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01gt4.6 02-20-2012 12:31 AM

Hope, I'm glad to see that you are still at it.

Where are the rest of my weekend warriors?

ToriD1012 02-20-2012 03:18 AM

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 (Post 73355)
Where are the rest of my weekend warriors?

Me me me! I'm here :rolleyes: ! I'm here, but soooo not on the wagon. There were Poboys and beer tonight, which eased the pain of Attack of the Cracked Out Fire Ants last night. Didn't do a lot, cause there was drama....I hate drama! But it was there all the same. Called it an early night and was back at the hotel by 8:30 :eek: Some partiers we are! We did however get many supplies for tomorrow, and are making a day of it with the parades and such. I may drunk post tomorrow night. (still no luck w/ boots cause the Nine West Outlet on Canal was closed today :( Which I guess means I didn't really need them, but I sure wanted them.) I haven't logged food since Friday morning, and feel weird about it. I haven't not logged since Day 1, except for Christmas Day. Even on my really bad cheat days, I logged.

Weird story from this night in white

So after the drama, we decided to come on back to the hotel. We hit up WalMart again (I think they may know me by name by the end of the week) to get our stuff for tomorrow. As we were pulling back into the hotel parking lot, my friend stops the car and gets out to pick something up out of the road. Turns out, it's a police officer's ticket book!! We see a cruiser in the parking lot, so we put two and two together and figured it belonged to that particular cop. The car was running, so we assumed the cop was in it. We were wrong, no cop to be found, and we've got a ticket book with my friend's prints all over it LOL!! So I go and let the desk clerk know, and he makes a walkie talkie call and finds our missing cop. She was inside the hotel, and came out fairly quickly. When we explained where it was found she said "Oh, I must have left it on the back of the car and drove off." My reaction, WHAT COP DOES THAT??? Isn't that a pretty important piece of equipment??

It has been a VERY strange 2 days to say the least.

Will check back in soon! Might even get up early and start the new thread.


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