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mydaywillcome 03-20-2012 02:00 AM

How Can I Be Enough?
Good Evening.

As a young adult,
I've had something biting me for the past few weeks and it's really been irritating.

I am engaged to who I consider my perfect match. We have been together for three years, and in many ways he has kept me alive. He is shipping soon for the United States Marine Corps, and I couldn't be more proud, but naturally worried. Of course mainly and most importantly for his safety, but also interest level..
For a quick rewind, I do not look anywhere near as much as I weigh, and I honestly don't think he realizes how over weight I am. He is not aware that I have been committed for this past month, for a goal to lose 105 pounds by my goal date of March 18th 2013. I am proud of my goal, but I'm also extremely worried.
The Marines train their men incomprehensibly hard. He will get extremely muscular and in shape daily, while it is not exactly fast to lose 105 pounds no matter how hard I've been working.

I know how much he loves me for who I am, and how much he cares about me and no other woman, but I can't help but worry. While he is gone so far from home, out with his buddies, or touring the world, he will see so many exotic and gorgeous women including tagchasers (women who go after men in the military) he's never seen or experienced before. After seeing so many gorgeous women of all different perfect body types, how could he not be bored when he comes home to me. What if I lose the curves that are appealing to him with my weight loss, what if I don't lose the excess skin quickly enough, or he doesn't like my new body. Are these selfish thoughts, and am I thinking to hard? I know I can trust him, I just can't help but feel concerned.

Help, Advice?
Thank you.

AntoinetteNathan 03-20-2012 02:54 AM

You may have mistaken the marine corp for a stag party.

But anyhoo,


Originally Posted by mydaywillcome (Post 76601) many gorgeous women of all different perfect body types

Yours qualifies as one of the many different perfect body types, no?

Freshman30 03-20-2012 03:38 PM

AntoinetteNathan could not have said it more perfectly. You're body type is just as perfect as any other woman's. Women are everywhere, babe! If he were going to consider other women with "perfect bodies" it would have been an issue by now. Clearly, it isn't.

You are a beautiful, healthy woman with a loving fiance that you're proud of. Focus on how proud and enamored you are of him instead of worrying about how he feels about your body.

mydaywillcome 03-21-2012 01:18 AM

Thank you lady. That makes me feel a lot better.(:

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