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happy1987 03-10-2012 07:45 AM

New to fitday
Hi every one,
I am so excited about losing weight! It's way over due, I have watched my self eat unhealthy and sit around for way to long. After have kids I got lazy with working out and I would eat anything easy or fast. Not a good way to be, at least for me any more. Even after my doctor told me that the health of my back was fading I blow him off and pretended I was fine. Than it happened, My back got worse and worse. Now it's in risk of breaking at any minute. They did test and I guess this condition has been building up since child hood not knowledge by my childhood doctors. Now I am trying to save it for as long as I can. I guess its better than the other way around:)
I would really like to meet others here and have a few diet buddy's.

End Goal:~~~~~~~~1st Goal: April 17th 2012
Tummy-33" ~~~~~~~~~~39"
Hips-40" ~~~~~~~~~~~48"

Ready to change my life and play with my kids easier, any one else in!:)
Please reply if you want me as a diet buddy! thank's

cjohnson728 03-10-2012 02:47 PM

Hi happy, glad to have you on FitDay. You have great motivations to be healthy. Look around the threads and jump in wherever you like. Also check out the "Best of FitDay" series for a lot of excellent advice. If you have any other questions, just holler; folks are happy to help.

There is a diet buddy thread in the Newcomer's section, I believe, that could help you hook up with a buddy or a few.

Have a great day!

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