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happy4286 03-06-2012 08:17 PM

Hi every one
Hi every one I'm new here:)

I need a lot of help from every one to push me to make my goals they are very important to me but I am have a hard time pulling inspiration from just me alone to work out and eat a little less every day. The hardest thing for me is to stop drinking soda, its my security blanket. been drinking it since I was three or so and have not gone a day with out it.:)

My goal's that I need help with this week are
1.) cutting down my soda in take so I stop drinking it next Monday. (At the latest)
2.) Working out to a video at least 4 times this week
3.) Deep clean of my home (includes under and side everything)
4.) Finishing unpacking my home
5.) Cut calories to 1,500 a day (2,100 right now)
6.) Get a cloth measuring tape to see what and where I need to lose the most weight. (Target areas with my work outs)

I thinks that's it for this week, but to do it I am going to need every one to push me into this on me because I am not inspired this week. Had some one close to me say some really nasty thing and Just wanted to give up trying but instead I found this web site!
If any one needs a diet buddy call on me, love to be there for some one else:)

wildbeanerz 03-06-2012 08:28 PM

Nice to see you putting out some goals! It is very encouraging when you reach a goal and set another one.

One thing though. This will get a lot more attention if you also post it in the women's only section there is a weekly motivational thread. We all post this type of thing and update daily (or as often as we can) on how we are doing (or not doing) on our goals. We are there for each other to push or give a hand back on the wagon.

Look forward to seeing you over there!

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