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DeathArrow 03-20-2010 02:23 AM

What is your opinion on how I've been eating?
Hi guys. I want to know your opinion of how I'm eating. I don't count carbs, protein, fat..etc. Please. I'm 16, have homework, school, and I'm tired. There's no way I'm doing that EVERYDAY for like the next 4 months and calculating the percentages and then struggling to keep carbs on the low.

So here's how I eat pretty much everyday.

Breakfast: Banana and Kashi cereal (Go lean fiber) with skim milk.

Lunch: Kashi bar (the crunchy hard ones, 180 calories per thing.)
Turkey or chicken sandwich (just the kind from the deli, like 2 or 3 slices usually) on whole wheat bread (Nature's Own I think, it's like 110 cal per slice, with lots of fiber and stuff.)

When I get home: Lean cuisine or Kashi or whatever-not-alot-of-calories dinner. With some yogurt.

Go to sleep. Wake up, eat Kashi Oatmeal, with a banana and fudge pudding (60 cal, sugar free.) I don't usually eat oatmeal, here I just eat whatever calories I have left with some kind of healthy food (I try hehe) and it usually has carbs like oatmeal.

This added up to about 1350 calories, and my limit is 1360. Lol
Can this be improved, or what am I missing? I don't eat alot of fruits and vegetables because everything else I want to eat..I just can't fit them in lol. Well anyway, thanks.

BTW: I don't log my foods in here because Fitday never has the same calorie count as the package and I don't feel like creating custom foods for everything and honestly, I just don't see how it's helping me to log moods, excercise, food. i know people says it helps them stay on track though.

Built 03-20-2010 10:51 AM

Deatharrow: I tend to put on more fat when I eat too many starchy carbs (bread, cereal, "energy" bars). I also haven't made much progress when I didn't track my food intake, whether that be using fitday or just writing down everything that I ate. Once you get used to it, it gets easier.

One thing that helps me in the veggie dept. is to cut up celery, carrots and broccoli and keep them in a ziplock bag in the frig. It does take work initially, but then they are handy later when I'm rushed. For fruit, you can't beat the convenience of apples:) In a pinch I use unsweetened apple sauce in the pre-packaged individual servings. Light mozzarella cheesesticks are a handy protein when you're on the go as well as yogurt. I'd recommend you build your nutrition around the fruits, veggies, lean proteins and then add the whole grains. Kashi go lean is great. I save puddings, granola bars, etc. for occasional snacking.

quinnesec 03-20-2010 01:46 PM

DeathArrow- I'm with Beth on this one. I couldn't lose weight without fruits and veggies. (And believe me, I've tried!) Even though the calorie count is the same, when you replace them with starchy carbs, no matter how healthy, (energy bars, cereal, etc,) the weight loss, usually, just isn't there.

Lizzycritter 03-20-2010 03:03 PM

I think you've got a really good base to work from here. The custom foods can be a bit of a pain to create, but if you aren't concerned about fat/carbs/protein you can enter just the calories. Can always edit it later. Custom foods are very handy once they've been created. I eat a lot of the same things day to day too, I hit the "view my recent foods" link to the left and check off everything Ive eaten that day, hit "add all checked' and fill in the blanks. Bananas are an excellent food, full of vitamins, but as fruits go it's one of the higher ones in calorie content. You could easily switch out the 2nd banana for a different fruit and 2 or 3 servings of raw veggies. Baby carrots, celery sticks, grape tomatoes are all very easy to grab n run. I love fresh spinach, it comes in a bag, will eat that instead of lettuce on sandwiches, salads, or nuke it in a bowl with a splash of water 3 minutes, covered with a paper plate, dash of vinegar or lemon juice-absolutely awesome for next to no calories. You may want to add a multivitamin if you just can't do the veggies, because you may be a little deficient right now. There's a lot more to veggies than just vitamins though. Still, I think you're doing better than most kids your age, so keep it up!

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