Who's got just 10-15 Pounds?

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Im new to this, so hey everyone, and best of luck shifting the last few pounds! I myself am hoping to lose 11 pounds (want, not need) in about 9 weeks, Iv only shifted 2 in the past 3 weeks but to be honest I did cheat a few times (A sneaky McDonalds and some chocolate.Oh the shops are dangerous around Easter) Hopefully its possible, Im trying to stick to a very clean diet but due to work and studies can only do about 15 mins exercise every couple of days. And no cardio..this is something I need to find a way to squeeze in!
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Hi to all the Newbies

You can do it....you just have found out what works for YOU..and drink
plenty of water!!!!!!

Let's keep this post active... Please and try and weigh every week on
whatever day that works for you and post your updates here!!

It's maybe a couple of us who still try and do that each week

I'm hanging steady same wt....no gain is good too huh
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water water everywhere, since starting iv gone from drinking about a glass of water a day to drinking 2 litres per day..so am peeing sooo much hahaha. already feeling the benefits though, my skins and mood have improved
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Default Here goes ....

Hi--Have been using FitDay off and on for years--on, when I'm eating healthily, off when I'm not.... Never used the forums before so am hoping with our mutual support I can lose 15 and then maintain. I'm semi-antique (67), still working full time, and am back in school and am finding that fatique and late-night study sessions leads me right back to the fridge. I'll post my weight tomorrow. Good to be here. -- Sarah
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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Week 1 weight: 139.4

So I got the drill yesterday:
NO Grains, that is no bread, crackers, or cereal of any kind this week
NO Rice, brown, wild or white
NO Pasta of any kind including Dreamfields and other protected carb foods
NO Potatoel
And of course absolutely no sweets
NO Corn of any type which includes tortillas (low carb included)

Breakfast: eggs or plain yogurt (some fruits allowed)
Snack: apple or orange (required)
Lunch: meat (~5 oz) and salad
Snack: nuts (this will be a bit tricky as nuts are a trigger food. I'll have to keep the serving under control)
Dinner: meat and veggies.

Beans are allowed and the list of dairy is pretty short. No cheese this week.

And the usual: Lots of water, and brewed tea.

So that's this week.

Although keeping track of calories isn't really part of the program, I'll definitely do so anyway.
Miracles do happen

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I had a lil wt gain...too much celebrating
141.0 today

I may be away a few wks, got some work trips that may be happening
soon... I will try and check in n weigh if I can.

Ya keep up the good work
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10 - 15 lbs over that is me! So not normal for me. Lifetime exerciser and dieter here! Im 5'9 and Usually weigh 145-150 now weigh 160
Been depressed - gave up all those things I was used to doing to keep weight at bay.
Then dad died 2 months ago.
Anyhow started ant depressant and phentermine to hopefully jump start me again.

Anyone tried the combo? Just started today?
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Pretty cool... I am going to try to follow this regime as much as I can... Let us know how you did...
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Default last 10 VS first 10

the first 10 was pretty easy for me, pretty much cutting down carbs did the trick, but the last 10 was quite challenging. nothing seemed to work, then I started increasing the intensity of my workouts. I use an online fitness membership site they have a "fit body transformation" program design for woman. It still took me almost 60 days to lose the last 10 lbs, but it was mostly body fat, so the results is more "visually" noticable".

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Default I'm back. .to lose the 15 again. . :P

It's been almost a year, and unfortunately I regained all the weight I lost. Was really depressed after my last breakup of a year ago. .and then also depressed from my Grandma passing away.Unfortunately, I wasn't as diligent about my eating habits, and started gradually eating more junk. Also, hand in hand with that my exercise habits went out the window. .I would go to the gym one week, then not go another week. I weighed myself, and this is the heaviest I've ever been. (145 lbs at 5' 5"), ideally would like to be 125lbs.
I've modified my eating habits to only veggies, lean protein, nuts, low fat cheese, and non fat greek yogurt. Am limiting bread to just a slice, two times a week. Have also started going back to the gym on a continuous basis, working out for 1 1/2 hours, 4 days.
Was just wondering how many grams of carbs you should restrict yourself to. .?
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