How do you see yourself?

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Default How do you see yourself?

I'm more than 100 punds overweight and I'm just starting (again) on fitday.

I wonder how you see yourselves and how this impacts perseverance, motivation and other factors for weightloss.

I don't see myself as obese and I wonder if this makes me less motivated. I know I have to shop plus-size and that I'm out of shape, but I feel beautiful and sexy and it's hard for me to stick with it just to get healthy. The long-term concerns associated with obesity seem like somebody else's problem since I don't have any diatbetes/cholestorol/heart disease issues YET. Today is my third day on fitday and I want to work every angle (I've already started on food and exercise) so I'm looking here for any input on the psychological aspect of weightloss.

Love to hear your feedback!
Thanks, Belle
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Default One extreme or the other

It sure seems like us girls have a tough time maintaining the "correct" image of ourselves. Many of us seem to see nothing but an overweight and disappointment, while others don't see a problem at all. Me? I go both ways depending on the situation. (Do guys think this way???)

Belle, I think you should hold on to your self image as a beautiful, sexy woman - you are! Now, just add that by dropping a few pounds you will be even more beautiful and totally too hot to handle (except by someone with special privledges).

Keep up the good work!
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I look at this as "getting healthy", not "I'm fat and need to lose weight". If you eat right and exercise, weight loss will naturally follow. The feeling fabulous is a bigger reward anyway. I've been fooling myself that I've just put on "a little weight"..yeah, 135 lbs was a good weight for me. My top weight was 182. Nearly 50 lbs is not "a little weight". I doubt I was only a size 12 either....size 12 Spandex waists and maternity clothes and buttons that didn't quite fit. These days I fit into a no-stretch size 10 with room to breathe, at 160. 22 lbs is more than one dress size I'm sure.

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What an excellent question! A friend of mine recently accused me of having a skewed body image (um...don't we all?), so I've been thinking about this a lot lately. For instance, just bought my first pair of size 6 jeans but I feel HUGE today (and yesterday)...I think it's partly due to eating terribly this week (mainly beer and burgers to be honest), not getting enough exercise, and the haunting of vanity sizing (am I really a 6? probably not).

In short, I don't know how I see myself and that drives me nuts. I know when I stick to my running schedule and eat right my weight-loss deflated boobs don't depress me as much as when I sit on my bum and eat poorly.
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I'm an optimist by nature and for a long time I knew that I was fat, but I refused to let it control my life. Heck everyone I know has some sort of issue with their body, so why go along with that? I'm fat, I'm fine with it, I'm happy, I'm smart, I'm sexy and I was also living in a land of denial. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc etc aren't conditions that hit you overnight, they creep up on you slowly and every pound you gain makes it that much easier for them to knock you down, sometimes forever. For me it's not so much about beauty, that has never really motivated me, my goal is to be healthy and live a long, happy and full life. I have 3 great kids and I would do just about anything for them, including a health and wellness program that includes losing 125 pounds and changing the way we eat. And if I happen to become a marathon running hotty along the way - so much the better, right?
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This is one of the hardest questions that I've ever answered but somehow seems very therapeutic.

In high school, I was the smart, 4.0, plain, bookworm that was a little over weight and couldn't buy a date. I was shy and easily intimidated by almost everyone. Outside of my closest friends, I don't think people even noticed me. The only time guys ever called me was to get advice on what to buy their girlfriends. lol I was like everyone's little sister.

Then, something happened in my 20's. Somehow, I liberated myself from the plain-Jane image and reinvented myself and, for the first time, started to really live and have fun.
I lost weight, started working in a trendy clothing boutique where I was forced to talk to complete strangers, went a little blonder, found that I had great business instincts and my confidence went through the roof. I never looked back and never again let others decide who I was.

Now, in my 40's, I am extremely self confident and carry myself proudly. I keep my weight in check (thanks Fit Day) and look 10-15 years younger than the cheerleaders who didn't even know my name in school. In fact, my 16 y/o daughter and I share clothes.

Thanks for posting this question! It felt great to get that off my chest, after all these years. Sorry this is so long and thanks for reading my boring life story. lol

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