7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 03/26/12

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On the article I posted: I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who was shocked!! I think the strategies that everyone has posted make much more sense - lead by example, be kind, and show-don't-tell ways to good health.

Stressa: We always welcome new members! Hi there! We try to totally keep a positive vibe in this thread, so come aboard!

Tunnrida: Hard for me to find tea in bulk, but I bought the most natural tea I could find in a bag. I need to get used to drinking it first, and then I'll buy the really good stuff. I'll remember the advice, though!

mydaywillcome: Yikes, sounds like some serious meds. Good luck on getting your cals up, it's great that you're so aware of what you need and make it work for you! Go girl!

Tori: Glad to see you're feeling better in your LIFE goals, and I hope the positive trend continues for you! The rest of it will come, but if you're feeling more yourself that's way more important. Nice to read!!!!

Rizona: Welcome! Feel free to read/join/etc.!

Jho: I was wondering where Mern was too, but sometimes she gets a little hectic, I'm sure she'll check in soon You're right about the double-decker bus, yee-haw!

Cassie: Ugh, I can feel your sick-misery through your posts, I hope you're feeling better today!

ruby: Family visits are always tough. Do the best you can and keep checking in, even if you don't log. I find even the accountability of writing it down to others helps when I just can't get the motivation up for whatever reason.

Luv: I hope your new scale is kind and not a frenemy!

April: Man, you remind me that I haven't measured in months, maybe I will do that tonight sometime before dinner/after workout...or maybe even before my workout. That would be great in times of my Plateau of No Sense. Thanks for the reminder!!!

Weekly Goals

Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals
1) Calories under 1500 every day. Log and post average. M: 1,408 T: 1,233 (Average: 1,320.5)
2) Exercise M, W, F, Sat for at least 45 minutes per session. Extra is awesome M: 52 minutes, Zumba
3) Calorie deficit of at least 3,500 M: -1,094 T: -564 (Total: -1,658)
4) 80+ oz. of water per day M: 80 T: 68?
5) Multivitamin Daily M: forgot T: forgot again
6) In bed by 11:30 every night. There are no excuses!!!! M: Nope T: yes
7) Protein average 25-30% M: 24% T: 24% (Average: 24%)
8) One cup of green tea a day M: forgot T: I brewed the cup and promptly fell asleep before drinking it...
9) Weigh in M, W, F and report here. M: 159.1 W: 157.8

Other Goals
1) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: no makeup T: yes
2) Call grandmother M: no T: yes!
3) Check up on sister M: yes, will do again T: No

Daily Other Goals:
1) Get in application to MM M: no; stalled (will do later this week, need clarification)
2) 1/3-1/2 of lecture DONE M: 1/3 done
3) E-mail DCC/AT about Friday visit M: yes
4) Clean kitchen M: halfway

1) LECTURE DONE I decided to re-work it, so no, but I'm much happier with the format. It will get done!!!
2) At least 3 hours on HPLC No, due to above
3) Clean living room and kitchen BF is going to do it on his day off (so he says) so I delayed it

1) Review lecture
2) Laundry night/clothes to goodwill

1) Clean bedroom

1) Make sure all follow-ups completed
2) Check plant/refill if necessary

I rolled my bad ankle pretty hardcore on Tuesday evening (thanks, sidewalk!) and it's sore today, but there's no appreciable swelling, which is weird. I got ice on it right away (It was steps from my apartment complex) so that probably helped the swelling. I'm still going to work out, but I will probably do a strength workout with Zumba rather than the fast-moving complex cardio because I'm likely to tweak it worse. As long as I'm conscious of it and wear a brace, I shouldn't hurt myself. BF has the day off today, and it's always hard for me to work out when he's home, but I told him explicitly to make sure I do it, so that should get rid of that excuse.

A lot of Tuesday life goals got tweaked and moved, but, well...that's life, isn't it? BF has been a slacky slackerton on his around-the-house chores because he's been working overtime (a noble reason) but he has the day off today and said he's "in the mood to clean." I told him I'd meant to do the kitchen and living room but he told me he'd do it today (Wednesday) and to keep my foot up and iced last night.

I also have to share a story, because it's hilarious but also sweet. Last night we were discussing some bill payment while I had my foot up, and he brought out his lockbox. I know he keeps some important stuff in there, and I know what most of it is, but I never pry. He opens it and showed me a bunch of cash he's kept locked up (I didn't count it, but it had to be well over $500 or $600). He says to me "I just wanted you to know this is here and I've been saving for over 6 months now." I was like O_o at him, and I said it was always great to have cash stashed, but that I trusted him and he always pays his full share of the bills, and he can do what he likes with the rest of his money (We've had this set up for years now and we both like it. We don't have a shared bank account, though it may be something we do later when we have more shared assets, like a house). He gives me a super-serious look and he says "You don't get it, this money is FOR YOU." BF is possibly the worst at surprises ever in the history of ever, and I figured out pretty quickly that he meant to be showing me he's saving up for a sparkler for my important finger.

I am a horrible GF, because I laughed and I just hugged him and I was like "You're not supposed to SHOW ME that!!!" but he was so confused, because he wanted to be totally honest with me and let me know that it was there just in case anything happened, and that he is preparing to ask me an important question. We've been discussing marriage for years but the timing hasn't been right because of all the moving around and my schooling. I ended up understanding and appreciating his motivation, and I told him that it was good to know, and I loved him, and I let him know that all I wanted was A) That he picks out the sparkly himself and B) That he asks me without me knowing when or how. I don't care if he wants me to show him ring styles I like or what have you, but I'd like there to be a LITTLE spontaneity on his part (just because he stinks at it, lol). In the end I thought it was all very sweet, and very quintessentially him. We don't have a very flashy relationship, we're both highly practical people, and he's never been a romantic soul. But that was his flavor of romance in a grounded, honest way (which I appreciate more than flowers!) so I'm pretty happy overall

Got a long day ahead of me today. Have a good day ladies, do it to it!!


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Terri ... I just love your BF. Every time you tell a story about him, he just sounds so sweet. I think you better hang onto him!
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April, he's a keeper I tell him that I'm bragging about him on here sometimes and he's like ORLY WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! and demands that he gets to read it. He's got his flaws but honestly, I'm a very lucky girl, and I know it. I just hope I don't brag on him too much >.>
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Wednesday weigh in: down 1 pound to 188. 15 pounds since February 1st!
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Ok, so here I am in a word doc because the site has eaten 2 posts and sent them into the land of obscurity…..

I had replied to some of you personally but pbbbththt that is out the window now.

Thank-you for the welcome, I will try to be a positive addition. Guess I’ll tell you a little about me.

49 yrs young, married 21 yrs, 3 kids..dd27..dd24….ds almost 20. gs4 and gd 3 months old.

Live in East Tennessee, USA, I/we rescue/adopt retired racing Greyhounds. I love my fur babies and yep, I am one of those animal baby talkers. Never understood those kinds of people until my Salty became my heart dog.

195.0 lbs. as of 3-26
1st goal, 10% of my weight by June 30th.
20lbs, roughly 6.6 lbs a month.

Other goals I will work on over the next few days.

Ok, lets see if I can post this time….
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I went to Mississippi this morning to look at bikes. There are no dealerships anywhere around here that let you test drive, in fact there are probably only a handful in the country... so I was literally "just looking". I actually went to sit on it to see what kind troubles I'd have with my back and the riding position. The salesman was one me like a fly on s#!t. I didn't want to waste his time as I don't plan on buying right now. If they had the color I wanted I probably would have driven off with it today since Suzuki has 0% apr for 60 months and $1000 customer cash until 3/31/12. GF actually want to go back on Saturday to look at them with me, so I have to be good and try my hardest to resist temptation.

Hey so I TRIED no to waste the salemans tme, does that count as a RAK? J/K
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Originally Posted by fit4luv
Tunnrida ~ I'm so glad that you're feeling better. I love tea too. You're doing wonderful with your English. How do you say, "Great job!" in Croatian? Awwww . . .. Please take good care of yourself this week. That woman's stuff can be so annoying!
It is a phrase - ODLIČNO ODRAĐENO!
The literal translation would be - ODLIČAN POSAO!
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Originally Posted by Jho82
[]Hope[/B] - what is a fibro flare?
I have fibromyalgia. A fibro flare is when the symptoms get bad, due to stress, weather, diet, who knows what else?

The list of stuff I tend to suffer from:
deadening of right side of body (loss of grip in hand also)
feeling like my face is split in half with right side dead
electric shocks (this one sucks but is thankfully rare as was my inability to swallow for a while)
fatigue beyond description
IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
lichen sclerosis (a gynecological disorder)
impaired memory/cognition (called fibrofog)
pain which can be anything from aching to sharp and alarming (I used to end up in ERs; my joke is if I had a heart attack, I wouldn't know it)
change in eyeglass precription
sensitivity to smells and light
exercise intolerance ( I swear I am not making this one up)
breathing difficulties
panic attacks/anxiety
dizziness, loss of balance
brittle nails
skin rashes
sensitivity to meds
food intolerances and allergies
trouble losing weight (also not making up)
charley horse
There's more but I can't remember.

Flares can last a couple of hours to a couple of months.

This one is not that bad in that I was able to drive and strangely, now that it is raining and I spent like 40 hours in bed, I feel a lot better. So today I am blessed.

Bet you're sorry you asked, huh?

Everyone with fibro has it differently. I've seen people who were quite functional with very few symptoms and people who were in wheelchairs. My first doctor, a well known expert in the field, told me I was in the top 30% of the most ill people he had ever seen but I am really quite functional most of the time. Plus DH is awesome, really takes care of me and is my advocate. When people ask what fibro is, he says you have no idea... All in all, I am really pretty lucky, all things considered.

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Terri - I CALL THE BACK SEAT lol sorry to hear about your ankle - did you say you were doing zumba with your bad ankle!? How in the world are you doing that! I can barely do zumba with 2 good ankles lol!! I love it though I’ll post a pic later that will make you laugh! I loved your story “pick out the sparkly” hahaha

Nobe – 15lbs since feb is amazing!!

Stressa – the word doc is a good idea – I also copy my post before submitting so I can just paste if it disappears (someone warned me about this when I first started). Good luck with your goals!

Mike – No…

Hope – that really sounds like me when I’m pregnant (which is why I hated every minute of being pregnant and LOVED the actual giving birth part!) That sounds awful – I’m so sorry that you have to suffer thru that with no warning. Your DH certainly sounds like an amazing support system for you – Thanks for explaining!

Well its Wed which means its time to get over to see the MIL. At least I get to go to a Zumba class while we are in town – Catch up with you all tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by Jho82
Terri - I CALL THE BACK SEAT lol sorry to hear about your ankle - did you say you were doing zumba with your bad ankle!? How in the world are you doing that! I can barely do zumba with 2 good ankles lol!! I love it though I’ll post a pic later that will make you laugh! I loved your story “pick out the sparkly” hahaha

LOL @ that picture! It's probably so true. I don't even want to know how I look, but I feel amazing. I wear a brace when I do zumba for my bad ankle It's a big clunky thing, but I love the zumba dancing and the minutes fly by, so it's worth it. I have a BIGGER clunkier brace I'll wear when I work out tonight, lol. I also modify certain moves that probably make me look even weirder but it's worth it not to have the ankle go snap-crackle-pop.
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