Who's got just 10-15 Pounds?

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Hey everybody!! Im baaaackkkk....
Wow. what a wonderful 2wks I had...I ate and drunk anything I wanted
Enjoyed the family and went to the Casinos for my bday...let's just say ...I left a donation...

Arazels & Djslatt- well done
Welcome Runwayspoon!!
Good Job for everybody maintaining

My last weigh-in 2wks ago was 152.0.....153.0 today...1 lb gain...but..I'm happy it's only 1lb ....I enjoyed myself to the fullest!!!
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Hi Everyone,

Becca, only 1 pound after a two-week free-for-all? I think that's fantastic. And Abby and Chris, I totally agree about the salt. I don't usually consume much so when I eat something particularly salty, it takes me 3 days to get rid of that water...of course if I weren't weighing so often I'd never know.

And thanks everyone else for being here and maintaining, checking in, losing, even gaining pound or two. It really helps me! My weigh-in today found a lovely 128.6! Pretty excited despite the fact that I don't eat much on Thursdays because I have Pilates at 5 followed by two dance classes. So lots of fun exercise. I usually eat a little before I go and then a home-made energy bar in between classes. Needless to say, I like Friday weigh-ins .

Have a great weekend all!

Start Weight (this time): 146 (1/5/12)
Current: 128.6
Goal: 125 (and then we'll see!)
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Becca good job while being away! That is fabulous!!!
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Smile Hi everyone -First Time Here

Hi all,

I'm so glad I find out this place.
Ever since high school, I am fighting with weight.
Weight up-n-down but I never acceive my dream weight.
I'm athelete type of body..but really want to, at least once in my life, be my ideal weight.

I'm 5"4, 134.8 lbs now.
Want to be 114 lbs when 8/31.
Do diet and exercise now..

I'm going to be my best friend's maid of honor in Sep.
I have to work hard for this beatiful Bali Island wedding

Glad to be here...fight for my goal !

Start Weight:136.62 (5/3/12)
Current: 134.86
8/31 Goal:114
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OK, I gotta fess up... those pounds are creeping back on: 131 on Wed, so it it time to buckle down. I know all need to do is drop the extra beer or wine, but work is really a pain right now and rather than a glass with the meal I am finding myself consuming closer to 3 glasses. So far none of the other horrible drinking habits like daytime imbibing or drinking 'til I pass out are happening, but it sure isn't doing much for my wasteline.

I'll fill in details soon, but I'm in the middle of a legal fight with my employer, who happens to be the Federal Government. We won a battle last week, but the war is far from over.

It's funny, I don't actually feel all that stressed on the surface, but it is clear that beneath the surface my mind is bouncing around like a pinball machine. My saving grace is exercise - it seems to be the one time of day that mind is truely focused on one thing, and one thing alone - survival .
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So wonderful that you notice this early and can address it before the extra pounds pile on. You are so right about exercise keeping you sane, and I'm sorry you are going through legal battles with your employer - best of luck!

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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki
I know all need to do is drop the extra beer or wine, but work is really a pain right now and rather than a glass with the meal I am finding myself consuming closer to 3 glasses.
Hi Pam,

I know what you mean about the stress of work and wanting that wine! I work from home and as the clock gets closer to 5 or 6, I really start craving a glass of wine...and it's real easy for me to drink half a bottle or more (sharing with my hubby) every night. If the bottle is there and my glass is empty... A couple of things have really helped me. First, I bought one of those mini wine carafes. When the bottle is opened, I pour out what I'm going to drink and when that's gone, that's it. The other thing we try to do is not drink any alcohol 2 days a week. My husband (English) was reading something on the BBC website that said it's a good practice to rest your liver. It's not always very easy -- and sometimes we miss -- but that's the goal! And for me, sometimes it's easier to do something if it's 'health' related rather than just losing/maintaining weight. Which, I know, doesn't make sense because weight is pretty important in overall health...but for me, so much of it is a mind game.

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Pam, It's good that you noticed the weight creep back in. It's great so you can get yourself back on track early. You are such inspiration. You have been maintaining and still maintaining.
I hope one day I will be there.
Good luck though not much of it is luck at all.
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I appreciate everyone's encouragement last week, as you may recall, I had seen a 5 Lb creep in one week, and was not pleased. Today I report, that you were all right, it was salt or something, I'm back to 150, and

Maintenance is an active process!

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Becca: Welcome back from Holiday, wow only 1 pound gain, great! Stick to black jack, the only game you can really win at.

Debra: Keep dancing!

Chris: So you know Toronto pretty well, I love it here too! Hang in there for the last 10, you're almost there!

Corona: Welcome!

Pam: I feel for you, I do exactly the same thing, rationalize a reward. And tennis makes me forget everything. Sounds like you're taking good care of yourself in this stressful time!

Abby: See , just salt, yeah!

Me: Weighed in at 138.8.....finally down a fraction. I need to workout more, eating well alone doesn't do it for me.
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