excuses!!!! M: Nope T: yes W: yes
7) Protein average 25-30% M: 24% T: 24% W: 27% (Average: 25%)
8) One cup of green tea a day M: forgot T: I brewed the cup and promptly fell asleep before drinking it... W: yes
9) Weigh in M, W, F and report here. M: 159.1 W: 157.8

Other Goals
1) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: no makeup T: yes W: yes
2) Call grandmother M: no T: yes! W: yes
3) Check up on sister M: yes, will do again T: No W: a little

Daily Other Goals:
1) Get in application to MM M: no; stalled (will do later this week, need clarification)
2) 1/3-1/2 of lecture DONE M: 1/3 done
3) E-mail DCC/AT about Friday visit M: yes
4) Clean kitchen M: halfway

1) LECTURE DONE I decided to re-work it, so no, but I'm much happier with the format. It will get done!!!
2) At least 3 hours on HPLC No, due to above
3) Clean living room and kitchen BF is going to do it on his day off (so he says) so I delayed it

1) Review lecture Continued working on it. It's about 80% done now and I love it
2) Laundry night/clothes to goodwill Totally forgot! Will do tonight.

1) Clean bedroom

1) Make sure all follow-ups completed
2) Check plant/refill if necessary

Well, BF was better than his word and cleaned the whole dang apartment yesterday on his day off. Loved coming home to it! I, on the other hand, forgot my ONLY chore (who's a slacky slackerton now?), so shame on me, 50 lashes with a wet noodle.

Got great news on the job front yesterday - one of my phone interviews has gone on to the next stage and they've invited me out to campus to meet everyone and interview for real! Yay! I've already made the travel arrangements; the interview is on the 10th of April (in Iowa!) and I'll be flying in Monday night and flying out Wednesday morning. If any of my other phone interviews move on to the next stage, April might be a really busy month for me! This particular job has some definite pros and cons to it, so I'm going to have to see how I feel when I meet everyone. I will say that I thought that the particular phone interview that led to this invite went the WORST of the bunch, and they're still inviting me out, so that shows what I know.

Feeling very productive/energetic, though it's probably just an artifact of being happy that something has come through. Not home free of course - on-campus interviews do not job offers make, but it's very redeeming to have another job interested after the first job fell through. My ankle is also feeling better today.

Got a long day ahead of me - lab meeting, teaching, lecture, etc. Have a good Thursday everyone!!! Thus concludeth my latest novel...

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Well the scale went up a few lbs this am. I feel like I ate too much in the past few days, but when I log it all I am staying below 1500...??? - think it is time to lower the limit by 100 and see if I can get back on a downward trend. Or I know - I can actually exercise like I am supposed to do anyway!!!

1 - Daily calories <1500. Y, Y, Y
2 - Water 70oz minimum. Y, I think this is a Y because I had to pee all day, so I'll count it! Y
3 - Gym – 2x this week. Not yet...
4 - Exercise at home – nightly for 15 minutes (except gym nights). 10min yoga,, 40 min Crunch Cardio Dance Blast, N
5 - Cook healthy meals. Y, Y, Y
6 - No food after dinner. Y, Y, N
7 - Follow Stay Clean Pact! Y, Y, N, Hubby brought home McDs for lunch... those damn fries!

1 - Busy week at work – don’t stress! N, N, N
2 - Do a little housework each day so it does not pile up. 1 load laundry, more laundry, N
3 - Take extra time each night to teach ABCs to DS. Y, Y, Y
4 - Tell Hubby he is awesome! Y, Y, N - oops

Happy Thursday! Ama
For fellow space junkies ( )

Age 39, Height 5’6”
Short term goal: Fit into my favorite old Levis 515’s – and still be able to breathe. (5 lbs to go) Will try them on this weekend...
Short term goal #2: Be able to wear a swim suit this summer and not feel like I need to suck in my stomach all the time. (8lbs to go + a miracle suit)
Long term goal: Live a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally and spiritually.
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