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Mern 02-13-2012 03:34 PM

Mike, watch for a FedEx truck carrying a case of adult diapers you'll need due to drinking a gallon of water per day and a belt to hold up your Big Bird britches. Promising no brown bag over my head any day this week. :)

Tori, best wishes this week, especially on your goal of not going to jail. LOL

Pam, I am so excited for you over your vacation to Montana. OMG, I LOVE train trips! I've been on only day trips by train and would love an extended one.

Kay, congrats on that half pound loss last week and best wishes on this week's goals.

Cassie, your "boring" description kinda gave me a chuckle. Did you mean boring to us or to yourself? You are so right to stick with them until you nail those goals because it's obvious you know that's what your body needs. On the sleep needs, all I remember and can attest to through experience is that it depends on when I wake during the sleep cycle that affects whether I feel refreshed or not. If I wake from a light sleep I feel refreshed. If a sound or alarm clock wakes me while I'm dreaming I do not feel refreshed from sleep no matter how many hours I got in.

Aspikes, wishing you a full week on the wagon. Hey, we've ALL had weeks where we crashed and burned mid-week. We know you can make it this week and will be cheering you on.

Amy, I KNOW you can get back on the wagon. I've been the same place as you and Aspikes--off the wagon and I'm trying really hard to get back on after watching my scale routinely creeping up. Congrats on getting the rabbit cage done. Looks like you don't need the adult diapers since 128 oz. is no challenge! Whew, I don't know how y'all drink that much!

fit4luv 02-13-2012 03:44 PM

Mike ~~ You're awesome! How do you remember everyone?! Yup - I still plan to shoot for the moon.

Tori ~ "Just keep swimming" as Dory says. It is possible to lose weight with all that you have going on. Difficult, but possible. Is it OK that I use this as my theme for focusing this week?

Pam ~ I'd like to hear if your plan works out with your co-worker. You've a great heart & think she'll be able to sense that. Hope your travels go well!

Kay ~ "Plan and Prepare" --> So key and great goals. Go for it this week!

Cassie ~ I guess you could say at least 6 hours sleep.

Ashlie ~ Glad to see you sticking through & coming back! I so understand not meeting goals.

almeeker ~ Baby bunnies on the way! How exciting!

Mern ~ That green looks so pretty. I really hope that you can re-focus this week. Learn -> Understand ->Apply. That applying is the hardest, isn't it?! At least for me that's true. I so empathize with you.

*~*FitDay Challenge *~* "Keep Swimming" - (Dory)
"Life is a challenge, meet it." ~ Mother Theresa
Sun = "Cushion" Day {Respite with Reason} . . . Daily = x6/wk

MON MISSION --> Before eating . . . Think & Do: Did I chart previous intake?

FIT (Focus ~ Intake ~Train)
FOCUS (3) Mind & Heart
*Audio Bible (10 chapt) =
*Hlth Group (Bk Study) =
*Thankfulness Journal (Daily Entry) =

INTAKE (3) Nutrition
*1600 Calorie = AT/BELOW x0 ::: ABOVE x0
*H2O (40 oz) = Yes x0 ::::: No x0
*Supplements = Yes x0 ::::: No x0

TRAIN (3) Movement
*Aerobic (150") =
*Life: Miles/Steps (15 mi/32,000 Steps) =
*Muscular (Each Area x2) = UEs x0 * LEs x0 * Torso x0

DAY (3) Life
DAZZLE: *Deep Clean: Zone 3 (1' 15") =
ADMINISTRATE: *Paper Trail (20") =
YARD (Outside) *Maintain (x5) =

wildbeanerz 02-13-2012 04:06 PM

I had great success last week! I started out the week at 271.2 (TOTM and super bowl weight put me up about 4-5 lbs) and weighted in this morning at 262.4 lbs! That is 8.8 lbs lost last week!! Even if 4-5 was water that is 3-4lbs lost! Yay!!!

I am going to keep similar goals and add a few new ones to try. I have mastered the salt & diet coke so I'm going to drop them but continue to do them. I actually haven't even drank a single can of diet coke in at least 2 days. :)

My son got in a tussel at the hospital last night. He and another patient were calling each other names and stuff so he hit the other patient. The other one then hit him back and he got a cut on his head that was bleeding. The RN that called me told me that she had a discussion with him about whatever choices he makes in his life, someone else will always have something negative to say about it and he needs to find a different way to react than to always become so angry. :rolleyes: Sounds like the same familiar statement we have been telling him for years. Maybe it will mean more coming from more people than just Mom & Dad.

This morning for breakfast I had a serving of Bran Buds with 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 sliced up banana and 1/2 cup 1% milk in it. OMG, it was so good!!!

Health / Fitness Goals ...
1. 100 oz of water
2. Walk at lunch unless freezing & windy (this week may be bad for walking)
3. Carbs less than 50% (new at this one so not setting it too low)
4. Work out 3 times by Friday (I know I won't on the weekend since hubby's home both days)
5. Weigh and post daily M: 262.4lbs,
6. 500 calorie deficit daily

Life Goals ...
1. One day at a time
2. Cross-stitch at least 3 times (can be done on lunch at work to count)
3. Finish weekend laundry
4. Make sure son's clothes are ready for Valentine's Dance Thursday night.... Awwwww!

wildbeanerz 02-13-2012 04:28 PM

Mike ... I Love your goal setup this week! ... Your advice to me to keep doin' what I'm doin' ? I plan on it!

Tori ... Get that water in girl! ... I hear ya on printer problems ruining your day. Hope it gets fixed soon! ... Hey did you notice you are only 3lbs away from a 50lb loss? Woohoo!!!!

Pam ... Your trip sounds awesome! I could so use some time in a place with no cell phone or internet! I am totally jealous.

Kay ... You can do this!!

Cassie ... When I sleep too much, my lower back just aches for the first few hours that I am awake. ... Awww glad you got your card made out. Now put it in the mail!

Ashlei ... Don't be embarrassed to come here when you aren't having a good week. We are still here to support you even when you aren't doing so well. Here's to a better week this time around!

Amy ... What a cute bunny story! Sounds like she likes the new habitat.

Mern ... I don't think I could follow such a strict diet as you are this week. ... I just took a peek back through my food logs at my sat fat since that seems to be a biggie to you and mine over the past four days was 7%, 15%, 5% & 8% .. So now I'm curious. Where do you get 25% from? Is something that you include for other reasons high in sat fat?

Luv ... Your posts are always so well thought out and caring.

dar n 02-13-2012 04:41 PM

Mike Ok I will replace my every night squats with 1 night arms/1 night squats, I am getting saggy arms anyway, lol.

Pam I think walking for lunch with your co-worker is a great idea. Your ski trip sounds wonderful I canít wait to see your pics.

Kay My weekend fell into a bucket of ice cream so I am also not dwelling on the past but really need to find some passion for my plan this week also.

Cassie My hubby sleeps exactly 6 hours and 15 min its odd I have always teased him he has never needed an alarm clock he just wakes up and when its bed time he lays down and poof heís asleep I envy his ability to have mastered something I have struggled with my whole life. He is always well rested the only problem he seems to have is if I (and its always me:rolleyes:) keep him up past his bedtime he cannot sleep past 5:15 so he will need to nap that afternoon to catch up on the sleep he claims I stole from him,lol.

Ashlie I can be the same way when my food derails often so does my energy level and itís a vicious circle if I am sitting around I snack if I snack I sit around. Do not let your bad eating keep you away from us though I really find my bad days are fewer because I do post and everybody encourages me or just relates their struggles which make me feel better and I get back on track faster.:)

Tori You have mentioned migraines a few times and my Dr started me on Relpax about a year ago I do not get migraines often and they seem linked to my insomnia but this drug has worked well for me so I thought I would share I know how frustrating living with migraine is and you have mentioned having a few lately, hope it passes soon.

Amy I hope your bunny is prego it will be interesting for your kids to go through this experience. I hope you find some passion for your exercise and goals this week.

Mern Nice Sunday numbers mine were horrible do you know how many calories and carbs are in country cream vanilla icecream :eek: it was shocking but hopefully I learned my lesson just so you know there is a reason half a cup is a serving because if not you eat 4x your carb goal for one day in a bowl.

Luv I like your Mother Theresa quote and your kissy fish.

April awesome job on the weight loss:D. Sorry your son didnít have a good night hopefully today will be better for him. I know the banana and bran with a little milk tastes so good I will eat it for a snack!

I think I am going to have banana and bran for breakfast. It is beautiful out and its supposed to be a hike day but dd is very sick and due to her illness she needs supervised so unless she feels much better this afternoon I won't be able to leave her. I am going to try to clean my fridge out today it's a job I do not really enjoy but I did it when Tori did hers so I figure since Cassie did it this weekend I will just follow your guys lead and it will stay tidy. Have a great day everyone.

Walk 25k:
Exercise 5 days:
Squats 4 days:
Ab work 5 days:
Arm work 3 days:
Calories less than 1400:
Calorie deficit of 5000 for week:
No sugar:

wildbeanerz 02-13-2012 05:00 PM

Aww Darlene, I hope your daughter feels better. Hugs for her!

taubele 02-13-2012 05:21 PM

Goodness, you guys, I was a total fat chick this weekend on Friday night and through Saturday. I fell off the wagon and then was dragged behind it rubbing my face in the mud. My choices this weekend included (food porn in white):

An entire large Pizza Hut pizza with chicken, red onion, green pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes. At least it was thin crust??? :rolleyes:

Four pieces of fried chicken breast with three Hawaiian bread rolls

Half a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms

Chicken and Dumplings slow-cooked with full-fat cream of chicken, heaps of cheese, with extra mashed potatoes on the side just for more carby fun.

Oh, and a six pack of non-light beer

I don't even know what happened. I made the chicken and dumplings for BF (his favorite meal) and then it was like my inner fat person went hog-wild and the good me lost consciousness on Saturday. I just kind of "cut loose" and spent the entire day on the couch Saturday bathing in food. I'm not depressed or anxious, in fact, I've been in a fantastic mood, so I really have no explanation for the binge. I'm up to 160.4 this week but goodness knows if it's real weight, salt, or something in-between. I honestly didn't log on because I knew I was doing badly and I was ashamed of myself :(

The only good news is that I did log EVERYTHING to the best of my ability, and Sunday I woke up feeling really renewed (sadly, I didn't even have a "food hangover" or anything). I was able to just kind of... shake off the day and I'm left to wonder about why it even happened. I got in a workout on Sunday and did a bunch of errands with all the extra energy I had, and I recommitted myself to a healthier and more in-control week this week.

I made my first ever homemade chicken soup recipe on Sunday, too!! -- from stock to completion -- and it should be enough for lunches all week (barring lab meeting day) and if the recipe calculator is right, it's only about 230 calories a serving. It's hard for me to guess on soups because I don't know what all is absorbed in the broth, but I cooked the chicken with no skin and as much of the fat removed as I could (I did use bone-in chicken thighs mixed with breasts for more flavor, and I couldn't get rid of ALL of the fat without mutilating the meat). The rest of the recipe included celery, onions, and carrots in the stock (I removed the onion and celery after making the stock and just sliced the cooked carrots to add back in) and about 1 cup uncooked (2 cups cooked) rice to fill out the soup volume, then I sprinkled fresh parsley to finish it off. I used white rice rather than whole-grain because BF hates brown/whole grain rice and I wanted him to eat it too (which he did on Sunday to rave reviews), but otherwise I felt like it's a fairly healthy, if simple, soup. It made a total of 7-8 cups and I divided that into 6 servings. I'm also proud of myself because I used the leftover chicken from chicken-and-dumplings and I've been trying to be more conscious about using leftovers creatively.

Anyway, I'm just going to jump back on the horse and leave Saturday alone. If I could get back down to 158 this week I think I'll consider it a win! Big hugs to those that need it, and for those that are falling down like me, perhaps we can help each other back on the horse?

Weekly Goals

Food, Exercise, Lifestyle Goals

1) Keep calories between 1200 and 1500, with an average for the ween between 1200 and 1300
2) Exercise 3-4 times this week
3) Calorie deficit of at least 5000
4) At least 80 oz. of water daily. More is better.
5) Protein average between 25-30% for the week.
6) In bed by 11:30 every night
7) No more than one lunch and one dinner out this week (This will be really hard this week, considering V-day)
8) Weigh in daily and report here!!

Other Life Goals

1) Make an effort on my appearance every day
2) Don't sweat the small stuff
3) Get in four job applications
4) Write down something wonderful that happens every day
5) Perform one random act of kindness a day (Did you all know it's "Random Act of Kindness Week" officially in the USA?? I didn't even know that existed!)

Mern 02-13-2012 05:27 PM

Luv, "Learn -> Understand -> Apply." What great advice and encouragement! Yup, I've learned and understand--it IS the applying that gives me the trouble. Thanks.

April, my sat fat goal is 12% of total calories. The number 25 is my usual limit of net carbs (carbs less fiber) and is also my usual target for fiber grams. Both those targets are from what my doctor and I worked out together to fit my personal needs to control my blood sugar and reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides without medication. Your weight loss last week was absolutely fantastic! Cogratulations! I still maintain that fat weight and water weight look the same, so no matter what it was made of, you still lost 8.8 lbs. :) Congrats, also, on mastering the salt and diet coke. I see you are continuing those really strong, beneficial goals this week. Kudos on that--you are rockin' it, girl! Aw, so sorry to hear about the fight your son got into, but as you already stated, maybe some good will come of it since the RN gave him the same speech about finding a way to address his problems besides taking them out in anger against someone else. That support and fortification of parental advice goes a long way. I hope your other son has a wonderful time at the Valentines dance. So cute. Valentine's Day is my live-in GD's and her boyfriend's first anniversary of going together. They celebrated yesterday at a nice Italian restaurant yesterday, though, because she has to work Tuesday.

01gt4.6 02-13-2012 05:31 PM

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 (Post 72821)
Done. Had my morning bawl-fest and moving on :(.

Thanks, Mike.

Congrats on getting it done. Now turn that frowl upside down!

Originally Posted by Mern (Post 72823)
Mike, watch for a FedEx truck carrying a case of adult diapers you'll need due to drinking a gallon of water per day and a belt to hold up your Big Bird britches. Promising no brown bag over my head any day this week. :)

I do okay on a gallon, I just get up all night. GF & Mytsie won't be too happy if I wet the bed.

Originally Posted by fit4luv (Post 72828)
Mike ~~ You're awesome! How do you remember everyone?! Yup - I still plan to shoot for the moon.

My memory isn't that good, trust me. :(

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz (Post 72834)
Mike ... I Love your goal setup this week! ... Your advice to me to keep doin' what I'm doin' ? I plan on it!

No need to change what's working, right?

Originally Posted by dar n (Post 72835)
Mike Ok I will replace my every night squats with 1 night arms/1 night squats, I am getting saggy arms anyway, lol.

Always remember, muscles need time to rest to rebuild and grown. Some people say to give them 24 hours, others say 48 hours. If you really work them HARD, I'd say 48 hours to recover. Is it saggy skin or muscle? If it's skin it would take a lot less time for the skin to tighten back up than it would to fill the skin with new muscle. I'm not saying to not work out your arms by any means, you should.

Busy, busy day today. I'll try to check in in a little bit.

Mern 02-13-2012 05:42 PM

Darlene, I hope your DD has a speedy recovery. Thanks for your nice words about my Sunday numbers. Yesterday I'd have killed for just a lick of your Country Cream vanilla ice cream. Yeah, I know what you're sayin' about a bowl being 4 times the carb goal for one day, but who eats just 1/2 cup of ice cream unless they're a saint and more than 1/2 cup ice cream is a sin? That reminds me of the cereal boxes that give low calorie and carb counts because the serving size is 1/3 cup.

Terri, you are not alone in the food porn consumption. I was there all last week eating mass quantities of whatever I wanted. I have mud embedded in every pore of my body from being dragged behind the wagon. I, too, did not log then because I was so ashamed and didn't want to know--but was not ashamed enough to quit eating totally out of control.

Gotta go pick up the grandkids. Seems that always happens when I get to Terri's posts. Terri, do you usually post around the same time? I'll be back to catch up with you later.

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